Electric skewers “Wonderland”: secrets of cooking delicious dishes

The electrosallablits have long won the love of buyers in our country. They are produced under a variety of brands. Pretty popularity is enjoyed by the Miracle Electrochlorial. What is this device and what is the secret of making delicious dishes on it?


The wonderland is created in order to prepare the most Russian consumers of the dish at home. It is an electrical device where the skewers are vertically installed on a special stand around the heating element. Automatically turning around its axis, products strung on metal ships, evenly embarcate.

Advantages and disadvantages

Electric skewers “Wonderland” have a number of advantages.

  • The main advantage is that with the help of this device you can cook kebabs regardless of weather conditions.
  • Although the devices are manufactured in China, the quality of their high enough, they will serve you not one year.
  • You can cook many products, including meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms.
  • Under each column, there is a pallet for grease collection, which facilitates the care for this technique.
  • Skewer is represented by several models. They differ not only by functional, but also dimensions.

You can attribute the fact that until the end of the taste of the real kebab you do not get, since there is no smell of smoke.

Models and characteristics

The wonderland is made in several modifications.

  • “Wonderland-5”. The device is made of stainless steel. Its capacity is 1 kW. Equipped with five skewers with a length of 31 cm, which rotate around the heating element protected by glass. Electromechanical skewers control. For one loading device accommodates 1 kg of products.
  • “Wonderland-6”. From the previous modification, the device is distinguished by only increased up to 6 amounts of skewers.

  • “Wonderland-Esch6 (ES6T)”. This device has a power of 1.3 kW. The heating element is a TEN. Sheds included in the amount of 6 pieces have an enlarged length of 42 cm. The model is designed for simultaneous frying 1.2 kg of meat. Modification “ESH-6T” is equipped with a cooking timer, the “ESH6” model simply has a shutdown button.
  • “Wonderland-Esch8 (ES8T)”. This is the largest electrical chief of this brand. It includes 8 skewers. In addition, it is equipped with an increased power equal to 1.45 kW. Able to prepare 1.8 kg of meat in one download.

How to use?

To prepare a delicious dish on the electroser, you need to take into account several features.

  • Pieces of products should not be large. This is due to the fact that large parts of the dish will touch the heating element, fat will burn and smoke to the entire apartment. Products will acquire an unpleasant smell of burned. In addition, bulk pieces of meat will be prepared longer.
  • If the device does not have a timer, you need to carefully monitor the process. There is quite easy to cut the products on the electroser.
  • In order to make the taste of the kebab as close as possible to the fact that you get when frying on the gring, attach a thin twig of plums or cherries to the skewer. But it will be necessary to turn on the hood or open the window.

  • Meat on SHAMPUR must be rolled like a pyramid: first large pieces, and then smaller. With this location, fat will be drained from larger parts and moisturize dry pieces.


Buyers’ reviews about the wonderland “Wonderland” are mostly positive. Many praise ease of operation, ease of care, long service life. In addition, it is noted that the cost of the product is slightly lower than the goods of foreign brands, while the quality is not inferior to them.

Among the disadvantages, users have noticed that the device does not quite conveniently protective casing, as well as slippery handles at skewers.

In the next video, you will see the “Wonderland” electric shutter in action.

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