Electric lights Gas stove: features and types

Using a gas stove, often have to deal with the problem of the presence of matches in the house or the health of the ignition device, purchased specifically for convenience. To save users from such difficulties, was invented an electrofery, which allows pressing one button to pour the gas burner. To choose a stove with such a system, you need to know the features of her work, advantages and disadvantages.

What it is?

Electric gas stove is a convenient innovation that can be seen on most modern stoves. Externally, this is a regular button that is located on the front panel, near the handles that turn on and turn off the burners. Her task is to set fire to the burner, without using additional means in the form of matches, electrical or gas lighters. Elektrozhigi can have two varieties.

  • Automatic. The essence of the operation of the car supplies is that by means of special piezoelectric elements, the burners are ignited when the corresponding handle rotates.
  • Mechanical. When mechanically uses a button that starts the same reaction.

In order to understand the essence of what is happening well, it is necessary to understand the intricacies of the principle of electrical engineering, which will look as follows:

  • Pressing the button causes a reaction in the form of voltage, which is supplied to the condenser region;
  • The following includes the charging of the capacitor;
  • the subsequent action will be an increase in the level on a thyristor;
  • Upon reaching the desired limit, the process of the condenser’s discharge is launched;
  • At the output, you can observe the voltage that starts the arrester;
  • Iskra, which is obtained as a result, will be the fact that it makes it possible to set fire to the burner.

All stages occur instantly, so you can turn on the stove in just 1-2 seconds. The peculiarity of modern ovens is that the voltage is fed to that burner that turns on. Whereas in old modifications, the discharge went to all burners, and the one turned on to which gas was opened. Pure gas stove can not have a mechanical electrical tract, as it works from electricity, so modern kidneys have a rear cord, which must be inserted into the outlet to create the conditions for using the corresponding function. The presence of such an assistant seems to be blessing, but in each device there are always their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons

The use of gas stoves without car commissioned was the norm for a long time, so not everything with approval and trust reacted to the emergence of an additional function, which makes it possible to quickly and more comfortable to bring the stove to the working condition. To justify the convenience of such an innovation, it is worth saying about its indisputable advantages, which are as follows:

  • The lack of need to buy matches or lighters, with which previously had to get the burner, which increases the comfort of use and speeds up the cooking process;
  • The automatic mode of operation of the device makes it possible to avoid burns during the progress, since there is no need to keep your hand near the burner;
  • When using electric stoves in the past and the transition to the gas device, the presence of electrically rigging will significantly speed up the process of addictive to new equipment in the kitchen.

Pluses quite a lot to decide on the purchase of a new gas stove that will have a built-in electrical tract. However, the negative sides should be applied immediately. The following can be attributed to the minuses:

  • the need for power supply through which the device is ensured; When the electricity is disabled, the auto-sin will not work;
  • The risk of using the stove of small children, which can see the process of its inclusion; If the match or lighter can be removed higher, so that the child is missing, the button from the panel cannot be removed, in this case it is necessary to include a household device so that the baby does not see all the processes or was completely distracted.

Important! The presence or absence of an electrical oil does not change the essence of the gas stove. It only makes it use more convenient and rapid, which is important for modern owners.

Types and their characteristics

Since gas stoves may have a mechanical and automatic auto package, it is worth considering each of the options in more detail to help in the right choice of a new household appliance. Inside the stove is complemented by the following new elements, which make it possible to quickly get the flame:

  • resistor;
  • high voltage transformer;
  • capacitor;
  • diodes.

Mechanical electromobile has the following work scheme:

  • On the front panel there is a button that must be pressed to turn on the burner; Its work is provided with electricity, which gives a spark to a certain burner;
  • There are two types of transformers that ensure the operation of the transformer, there may be 4 and 6 contacts; If the first version is installed on the stove, the spark is only fed on the burner if the second is also on the oven;
  • After pressing the button begins charging the capacitor using the straightened voltage;
  • Farades increase, in view of which the charge accumulates, and also grows the voltage of the control thyristor;
  • As soon as the peak of parameters in Volta is achieved, the condenser’s discharge process occurs;
  • On the transformer is heating the primary winding;
  • At the exit place increases the voltage that provokes the triggering of the arrester;
  • There is a spark that goes around the stove.

Automatic auto packaging differs from the mechanical process of work and the method of obtaining a spark due to the fact that it does not need to use an additional ignition button. The scheme of its work is as follows:

  • The process of obtaining a spark is to consign the handle of the rotation for a particular burner and gas supply;
  • As a result of such actions, the candle of the ignition is closed, which gives a spark in the electrodes located near the burner.

