Dishwashers Midea

Care of purity take a lot of time and effort. Dishwasher allows you to solve one of the important tasks. It is enough just to download plates and cups, turn on the device to the desired program and you can do your affairs. Midea devices are characterized by quality and good functionality at a democratic price. When choosing, it is worth navigating your own needs.


MIDEA is founded in China and is the largest manufacturer of household appliances in his country. Corporate store is in Moscow. There you can get acquainted with the wide range of the company. Dishwasher Midea deserves the confidence of many users due to high quality.

List the main features.

  1. Almost all models have baskets with the height adjustment option. This allows you to additionally wash big saucepans, vases and other products.
  2. The manufacturer provides detailed instructions for each typewriter. Use does not cause difficulties. At the same time there is an information screen, and the control panel itself can be used intuitive.
  3. Premium models are equipped with glazing holders, compartment for cutlery, backlit. Dishwashers of this segment belong to the class of energy efficiency++.
  4. Production uses only high-quality materials. Each typewriter is tested before getting to the store. Even budget models have a long service life. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for 1-2 years.
  5. Wide assortment series Allows you to choose a suitable model for any budget.

The manufacturer takes care not only about quality, but also about security. Models are blocking from children and leakage protection, water transfusion. As a result, the technique does not bring unnecessary trouble, longer serves.

Models are designed for regular use.

Assortment overview

Before purchasing a specific dishwasher, it is worth examining its characteristics. The company offers many models that allow you to solve a wide range of tasks.

It is possible to choose the model of the desired size and with the optimal functionality at an affordable price.

Types of devices from Midea.

  1. Embedded. Compact and convenient technique Suitable for small rooms. Specifications and quality devices are no worse than standard. During operation, the machines make noise within 45-49 dB.
  2. Compact. Dimensions allow you to put the device even on the table or other surface. The same category includes a series of mini-machines. At the same time, the cost of compact models is an order of magnitude lower than full-sized. Usually at one reception you can wash no more than 8 complete sets of dishes.
  3. Full-sized. Such separately worthwheeling machines are used in rooms where you do not have to save space. Models have a wider functionality, many additional features. Capacity reaches 16 sets for one cycle. However, the technique of this type is more expensive.

For a small family, you can take a small dishwasher. This will save space and budget. But if you usually have many people in the house, you will have to look at more expensive models. At the same time, each machine has optimal functionality, which makes use as comfortable as possible.

All machines have high-quality details, made of good materials. However, special attention should be paid to the state of the door. It is there most often the sealing rubber bands are spoiled. Only with proper use this complexity will not arise. All models are designed for regular use.

45 cm

A narrow model does not take up much space, it can be installed in a small kitchen. In devices, powerful engines that provide high-quality work. Simple electronic control allows you to quickly master all the subtleties.

Comparison of models.

  1. MFD 45S100 W. Allows you to simultaneously wash 9 full sets of dishes. 4 basic operational modes are provided. Has a useful additional feature. So, you can postpone the launch of 3-9 hours, download the basket only partially. It is worth noting that the work is quite noisy.
  2. MFD 45S500 W. The cycle is calculated for a maximum of 10 sets of dishes, there is an “express wash” mode and the ability to upload the basket only partially. Model can carefully wash even fragile subjects. The option of a deferred start for 1-24 hours is provided. Equipped with 8 basic work modes. There is protection against water flowing.
  3. MFD 45S500 S. The model is similar to the previous. There are also 8 programs and there is an opportunity to wash 10 sets of dishes.
  4. MFD 45S110 W. Allows you to wash 10 sets for one cycle. Pretty noisy. The machine received 6 basic programs.
  5. MFD 45S700 X. A spacious basket allows you to wash 11 sets of dishes at times. It is possible to download only half. There is a separate compartment for cutlery, and in total in the model 3 tanks. The second basket is characterized by adjusting the height. There is AUTO Open technology and internal illumination. You can use Tablets ALL IN ONE. Provided deferred start for 1-24 hours.
  6. MFD 45S320 W. A simple model received the entire most necessary functionality. At the same time, you can wash 10 sets of dishes. The model received 7 basic programs.
  7. MFD45S700X. Dishwasher has a spacious basket, you can wash 11 sets of dishes. In model 3 compartment and 8 basic programs. AUTO OPEN technology provides highlighting, child protection option. Can be used with Tablets ALL IN ONE. One of the baskets is adjustable in height, and there are compartments for cutlery.
  8. MFD45S130W. You can download 10 sets of dishes. Programs are quite a bit, only 4 pieces. At the same time, the product is equipped with three baskets, one of which is adjustable in height. Provided separate compartment for cutlery. You can upload half the basket and block buttons from children.

Also, the model can be used with Tablets ALL IN ONE.

