Dishwashers 40 cm wide

    Narrow dishwashers over time are becoming increasingly popular. They allow washing a large amount of dishes enough, while occupying little space. In comparison with full-size models, the difference is insignificant, but in the case of a small area of ​​the kitchen, this option becomes the most attractive. An important indicator of dimensions is the width that reaches 40 cm on statements by some manufacturers.

    Are there cars width 40 cm?

    In fact, not all that manufacturers declare is true. It is necessary to understand that ordinary marketing and tricks play an important role to bring up the buyer. This includes the creation of the information field around its products so that the potential consumer in any way understand that the technique of this company is special. It worked for dishwashers. If you explore the model range of the largest manufacturers, we can conclude that there are no products with such a width. Some companies nevertheless approached the cherished indicator, but not everything is simple.

    The smallest dishwasher has a width of 42 cm. But for the mass consumer manufacturers simply rounded the number in a smaller side, as in mathematics. It is 420 mm that turned 400 that and began to spread in the dishwasher users. To compact dishwasher, most consumers have enough standard sizes for narrow products. It is 45 cm that does not occupy a lot of space, but at the same time they allow themselves to accommodate the optimal amount of utensils.

    To not be mistaken, when buying, pay attention only to those numbers and indicators that are specified in the official documentation. It is there that you can see the actual width, parameters and other characteristics of the technique.

    Thanks to the presence of various ratings, reviews and reviews, we can conclude which models are the best in our price categories. Examined them, consumers will have a guide to choose the technique in the following.


    Midea MCFD42900 BL MINI

    Midea MCFD42900 BL MINI – the most inexpensive model from one of the manufacturers whose products have a width of 42 cm. At the same time, structural features concern not only this indicator, but also heights and depths. They are noticeably less than standard dishwashers, due to which MCFD42900 BL MINI can be called tabletop. Separate installation in a set with small dimensions allows you to use this technique in different places, depending on the user needs.

    Capacity of only 2 sets, which is a consequence of low height. If you do not need to wash off 9-11 sets, then this unit will be the best solution for you. The class of power consumption and drying type A together with initially small costs make MCFD42900 BL MINI very economical. Noise level 58 dB, which is higher than the average values ​​of standard analogues.

    It is because of its type of installation, the volume of work is increased, since there are no specific conditions for the location of the technique.

    The number of programs reaches six, there are four temperature modes adjusted by the consumer depending on the type of dishes and its pollution. Built-in turbosushka, working due to an increase in water temperature up to 70 degrees, which entails the allocation of a large number of steam. There is a timer for deferred launch for a period from 1 to 24 hours. The control panel has a display with the display of the most basic sink process. The inner part of the device is made of stainless steel and has a backlight for more convenient loading of dishes in the basket.

    Use of 3 in 1 increases the efficiency of purification. One working cycle will request 6.5 liters of water and 0.43 kWh electricity. Maximum power consumption 730 W, dimensions 42x44x44 cm.

    WeissGauff BDW 4543 D

    WeissGauff BDW 4543 D – Another inexpensive dishwasher, which liked the mass consumer because of its economy and compactness. Despite the small cost, this product is equipped with 7 programs and 7 temperature modes, which is quite rare even for more expensive aggregates. The manufacturer decided to diversify the work process as much as possible so that people could use the technique depending on the state of the dishes, as well as the material of its manufacture. Drying condensation, there is half loading, which is most often used with automatic programs.

    Full protection against leaks protects the device in case of malfunction. It is worth noting the presence of the Blitz Wash system, which, thanks to the water purity sensor, determines the degree of pollution and adds a new one when it is necessary. Thus, the automatic program clears the dishes effectively with minimal and only necessary costs. The average basket can be adjusted in height so that the user can arrange a large container.

    In addition, there is a tray for cutlery and a special holder, on which cups, mugs, glasses will be upside down for better drying.

    Timer for deferred start-up from 1 to 24 hours can be used to launch equipment in the absence of a user. The effectiveness of cleaning dishes is achieved due to the use of 3 in 1, when each of them is activated only in the required quantity. This is both economically, and improves the quality of washing. One standard program spends 9 liters of water and 0.69 kWh for its functioning. Maximum power consumption reaches 2100 W, capacity for 9 sets. The inner part of the BDW 4543 D is made of stainless steel, due to which the service life is 5 years and more.

