Dishwashers of non-standard sizes

Dishwasher – an indispensable tool in the kitchen. This technique not only saves a place and time, but also helps to optimize water consumption. The main point when choosing a dishwasher is considered to be its dimensions. In this article, consider which non-standard species exist, their features and the rules of choice.


Today, a large number of dishwashers are presented on the market, they differ in size, functional and power consumed. To determine the choice, you need to know what dimensions of the machine has. To begin with, consider the main segment of the range.

Any technique has its own characteristics, cars are embedded and those who do not need a special niche.

Standard dimensions are considered:

  1. height – 81.5 cm;

  2. width – 59 cm;

  3. Depth – 54 cm.

The distance between the wall and the device should be 5 cm. If the machine is embedded, then this distance is calculated from the wall of the box. Such models allow you to download dishes by 14-15 people, and wash everything at once.

And also exist machines narrow, compact. Many believe that everything is not standard is non-standard. On the one hand, this is indeed, so, but today there is a separate category of dishwashers, which are considered non-standard.

This is what the features of the non-standard car are concluded, and how to distinguish it from narrow or compact. First of all, you need to understand which dimensions should be in future technology. That is, how much space is in the kitchen. Non-standard models entered the source due to the fact that the area in the kitchen did not allow to put a standard car.

For example, There are models of separate cars with dimensions of 82x45x45 cm. It turns out that the model refers to the standard, but in depth and width – no.

As well as non-standard aggregates have other features. In addition to the fact that they can be embedded in the furniture, they can be desktop or located in a niche under the sink.

What are there?

Non-standard or small dishwashers are also divided into categories, but only in width. The most small among them are the devices width no more than 30 or 35 cm, as sales managers often say. But there simply do not exist such cars – this is a special marketing course, on the passport such machines will be 40 cm wide. Why so? In the aggregate 35 cm wide it is impossible to fit all the parts of the machine. In this case it would be necessary to increase the depth depth. But in the car from 40 cm. Capacity increases.

Such models usually acquire in small-sized apartments, where a little space is assigned under the kitchen, or in a studio apartment, where every centimeter in the account. The 40-centimeter machine under the sink is usually installed in the niche itself, it will save not only space, but also money, since it does not need a separate cabinet. Such a model can rinse about 5 sets of dishes. Height will come from the cabinet area. If an average cabinet is about 82 cm, the sink depth is about 30 cm, then the height of the machine can be selected up to 50 cm.

As well as such aggregates can be installed on the surface or in a mounted cabinet, since the machine resembles a microwave oven.

The following non-standard models are already slightly wider, they are 45 cm.

Can be both built-in and separately worth. Their height average varies from 80 to 85 cm, as well as in the standard, depth of no more than 65 cm. But the amount of loading dirty dishes is greater than the previous model, namely, 9-12 sets for 1 time.

Small dimensions in no way interfere with functionality. Almost all models have the same settings, that is, the presence of such modes as:

  • drying;

  • lock door;

  • ordinary or accelerated washing;

  • water saving mode;

  • Preliminary soaking.

Temperature modes in such machines from 2 to 5. And connect water to the car can be both cold and hot.

Review models

Embedded Samsung model under the number DW50H4050BB, which refers to the category of narrow non-standard with dimensions of 65 cm in height, 45 – width. At once can wash 10 sets.

Model Ardo ME 5661 with such parameters as 53.5 cm in height, width 40.4 cm, depth 52 cm. Compact model that perfectly fit into a small room. Of the minuses, only the fact that this model does not buy this model.

Bosch presents a large number of non-standard models, one of them Bosch SPV25DX10. Today – one of the best models. In the width of only 44.8 cm, but with a large functionality: 5 modes of washing, capacity for 9 persons.

If a quietly working machine is needed, then the model Electrolux ESL 94585 Ideal for this suitable. She has an inverter engine with double sprinkler. In size, it is height 82 cm, width 45, and the depth is 55 cm. It has 7 modes of operation, among which a fast washing.

Among desktop dishwashers are popular Model WeissGauff BDW 4106 D. It is produced in two versions: this is a compact model of 55 cm wide and embedded – 45 cm width. The main differences are that the compact less enters the dirty dishes, only 6 people, and in the built-in – at 10. As well as the difference in consumption of water liters – 9.5 and 11, respectively.

Choice rules

In order to acquire one or another model, it is always necessary to comply with a number of rules that will help not only determine the purchase, but also protect the choice.

The first thing to pay attention to: What exactly do you want to purchase. Everything should come from a free area. Especially if the model is embedded. In order not to make a mistake with the box, it is best to look at a certain model, and it already purchases a box. After all, some stores rounded dimensions for their convenience. Therefore, choose a dishwasher better on the mounting scheme.

In addition to the place where the car will be put, it should be relying on the number of persons in the family. If the family consists of 2 people, then a full-size car does not make sense, it is better to choose some embedded small-sized model.

The machine must be equipped with 3 legs: two in front and one behind (this leg – regulating screw). It is worth remembering that All machines remove the top cover, and the model height decreases by 2 cm.

And also should pay attention to the hoses of connection and sewer plum, for this, should also be left.

Inside the car should be such a function as the height adjustment of the basket to be able to wash high items.

The basket adjustment is missing in compact models, since their height does not allow it to do.

The dishwasher should be present a leak protection function. The reasons for leakage may be several: a broken hose, a program failure, it does not matter, the machine must distinguish water intake and drain it.

In addition to the car itself, there are a number of rules related to the cabinets:

  1. The distance between the car and the wall should be about 5 cm;

  2. The calculation of the decorative panel is always taken into account, especially in stainless steel models.

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