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Dishwasher Today is not a luxury, but an indispensable household appliance that is pretty saves time. This segment is represented by a variety of manufacturers who, in turn, offer a variety of models endowed with useful features and innovative technologies. The manufacturers in demand in the market included the Italian brand DELONGHI, the model range of which includes many interesting and functional models for washing dishes. Choosing a dishwasher, you should familiarize yourself with the assortment, explore the advantages and features of the model you like.


The DELONGHI manufacturer offers dishwashers of different class – from the elephant to premium. All devices without exception are characterized by high quality assembly, ease of operation, excellent set of options, memorable design and affordable cost. Produce and collect devices in Italy, Hungary, Romania and Russia.

Along with the standard parameters inherent in high-quality household appliances, Delonghi dishwashers are endowed with other positive qualities.

  • High energy efficiency, What guarantees low resource consumption during operation. Most models have an energy efficiency class A++.
  • Affordable and understandable management. Running and selection of the program is carried out by means of touch buttons, and work control provides the display of the process on the mini-display.
  • Special fuses, Protecting voltage and network overload drops.
  • Absolutely silent work, that allows the launch of the device at any time of the day.
  • Advanced filtering system. Thanks to self-cleaning, the unit filters do not clog.
  • Wide functional, Including not only basic programs for everyday washing dishes, but also a number of special options.
  • Compactity, What makes them install in any kitchen, even the most small.
  • Complete protection against.
  • Light and sound imprint. The user will always know how much detergents in the car, when the washing cycle is over.
  • The ability to use detergents 3 in 1, what is incredibly convenient and profitable.

Another advantage of Delonghi is a model variety of dishwashers.


All proposed devonghi aggregates for the convenience of choice are presented with separate collections, categories and groups. By type of installation Dishwashers are divided into three categories.

  • Embedded. These are structures that do not violate the unity of the kitchen headset. Bright representatives of embedded structures are DDW06S Cristallo Ultimo, DDW06S Granate Platinum.

  • Separately standing. These are models installed separately, while perfectly fitted in the design of the room. Among the popular cars can be allocated DDWS09F Quarzo, DDWS09S Agate.

  • Desktop. These are miniature models that can be placed on the end or under it, as well as on the shelf, countertop. In demand among compact desktop devices, DDW05T Saphire and DDW07T Fridere models are considered.

In size, devices can be divided into three main groups.

  • Full-sized. These are 60 cm wide devices, ideal for spacious kitchen.
  • Narrow. Such models (width 45 cm) are ideal for small cuisines.
  • Compact.

For the capacity you can choose a dishwasher for 5/9/15 full sets of dishes.

In addition, Delonghi dishwasher can be chosen in color – the manufacturer offers white and black options.

User manual

Before installing and connecting the device, it is necessary to carefully examine the instruction manual in which everything is described. The first launch of the device must be idle (without loaded dishes) to rinse all items, eliminate the factory trash, lubrication, and check the correctness and reliability of connecting all mechanisms. After checking start, you need to give dry the device, but only then wash the dishes.

Launch of the dishwasher with loading includes several stages.

  • Loading dishes (everything should be cleaned of food residues). For each type of utensils in the bunker, a special place is assigned, so you need to follow the sequence.
  • Adding detergents (powder, salt, rinse).
  • Selection of the required washing mode (depends on the degree of pollution of utensils).
  • Running device.

Delonghii dishes washing models, along with excellent functionality, make it possible to control the health and operation of all major assembly nodes, which is due to the presence of a reliable diagnostic system in the machine. That is why, with the slightest failures and breakdowns, a special code that informs about the problem is displayed on the aggregate display. The most common alphanumeric error codes are given below.

  • E1, informing that water is recruited through the filler valve longer than the time. There may be somewhat reasons: weak pressure in the plumbing system, the failure of the fuel valve itself, the poor closure of the door of the machine.
  • E4, Water leakage. Thanks to the AQUA STOP system, the process of washing is completed, and the drain pump begins.

In addition, users with long-term operation of the unit face some failures and breakdowns, which can be eliminated independently – water remnants in the chamber, poor wash and incomplete drying of dishes, as well as blocks of filters and hoses.

If you do repair yourself there is no possibility, it is better to contact the service center.

Review reviews

Based on numerous reviews of experienced users and new buyers of Delonghi dishwashers, you can make some conclusions. Constructions have an intuitive control, quite spacious, despite the compactness, which is also a good advantage, almost silent while working and affordable. Some users noted the presence of half loading, in which the quality of washing remains excellent, and intensive mode, allowing to wash even too contaminated dishes – pan, pans, bassens.

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