The ignition unit of the mechanical version involves a special piezoelectric element, so it can be called more Piezorozhig. Quality work will be ensured due to the correct operation of the device, as well as carrying out all the necessary preventive measures and eliminate any problems as soon as they appeared. The most common problem is the lack of spark or extraneous noise when you press the button. To avoid possible breakdowns, you can choose a stove with automatic ignition that works only from rotary handles. This ignition option implies the simultaneous supply of spark and gas, which additionally speeds up the burner ignition process.

The spark in the automatic regime has a multiple structure. To check whether there is a spark, you just need to press the handle and after clicking it, opening it by opening the gas. Gas stoves are rarely equipped with this ignition option, most often it is used in cooking surfaces, sometimes you can meet in the oven. Since ensuring the operation of the autojugger is due to electronic elements, which over time come into disrepair, they will need to be changed. In addition, there are still a number of breakdowns and problems with which those who acquired a gas stove with an electric vehicle may encounter.

Possible malfunctions

Due to the fact that the technique from long-term use begins to fail, you need to know what to pay attention to to quickly deal with breakdowns. If we are talking about the electric over, then there are signs of working capacity impairment:

  • No response after pressing the ignition button or the hub handle after its use;
  • Avtodzhigi is fully suitable for work and triggers the touch and constantly clicks, it does not give the desired spark to ignite the burner;
  • Continuation of the operation of the car insurance even after stopping the contact with the button or knob of the switch;
  • The device starts to work independently without pressing the button or knob of the burner.

If the electrojig is stopped working, there are a number of reasons for this:

  • the lack of contact with the electrode, which in the end does not give a spark;
  • the presence of contaminants of any type or moisture, which falls on the inner part of the system or spark;
  • disorders of the integrity of the ceramic shell of the candle in the form of cracking on it or its full destruction;
  • The transformer burned down, therefore the spark is not generated;
  • there was an oxidation of the contacts of the aircraft button;
  • The appearance of nagar on contacts due to short circuit.

To understand the cause of the problem and find out why the stove is badly angled or the process does not occur at all, it is necessary to make a complete inspection of the device. As soon as the problem is identified, in the presence of knowledge and experience, you can solve it yourself or call the wizard as soon as the device fails. The most likely causes of breakage may be the following:

  • charger malfunction;
  • malfunctions in the device that feeds from electricity;
  • Problems with the discharge.

Failures in the work of the charger can begin after soda, lived or detergent. You can cope with the situation without assistance, for which the sandpaper will be required, which the charger is cleared, after which it is left for complete drying. If such actions have not led to the desired result, it is worth seeking qualified help. If a problem with a device that is powered by high-voltage charging is found, that is, the transformer that is located inside the stove, then repair it is meaningless, you need to buy a new part and replace the spoiled. Such replacement blocks can be universal, they are suitable for any stove, and there are such that made specifically for a specific brand of household appliances.

If there is a damage to the arrester, the spark is formed not only inside the design, but also goes to the surface to the burners. In this case, it is not necessary to make repairs yourself, because the problem may be serious and solve it for only the knowledgeable person. If there is a spark on the device, and the stove fails to light, it is worth paying attention to such possible reasons as:

  • Violation of the housing integrity, in view of which the spark will go in a messy direction and not fall into the field of electrical jagina; If the charger is spoiled, it will not be possible to repair, it will be necessary to replace the details of the new;
  • Too high gas pressure, which prevents stable ignition operation – to cope with such a situation, you need to adjust the gas supply parameters so that they are optimal for the fulfillment of the device and comfortable use;
  • Verification of the state of the nozzle – the malfunction of any elements may entail problems with the ignition, so you need to check whether there is no fat, moisture or dirt on the details; With a simple wire, you can clean the burner and eliminate the problem.

To understand whether the hardware itself works correctly, you need to set fire to it and look at work. The flame after sunbathing should have a purple color, if it is yellow or orange, it means that there are some deviations. Another important point is the correct distribution of fire, which should be uniform and have the same height. If there is a fire on one side, and on the other – no, or the height is unequal, it is worth checking correctly installing the divider. In addition, the cause can be the wrong installation of the stove itself, which was put on an uneven floor, in view of which the work of the device comes with violations.

Important! Independent repair of the car styling of the gas stove is possible in case of complete confidence in their forces and knowledge of the reasons why the electric trait can fail.

If the stove is still under warranty, it is not necessary to touch it, by this free service center specialists will be engaged. If the malfunction lies somewhere inside, it is worth contacting a specialist who will quickly eliminate it without risk to spoil the device or harvest his health.

About how to fix the power fault of the electric gas stove, see the following video.

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