Dishwashers Zanussi

    The famous brand Zanussi specializes in the release of high quality equipment. Assortment presents a lot of functional dishwashers with excellent quality characteristics.


    Zanussi is an Italian trademark that belongs to the well-known concern Electrolux. The company has been operating since 1916, Her founder became Antonio Zanussi. To this day, technology produced under the Zanussi brand remains very popular and in demand.

    Currently, trade technical devices collected in different countries are supplied to Russia. These include China, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Romania, United Kingdom. Zanussi dishwashers, found on sale in our country, are produced in Poland and China. High-quality household appliances Zanussi is not in vain won great popularity.

    Modern dishwashers of the Italian brand have a lot of positive characteristics, thanks to which the demand for them does not fall for many years.

    • Kitchen appliances for washing dishes from Zanussi is distinguished by impeccable assembly quality. Designs are characterized by high reliability and practicality, due to which it is capable of listening to many years, without requiring repair work.
    • In the manufacture of dishwashers, the Italian manufacturer uses practical and reliable materials, being environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for human health.
    • Household appliances Zanussi is a multifunctional. Brand dishwashers can work in various modes, perfectly cope with their responsibilities. There is a lot of useful programs, for example, rinsing program. Thanks to such devices, the dishes washed as much as possible and efficiently.
    • In the assortment of the famous Italian brand there are many first-class dishwashers, having compact dimensions. Such technique fits perfectly even in very small kitchens in which there are no many free square meters. Despite small dimensions, the compact dishwashers Zanussi are not inferior in their functionality larger models.
    • Modern household appliances from Zanussi are characterized as simple as possible and understandable management. It is easy and convenient for her. If any questions occur, the user can always look into the instruction manual, which comes complete with all dishwashers of the Italian brand.
    • High-quality Zanussi dishwashers can boast an attractive and modern design. They look stylish and gently, so they look great in any interiors.
    • The original appliances of the Italian company is a durable. Under the condition of proper operation, the high-quality dishwasher Zanussi is able to last for a lot of years, without delivering to the owners.
    • The dishwashers of the Italian brand are well protected from possible leaks. Reliable and practical household appliances Zanussi are not subject to frequent breakdowns.
    • High-quality dishwashing techniques from Zanussi is characterized by quiet work. In the course of washing the dishes, no extra loud noise interfered with households.

    Zanussi releases functional dishwashers in a wide range. Pick up a decent copy is possible for every taste, color and budget.


    The huge range of Brand Zanussi has many first-class dishwashers models. Among them are enough both separate and embedded copies. We will get acquainted with the parameters and characteristics of some devices from the Italian brand.


    In the assortment of Zanussi there are a lot of high-quality dishwasher of an embedded type. Such household appliances are especially popular among owners of small apartments. Built-in dishwasher will become an excellent solution in a limited space in the kitchen.

    We will get acquainted closer with some models of the built-in type from Zanussi.

    • ZDLN5531. Popular Built-in Dishwasher Model. It has an attractive body of universal white color, so it fits easily in almost any kitchen interiors. The device has a width parameter, a component of 60 cm. Thanks to the specified copy, it is possible to wash the dishes carefully as much as possible even in dense loading conditions. It provides for the double rotation of the sprayer, due to which the water can easily fall even in the most distant corners of the equipment.

    • ZSLN2211. Beautiful narrow model of an embedded dishwasher. The width of this instance is only 45 cm. In this device, the dishes are dryed due to natural air circulation. Immediately after the selected program, the door door opens in automatic mode by 10 cm, thereby giving the opportunity to air easily circulate in the inside of the chamber.

    • ZDT921006F. Another embedded dishwasher model with a width of 60 cm. This device provides for the action of a special AIRDRY system, due to which the dishes after washing will be dried through air flows coming from outside. The model has a neat attractive design, a universal snow-white case.

    This dishwasher is attractive not only rich in functional and aesthetics, but also a democratic price tag.

    Separately standing

    Not only built-in, but also separate varieties of dishwashers. The famous brand from Italy offers such devices in a rich assortment, so buyers can easily choose the appropriate option.

    Read the qualitative characteristics of some positions of this type.

    • ZDF26004XA. The width of the aggregate is 60 cm. This car provides a practical drying system for Airdry. The model has a very attractive design. An informative display and convenient buttons are present on the front panel. The dishwasher under consideration is made in spectacular color of stainless steel. There is a deferred start. The height of the basket here can be changed if necessary, there is all the necessary indication.