    The indication system is the presence of special signs that provide information on how the workflow passes. If the car ends with salt or rinse, the consumer will be warned about this. Fully electronic control and an intuitive display simplify operation, due to which the user does not need to fully study the documentation for understanding the work of the aggregate. A ++ power consumption class, drying and washing A, noise level of only 44 dB, whereas in other models this indicator mainly reaches 49 dB. Dimensions 44.8x55x81.5 cm, setting fully embedded.

    Premium class

    Jackys JD SB3201

    Jackys JD SB3201 – a fairly expensive model, the main advantages of which are ease of operation and efficiency in relation to resources. Installation fully embedded, capacity for 10 sets is enough to maintain the table even during feasts and events. In addition, the upper basket has a system of adjustment so that it is possible to place the items of greater length and sizes. The design provides for the presence of a third shelf Eco Tray and Holder for Wine. Thus, accessories and accessories will not occupy an excess place.

    To ensure one working cycle in the standard mode, you will need 9 liters of water and 0.75 kWh electricity. The maximum power consumption is 1900 W, the noise level can reach 49 dB, but at the expense of the built-in installation, this indicator will not be so noticeable.

    Total 8 programs from which you can select intensive, express, delicate, eco and other, capable of laundering dishes of various pollution using the optimal amount of resources. Drying dishes made in Turbovariate, thanks to which the dishes become ready for use in a short time interval after washing.

    A ++ power consumption class, washing and drying A, built-in trigger delay timer. Full protection against leaks allows to ensure the safety of technology in case of malfunctions. The beep gives the user to understand that the sink process is completed. There is a system of use of 3 in 1, weight 32 kg. Of the disadvantages, it is possible to note the lack of indication in the level of salt and the rinser, although it is in almost all products from other manufacturers. Dimensions for embedding 45x55x82 cm.

    Bosch SPV25FX10R

    Bosch SPV25FX10R is a popular model from the German manufacturer, known for its responsible approach to creating household appliances. An exception has not been this dishwasher, since for its considerable cost, the consumer will receive an aggregate capable of cleansing the dishes in different ways to preserve high efficiency. The basis of the design is an inverter engine, the main advantages of which are the cost-effective resources, quiet operation, as well as reliability when malfunction occurs.

    Built-in flowing water heater, thanks to which you can quickly and effectively clean the dishes due to hot water. Total 5 programs and 3 temperature regimes, including intensive, economical and express.

    There is a trigger delay timer from 3 to 9 hours, the protection system for children will not allow the door to open the device door during the workflow.

    Capacity for 10 sets, one cycle requires 9.5 liters of water and 0.91 kWh electricity, maximum power consumption 2400 W. Noise level reaches only 46 dB, and considering the built-in installation, it will be even lower. It is this feature that makes SPV25FX10R popular with a considerable number of consumers.

    Class of power consumption, washing and drying A, there is a complete protection against any leaks in the design. This model is also equipped with a beep, using means 3 in 1, indicator of the presence of salt / rinse agent and other functions that facilitate operation. From the accessories you can select the tray for cutlery, as well as the holder for glasses. The inner part of the device is made of stainless steel. Control electronic, sizes for embedding under the sink 45x55x81.5 cm, weight 31 kg.

    Serets of choice

    Purchase of the dishwasher should be careful, with compliance with some criteria. To begin with, it is important to understand which individual size parameters except width, you need. There are low models of Midea by 44 cm, which are shallow, and more compact in comparison with other varieties of this technique. At the embedded aggregates, pay attention not only to the size of the dishwasher itself, but also on the necessary dimensions for the installation, because even the share of centimeters affect the installation process.

    Useful to watch various reviews and read reviews to make sure the technique is not only theoretically, but also practically. Of course, guided by the characteristics, among which the noise level can be called the noise level, the number of programs, as well as the consumption of resources, gradually decreased by manufacturers using technologies.

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