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Dishwasher is more than just device. This is time saving, personal assistant, reliable disinfectant. IKEA brand has long established itself in the domestic market, although their dishwashers and do not use such demand as models of better-known manufacturers. About IKEA technique and goes on speech.


IKEA dishwashers are practical and necessary. The manufacturer focused on integrated solutions, as they have recently gain popularity. With the built-in dishwasher manages to hide the equipment behind the door of the cabinet, in niche under sink and other places in the kitchen. So easy and easy to save space, which is important for small apartments. The brand offers two standard sizes of dishwashers: 60 or 45 cm in width.

Wider suitable for most houses and apartments. Inside, there are 12-15 sets of cutlery. Thinner, elegant dishwasher accommodates only 7-10 sets, which makes it a good choice for a small house with a small number of users. Washing dishes with a dishwasher saves time, water and energy. The whole technique of this brand is powerful, reliable and refers to the class from A + to A+++. In addition, it has an affordable cost.

Due to its standard sizes, all dishwashers are perfectly placed outside the doors of furniture heads.

Noise level of all models: 42 dB, voltage: 220-240 V. Most models have CE labeling. From the basic programs we note such.

  • Normal washing.
  • Eco-mode.
  • Intensive cleaning.
  • Quick wash.
  • Preliminary cleaning
  • Glasses program.

The lineup

In the list of popular models embedded and separately worthwheeling machines for washing dishes in the kitchen.


This dishwasher exceeds many brands for the quality of washing dishes. It also uses less energy and water. The user receives all the standard basic functions necessary for life. Warranty 5 years. This embedded dishwasher makes dirty dishes with sparkling cleanliness.

Since the inner holders for glasses and plates can be folded down, the user can install both the upper and lower rack in the horizontal position to free the place for large items. Soft plastic spikes and glasses holders reliably hold them in place and minimize the risk that glass will break.


Built-in IKEA dishwasher, size of which 45 cm. Ideal for small rooms. This dishwasher has several smart features and 3 racks for maximum capacity increase. Before you a comfortable kitchen assistant, which saves your time and energy.

The sensor determines the amount of dishes in the dishwasher and regulates the volume of water based on the read indicators. The model has a function that determines how dirty utensils, and regulates the volume of water based on this.

Closer to the end of the program, the door automatically opens and remains ajar, so that the plates are dried as quickly as possible.


Size of 60 cm. This model has 2 levels, basket of cutlery and many programs in accordance with the needs of the user. It facilitates everyday life in the kitchen, with such an assistant you can relax, knowing that it saves water and energy.

Using the Beam On Floor function, the light falls on the floor when the dishwasher works. The muted beep shows when the program is finished. The deferred launch function up to 24 hours allows you to activate the dishwasher when the user wants it. You can adjust the height of the top basket to free the place for plates and glasses of different sizes.


This quiet model does its work without breaking the comfort of tenants. It uses less water and energy, has many programs and smart functions. Equipped with an electric salt indicator. The softener makes the lime water soft for the best result of washing dishes and prevents the formation of harmful scale in the dishwasher.

Water stop system detects any leakage, and automatically stops the flow of water. Power cable with a fork included. The diffusion barrier is included for additional protection against moisture. This model is designed for installation in furniture. Countertop, door, plinth and handles are sold separately.

Installation and Connection

It is important to determine at the very beginning, the installation of which technique is planned, embedded or separately worth. Principle one, but there are some nuances. Before making an assembly and install a dishwasher, you need to make sure that the technique will fit in the hole. Most standard models require a wide space in the furniture headset. If the user sets new cabinets in the kitchen, it is important to think in advance the width of the dishwasher. The height of most models is adjustable within certain limits, but before purchase it is worth ensuring that the dishwasher, which is planned to be purchased, will correspond to the dimensions of the existing hole.

Depending on the closet configuration, you may need to drill one or more holes for gasket supply lines, wiring and drainage pipes. Modern tools allow you to perform such work quickly, without the involvement of specialists.

At the first stage, the front panel is removed at the base of the machine to access the supply of the supply line and the electrical box. Good idea to connect all communications before push dishwasher in a closet. It’s easier to access the bottom of the equipment.

Connecting the drainage pipe

Start from connecting the drainage pipe to the discharge pump. Many norms require dismakening machines to be ventilated using an air gap, since it is necessary to prevent additional water pumping from the drain of the sink subsequently. Install the air gap into one of the holes of the sink or drill it additionally in the table top. Connect drainage pipes using fastening, fix them with clamps.

If the air clearance is not required, fix the drain hose clamp at the top of the cabinet to the wall to prevent the reverse stream of the sink. Drink a drainage pipe to the plum inlet and fix the clamp again. In many plums there is a plug at the entrance, so it is sure to take it out first. If there is no drain for the dishwasher, replace the pipe under the sink on the shank with the branches and set drained over the trap under the sink.

Connecting feed lines

Most water supply lines have a diameter of 3/8 inches. Before starting work, you need to make sure that you have everything you need to carry out the correct connection, including guides and sliding hinge. Work is worth starting with Water Turning off and installing double output shut-off valve for connecting the feed line to the hot water dishwasher. One exit on the valve provides hot water for the crane of the sink, and the other joins the technique line.