60 cm

Full-size dishwasher takes a lot of space, but also useful functions has more. The bulk body allows you to place a more powerful engine and more items. Many devices have the option of self-cleaning.

Full-sized separate models from Midea.

  1. MFD 60S500 W. White machine allows you to wash 14 sets of dishes. At the disposal of the user 8 basic programs. A simple model has all the necessary options and is suitable for a large family.
  2. MFD 60S900 X. Designed for simultaneous washing 14 sets of dishes. 8 programs are provided for different types of washing. In this dishwasher you can use tablets 3 in 1. The model is equipped with protection against leakage, turbo-drying, start delay timer. The machine works quietly and has an internal backlight. It should be borne in mind that there is a plastic filter.
  3. MFD 60S320 W. The device is designed for 14 sets of dishes. User has 7 working programs. There are holders for fragile items and cutlery compartment. The unit is automatically shut off, protected from the flow, has a timer. There is also an incomplete download option.
  4. MFD60S970X. The device allows you to simultaneously wash 14 sets of dishes. Electronic control is simple and does not cause difficulties from the first application. There is a technological protection against leaks and children, adjustable cutlery basket. Dishwasher received Auto Open technology and inner backlight. At the disposal of 8 programs, among which both “eco.

There is also a night mode of operation, in which the unit is less than noise.


Desktop dishwasher suitable for use to one person or small family. The unit is significantly budgetary than full-size analogs, while the functionality is not inferior at all. Desktop dishwashers are released in three variations. The characteristics of the models are the same, only the color of the housing is distinguished:

  • The MCFD42900G MINI device received a golden case;
  • MCFD42900 BL MINI – Blue;
  • MCFD42900 OR MINI – Orange.

Electronic control allows you to select one of 6 programs. All information about the sink process is displayed on the display. The car for one cycle can wash only 2 sets of dishes, but also water consumption is small.

The model does not require connection to water. It is enough to simply pour the liquid into the tank through the hole on the housing. Washing is made with steam processing. There is a stand for children’s bottles. Particularly interesting in the desktop dishwasher. Fruit washing regime.

The device spends only 5 liters of water for the cycle. However, the model is quite noisy. There are programs for fast washing and processing fragile items. In a typewriter, you can use any means, even tablets 3 in 1.

Self-cleaning is missing, you need to follow the filters.


Dishwasher of this type is wide and spacious, but it takes less place in height. Therefore, it can be placed on any flat surface, there is no need to release the space on the floor. Good family solution.

Features of compact dishwashers.

  1. MCFD-0606. The model washes 6 sets of dishes at times. Good solution with an acceptable price and a necessary set of programs. There is an option to recognize funds 3 in 1 and their further economical use. In addition to the main basket, there is a compartment with a variable size and a stand for children’s accessories. For one cycle, 6 liters of water is consumed. Has 6 main modes of work.
  2. MCFD 55320 W. The device accommodates 6 sets of dishes. The start of the cycle can be postponed by timer for a period of 1-24 hours. Total Mishin has 6 modes of operation. Over the cycle consummed 9.5 liters of water. The door is fixed in the open and half open position.
  3. MCFD 55320 S. The characteristics of the model do not differ from the previous version. However, this machine has a different design.
  4. MCFD 55200 S. Allows you to clean 6 sets of dishes. Timer will postpone the launch of 2-8 hours. The machine has 6 basic modes of operation. One cycle will require 6.5 liters of water. There is a holder for glasses and the ability to adjust the height of the basket.
  5. MCFD 55200 W. The model has the same main characteristics as the previous. However, there are 7 modes of operation.
  6. MCFD 55300 W. The basket accommodates 6 sets of dishes. At the disposal of 6 modes of operation. Additionally, the holder for glasses is provided. There is protection against children, making use more secure. You can apply detergents ALL IN ONE. A timer is provided for a deferred start for 1-24 hours. For one cycle, you will need 6.5 liters of water.
  7. MCFD 55500 W. At the same time, you can wash 6 sets of dishes. In Set 1 Main basket and optional cutlery compartment. User’s disposal of 6 programs. There is a quick wash mode that takes only 30 minutes.

One cycle will require 6.5 liters of water.


Such a technique hides in the kitchen headset and becomes almost inconspicuous. Built-in models have a stylish design and a powerful engine, thanks to which the machine can easily clean even a frying pan with burnt food.

