Features and subtleties selection of plastic countertops for kitchen

Highlighting the kitchen, many are looking for stylish, practical and budget countertops, comfortable in work. This and many other requirements are answered by plastic products. Thanks to them, it is possible to equip not only aesthetic, but also a functional working area. Plastic perfectly “imitates” natural materials, but it is an order of magnitude cheaper.

Distinctive features

Plastic countertops for kitchen – canvas, the facade for which is the formation of MDF or chipboard. CPL or HPL plastic is used as a protective and decorative layer. Various models can have different indicators of the thickness of this finish, which affects the strength and durability of the canvas.

The quality of the tabletop will largely determine the technology of its production and type of plastic used. For example, CPL products have more “weak” operational qualities. They are unstable to the effects of elevated temperatures and power loads.

HPL plastic surfaces are famous for greater reliability. They are able to withstand the short-term impact of high temperature indicators (more than 200 degrees) and, in addition, are distinguished by resistance to mechanical loads.

Kitchen workers, made on the basis of HPL, loved the consumer more.

It will be about them.

Production technology

For the manufacture of countertops, manufacturers use solid cloths made from chipboard. From above, it is covered with specialized HPL plastic. It is made by pressing craft-paper impregnated with various resins. Despite the subtlety of the decorative plastic layer (from 0.4 to 0.8 mm), it is able to provide high strength to the finished product.

For receiving the kitchen countertops, manufacturers often use postforming. This method at which compound 2 of the materials occurs (in this case it is a chipboard and plastic) when exposed to high temperature and pressure indicators. Thanks to this method, the polymer layer smoothly “comes” to all surface edges. As a result, it turns out a product with an ideally smooth surface without seams.


Basically, manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of plastic countertops with two indicators of thickness: 28 and 38 mm. The characteristics of these two products will be almost the same. However, the cost of the surface with a thickness of 38 mm will cost approximately 1.5 times more expensive.

If the buyer is interested in the most reliable option, experts advise to look at models with a thickness of 6 cm from lightweight MDF or chipboard. In free sale they are not so often – mostly they are made under the order.

Bald Width – Standard Parameter. Almost all the plates reach a width of 60 cm. Occasionally in the market there are options, the indicator of which can have 30, 100, 120 cm. The length of the products varies widely: from 244 to 420 cm.

If the kitchen is straight, it is equipped with a solid slab. Different angular modifications produce by layout 2 basics.

Pros and cons

Plastic countertops under the tree have a democratic price, due to which it is their preference in the arrangement of budget kitchens. Products are on sale, imitating various wood: from inexpensive to elite breeds.

Also, surfaces can imitate granite, marble and other stones. Besides, Popularities are popular with various color solutions. The variety of choice allows you to buy a table top of plastic for a kitchen with any interior style.

Plastic work areas differ in moisture resistance. Thanks to such a feature, they will serve for a long time, despite the intensive operation.

In addition, such countertops have other key advantages.

  • Resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion. The surface retains its original appearance, even if it was subjected to impact, drops of kitchenware and other impacts on it.
  • High resistance to food acids and a water pair that often undergoes a kitchen work area.

  • Thermal stability. The table top can contact with hot dishes and not deform. With the surface, nothing will happen, if you briefly put a saucepan on it, just removed from the stove.
  • Durability. Decorative coating with proper care can save your aesthetics not one year. It will not fade and does not fade into the sun, so that it is able to please the owners with bright and juicy paints throughout the entire period of operation.

It is not necessary to take into account only the advantages of plastic coating – it is necessary to study and disadvantages. A minus tabletop under the tree is her “inaccuracy”. Looking at such a kitchen, you can immediately understand that the work surface is not made of natural wood, but from its reminder. Therefore, these products are unlikely to choose those who are accustomed to give preference to luxury.

The minus also includes unsuitability for repairs. For example, stone countertops can be seized. Such an event will allow to get rid of scratches and pulp and restore the aesthetics of the surface. If plastic is spoiled, the only output is its complete replacement. Easier to purchase a new countertop.

Another minus is the possibility of penetration of moisture into joints, if any product modifications are provided. In this case, the water will be in contact with the base from the chipboard, which will result in his swelling. The swollen base is able to deform the decorative layer, which is why the tabletop will need.

Most of the deficiencies described are relative. They can be avoided if you adhere to the rules of operation of plastic work surfaces.

Design solutions

Plastic in various color versions can be used for finishing the chipboard. Variations, imitating wood, can reproduce both light wood, and darker.

In addition, manufacturers make the surface of matte or glossy. The first have a slightly rough texture, the second is distinguished by glitter.

What to choose – everyone decides. However, before buying, it is necessary to take into account some nuances that concern the gloss:

  • The shiny surface is impractical: there are a divorce from the kitchen rags, hand prints, crumbs;
  • On the glossy countertop, small sweepers and scratches will be very noticeable;
  • If you do not give a proper care to a gloss, he will quickly lose his primary appearance.

With a rough surface, things are better. They are more practical than their glossy “counterparts”. There are no reflections on such countertops, so many pollution and traces of mechanical effects are less noticeable.

Tips to buyer

In order for the countertop to serve “faith and truth” not one year and at the same time kept its initial aesthetic qualities, It is important to listen to a number of recommendations from specialists.

  • The most durable are products having seamless ends. Occasionally, there are surfaces with decorative edges. From their acquisition it is better to refuse: in the process of operation, moisture will penetrate into the joints, which will lead to their peeling and deformation of the facade.
  • If there is a choice of products with different thickness of the decorative layer, it is advisable to buy a variant with a large parameter. Such products are owned by German and Italian production.

  • Picking up the worktop, you need to pay attention to its color and stylistic performance. The product must be combined with the kitchen or to harmonize with furniture and interior items, for example, with curtains, wallpaper, linoleum. Note that light shades are preferable to dark: they are not so noticeable splashes of water, drops of fat and other pollution.
  • Before buying, you need to ask the seller quality certificates for realized products. So the buyer will be able to reduce the risks of acquiring a low-quality product that does not correspond to the characteristics declared manufacturer.

In order for the work surface to serve as much as possible, you must adhere to several rules regarding its operation:

  • To prevent scratching formations, use cutting boards when cutting products;
  • To prevent the decorative layer blinking, you need to put hot dishes on heat-resistant stands.

These uncomplicated rules will help for a long time to maintain the external impeccability of the working area.


The responses of buyers of plastic countertops are especially interesting for those who want to purchase such a product to arrange their kitchen. According to reviews, most people do not regret their choice. They note that the plastic surface is an affordable way to draw a kitchen functionally and tastefully.

Among the advantages, buyers say:

  • low cost;
  • moisture resistance;
  • good decorative qualities;
  • resistance to abrasions;
  • Easy of care.

From the shortcomings, buyers highlight a scant palette of ready-made color solutions. When ordering the desired shades, the cost of the product may increase.

    In general, buyers leave positive reviews on plastic countertops. In their opinion, this is the best solution for those who are accustomed to acquiring goods with the optimal ratio of their value and quality.

    Read more about plastic table tops for the kitchen, find out in the following video.

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