Such a mechanism will allow you to turn off the water separately from the crane. Connect one end of the supply line to the shut-off valve, and the other to the water intake on the bottom of the dishwasher with a rectangular knee. If necessary, apply a special tape to the outer thread to prevent leakage.

Power lines should be tightened manually, and then make a quarter of turnover using a wrench.

Connecting the power source

You always need to make sure that the food in the house has been turned off before work. Next passes the cable through the back of the electrical box of the dishwasher, and are usually connected to the black and neutral white wire to the corresponding in the box. For this use wire nuts. Be sure to connect the ground wire to green and install the lid on the box.

This is the most difficult way to provide food dishwasher. Modern models go with a cable and fork, so they are easy enough to turn on the outlet. After the installation is completed, you can turn on the water and check if there are leaks, then activate the power and run the technique for a full cycle. If everything works correctly, put the machine into the closet, trying not to clamp the pipes. The technique is leveled by lifting and lowering adjustable legs on both sides. Now fasten the dishwasher to the bottom of the table top to keep it on the spot. Use mounting screws.

User manual

Before making the first launch, you should inspect the dishwasher. Be sure to check the size of the supply lines and connectors. Before disconnecting the old dishwasher, shut-off lock valves. You need to cook towels and a shallow pan to merge excess water remaining in the lines.

For fully integrated models, the door panel must weigh from 2.5 kg to 8.0 kg. It is important that it is resistant to steam and moisture. You need to make sure that there is a sufficient clearance between the front door panel and the plinth, so that you can smoothly open and close without any obstacles. The magnitude of the required clearance depends on the thickness of the doorbar and the height of the dishwasher.

Before turning on the technique, it is worth checking the electrical plug, water supply and drainage hoses. They should be located either with the left or on the right side of the dishwasher. It is important that the cable and hoses can lend at least 60 cm. Over time, you will need to pull out the equipment from the cabinet for maintenance. This should happen without having to disconnect the hoses and the power cable.

Be sure to turn off the power and water supply before any maintenance work. Pay special attention to the icons and numbers that on the panel demonstrates the technique. If you use such an aggregate for a long time, there may be a problem with scale. In this case, experts advise to fall asleep salt. Its use once a month allows to reduce water rigidity.

To clean the technique, you will need to turn on the cycle with dishes. You can put on the additional rinsing cycle. Do not worry that salt will fall inside. For her, IKEA models have a separate compartment. Even if the salt wake up, you should simply wipe it with a damp cloth. It is important to know that a special product is used for cleaning, not an ordinary cook or any other salt. There are no impurities in specialized, and it has a special composition. The use of conventional salt will certainly lead to a breakdown of important assemblies.

As for the download, it will take advantage to rinse the dishes in the sink or select the rinsing cycle first in the dishwasher. Provide safety plastic plates. If this is not done, the flow of water can turn them over and fill it with water or, even worse, hit the heating element, as a result of which the dishes are simply melted. Never fold objects to each other. Water splashes will not be able to clean the dish, which is located on top.

Always separate stainless steel and silver cutlery (or silver plated). If these two types come into contact during washing, a reaction may occur.

Bowls and plates go to the bottom shelf of the dishwasher. Make them so that the dirty side is facing where the water splashes is stronger, usually to the center. Pans, frying pan must be tilted down, to achieve the best cleaning result. Flat frying pan and plates will also go to the bottom, they are installed on the sides and behind the rack. Never put them in front of the door – they can block the opening of the dispenser and do not give the cleaning tool to get inside.

Spoons and forks should always be in a basket for cutlery. Forks raise so_ to make the teeth with clean, and the knives are placed in a blade down for safety. Put glasses between the teeth – never on top. Be sure to tilt the cups under the angle so that the stand design does not allow water to accumulate at the base. First unload the lower rack to avoid droplets. Gently placed inside wine glasses. To prevent breakdown, do not let them hit each other or about the top of the dishwasher and make sure they are securely sit on the rack. Most modern dishwashers have special glazing holders.

Powders, liquids are well cleaned dishes, but the detergent should be fresh, otherwise it will not cope with the mud. Good rule: buy only such a number of powder or gel that can be used for two months. You always need to store the remedy in a cool, dry place (not under the sink, where it can thicken or spoil). Do not overload a dishwasher, it always negatively affects its operation and service life.

If necessary, wash large items manually. Better remove large food remnants before plates load inside the equipment. Cutting boards and large trays are placed on the outside of the lower equipment, if they are not placed in the grooves intended for plates. It is possible to simply wash the cutting boards manually, since the heat from the dishwasher often deforms them.

Review reviews

On the Internet you can find a lot of reviews regarding technology from IKEA. Basically, they are positive, but there are also negative statements that in most cases are explained by the improper operation of the dishwasher. To build models, users have no complaints, however many talk about unreasonably high cost, especially in inverter models.

All the necessary standard functions are, and even more. The manufacturer tries to constantly improve its technique. As the features of the models presented from IKEA – economy, silence, attractive design. It is them in a positive way most often and users say.

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