    • ZDS12002WA. High-quality modification of a separate dishwasher. This is a narrow model whose width reaches 45 cm. Little, but very attractive dishwasher, designed for washing 9 sets of dishes, can work in several modes. There is a deferred start function, an indicator of salt and a rinse.

    • Zsfn131w1. This is another narrow and compact design of the dishwasher from Zanussi. The device can operate in 5 different modes, has all the necessary indication. Aggregate power consumption class – a. Capacity here is limited to 10 sets of dishes. The color of the door of the kitchen device under consideration is white.

    User manual

    Zanussi dishwasher need to be used correctly. It is very easy to understand this – it is enough to familiarize yourself with the instruction manual. Multiple models of dishwasher should be managed differently. It all depends on the modification and functionality of the technique. Despite the fact that instructions for use in different cases will be different, there are a number of general rules relating to all dishwasher machines of the Italian brand.

    • Kitchen appliances for washing dishes need to be properly installed before turning on. Need to monitor so that the device does not hit the feed cord. The latter should be checked for damage.
    • It is forbidden to change any of the basic settings of the device, to introduce new modifications to it.
    • Zanussi dishwashers are allowed to use only adult people.
    • It is necessary to ensure that small children do not interact with household appliances.
    • Children are forbidden to let in a dishwasher when her door is open. This prohibition is due to the fact that inside the device circulates water, not drinking, can also be remnants of detergents.
    • It is forbidden to try to open the dishwasher door during her work. This ban is especially strict if the technique works in hot washing mode.
    • It is required to use only special detergents designed exclusively for dishwashers.
    • Long and pointed cutlery must be placed in a horizontal position on the shelf from above.

    It is worth exercising caution regarding the open door of the dishwasher. On it in no case can you sit down or clamp.

    Errors and their elimination

    The display of Zanussi dishwashers in case of problems occurred, certain codes indicate those or other problems are displayed. Consider what the error codes mean and how to eliminate them.

    • 10. This code indicates a too slow water set of dishwasher. To eliminate this problem, you need to check the plugging hose. Perhaps he clogged, has damage or air accumulated in it. Also, the drain hose could initially be set incorrectly, so it is necessary to reinstall it. The problem may wage in the improper operation of the water sensor, which will have to replace.
    • twenty. Error testifying for slow liquid drain from a tank. Perhaps you need to clean the drain hose or drain filter. If the reason for the breakdown is hidden in damage to the drain pump, it must be replaced. The same applies to the water level sensor.
    • thirty. Overflowing fluid, protect against leaks. Solve the problem can be replaced by pumps, checking all sections where leaks may occur. Perhaps it will be necessary to replace the float sensor.
    • fifty. Short circuit in the control chain or Simistor of the Circulating Pump Motor. To solve this problem, it is necessary to distribute, and then repair the simistra chain, to replace the element itself if it does not work properly. It is recommended to immediately call a service specialist.

    These are just some error codes that can appear on the dishwasher Zanussi display. If this technique has fauna, independent repair is urgently not recommended.

    It is better to immediately call an experienced master from Zanussi service. The specialist will be able to repair the technique qualitatively, using only original branded spare parts.

    Review reviews

    About modern dishwashers Zanussi left a huge number of different reviews. Among them are found both positive and negative. At first, we find out what qualities and characteristics are the positive reviews of the Italian household appliances owners:

    • Many positive reviews are associated with the quality of washing dishes in Zanussi technique;
    • People liked the fact that it is extremely easy to control the dishwashers of the Italian brand easily and simply;
    • The rich functionality of Zanussi household appliances is also marked in many positive buyers’ responses;
    • According to many users, the dishwashers of the Italian firm are very attractive in the ratio of price-quality;
    • Consumers respond positively about the compact dishwashers of Zanussi, which occupy a minimum of free space, but at the same time they perfectly cope with their main tasks;
    • Economic consumption of water and electricity is marked by very many users;
    • Design of contemporary dishwashers Zanussi liked very many owners of this technique;
    • People celebrate not only efficient, but also very quiet work of the dishwasher of the Italian brand.

    Positive features seen by users in Zanussi dishwashers can be continued for a very long time. People leave about these devices more contented feedback, rather than negative.

    We learn what are the associated negative responses:

    • People did not like that in some models there is no protection against children;
    • Some owners have not arranged the quality of factory clamps in the design of cars;
    • Among the owners there were those who the number of programs in the Zanussi dishwasher seemed excessive;
    • Some people noticed that in their devices, detergents are not completely dissolved;
    • There were users who, the duration of the cycle cycles of some models, seemed too long.

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