  1. MID60S100. The device accommodates 12 sets of dishes. It is possible to postpone the start for 1-24 hours. Half boot mode will save resources. Blocking from children and protection against the flows are a pleasant bonus. For one cycle, the machine consumes 11 liters of water. Baskets for dishes can be adjusted in height. At the disposal of the user 5 modes of operation. It is possible to connect the device directly to hot water.
  2. MID45S110. Built-in model allows you to wash up to 10 sets. For convenience there are 3 containers for dishes. Also additionally there are holders for glasses and guides for plates. The functionality contains everything you need, 5 basic modes. It is possible to apply detergents ALL IN ONE. Provide options for postponed starts up to 9 hours, half loading basket, extra drying. Complete leakage protection increases device life. For one cycle, the machine consumes 9.5 liters of water.
  3. MID60S510. The model accommodates 14 sets. Basic programs 8. You can use the means 3 in 1 and the timer of the deferred start up to 24 hours. Stipped tray for cutlery. There are accelerated regime and “Extra-drying”.
  4. MID45S320. For one cycle, you can clear 9 sets. The unit itself recognizes the level of pollution and selects a program from 8 possible. It is possible to postpone the start for 1-24 hours and the half-load mode. Also there is blocking from children, leakage protection.
  5. MID45S100. Cleans up to 9 sets. There is a timer for 3-9 hours. The system “Aquastop” and protection against children. At the disposal of the user 5 basic programs.

In a set of 3 compartments for dishes.

User manual

Using Midea devices are quite simple. Details and subtleties depend on the specific model and are indicated in the instructions. Be sure to get acquainted with it before use. Connection After purchase is better to spend with a master or strictly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

General instructions.

  1. Inclusion. Open the door and press the appropriate power button.
  2. Fill out compartments. To use dishwasher needs special purpose products, and not ordinary detergents for dishes. At this stage, it is necessary to pour a rinser or add another substance.
  3. Check the distribution device level. The mechanical indicator is located in the same place, where and the compartments for detergents. It is worth noting that this option is not all models.
  4. Check the level of salt. The corresponding electrical indicator is located on the control panel. If there is no one, then you should track the number of cycles and add salt according to the instructions.
  5. Upload baskets dishes.
  6. Select the desired program. You should clamp the key until the indicator lights up.
  7. Run machine. To do this, it is enough to open a waterproof crane and close the door. The device will start working.
  8. Wait for the end of the program. Device will give a beep.
  9. Disconnection. Just press the key on the control panel. Also the machine will turn off automatically after half an hour after the end of the washing.

After that, you can move to the closure of water crane and unloading the basket. The dishes are better to remove 15-20 minutes after the end of the program. During this time, she will have to cool down, which will reduce the risk of damage. To not clean the filters too often, it is worth removing large pollution before washing. For dried spots, it is better to use pre-soaking programs or do it manually.

Before the first launch, adjust the level of water hardness and add 1.5 kg of salts to the tank, pour water into the compartment. It is also important to pour the rinser and add detergent. Usually exactly the first stage causes many questions. Adjusting the softness of water is performed manually. You can find the initial degree of stiffness from the service provider.

When choosing a program, you should navigate the degree of contamination of the dishes. If necessary, mode can be changed. If the detergent is not yet spent, it is enough to open the door and clamp the programming key for 4 seconds. As a result, the program will be disabled, you can activate another.

If the detergent was already spent, then you need to fill the compartments again.

It is important to properly use a dishwasher so as not to reduce the service life. It should be understood that modern devices do not allow washing the old dishes. Also you can not load wooden accessories.

Place dishes in the chamber you need like this:

  • use levers to adjust the height of the compartment;
  • Apply clamps that securely fix the dishes;
  • Glasses and glasses place upside down – you should use a special compartment;
  • put the dishes so that it does not come into contact.

In the chamber you can not put a sponge for washing dishes and towels.

In the dishwasher, you can configure not only the wash program, but also drying. The presence of modes depends on the models. The easiest way to use “extra-drying” – it will save time. However, it should not be abused, she can harm some dishes.

After each cycle, check filters. If they are contaminated, it is enough just to rinse them under running water. Mechanical impact is unacceptable. It is also important to monitor the correct installation of the element. Turn on the machine without filter you can not.

Application dishwasher does not cause difficulties. Instruction is simple and understandable. If the machine works incorrectly, error codes are displayed on the display. This allows you to quickly and promptly eliminate any problem. So the device can report that you need to adjust the door or clean the filter, check the hose and much more.

Review reviews

Most of the buyers are pleased with the acquisition. However, some argue that devices often break. In many cases, this is due to improper operation. Also for the correct installation, most users prefer to call specialists.

At the same time, the use of the device does not cause questions. Dishwashers are well coped with pollution. Even budget models perform their destination. Many assure that it is worth taking models with the half-load option, they allow saving resources.

Some prefer to buy devices from Midea as the first or temporary option. This is due to the available price and a wide range. Users noted that the manufacturer provides incomprehensible instructions on which it is difficult to understand all the subtleties of use.

However, the understandable interface and the availability of the display simplify the situation.

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