Dishwasher tablets

Dishwashers greatly facilitate the loss of the hostess, but they require the most careful relationship. So that the dishwashers served for many years, they must carefully care for them. The key point at the same time is considered the right choice of dishes for cleaning dishes – too strong means may not disclose all its potential, and after the use of weak kitchen utensils have to be home to hand.

How to work?

Tablets for PMM. They are compact size briquettes consisting of a set of chemical components – as a rule, these are cleaning substances, rinser and salt. As an additional ingredients, water softeners are introduced into the composition, disinfecting compositions and substances that give shine with dishes.

Based on this tablet may differ single or multicomponent compositions. But in any case, their base is alkaline salts, which have a property dissolve fat. The recipe of tablets enriched with enzymes capable of neutralizing dirt, as well as anti-corrosion additives. The most expensive pills contain perfume compositions and defoamers.

It is important to understand that substances that make kitchen utensils are crystal clear, not always washed off from the surface in full. Therefore, one can never exclude the risk of their entry into the body. However, if you believe manufacturers, they are not more harmful to humans than those that penetrate the body in the process of vital activity in a metropolis.

The composition of the tablets from different manufacturers may vary. But in the general case, they include a number of major ingredients.

  • Sodium citrate – is a citric acid salt. It has a pronounced antimicrobial effect, promotes foam formation, regulates water acidity. When using citrate, the tablet dissolves faster and bubbles. By the way, such a component contains some medicines, for example, Alka-Seltzer.

  • Sodium percarbonate – effectively fights pollution, responsible for whitening. This substance is obtained by evaporation of hydrogen peroxide with sodium carbonate to crystalline form, and an environmentally friendly product is obtained at the output.

  • Sodium carbonate – more known as the calcined soda. Used to mitigate water rigidity, has a natural origin.

  • Sodium bicarbonate – All the famous food soda. Promotes water mitigation and improved cleaning quality. This is an absolutely safe product that is used everywhere in the confectionery industry.

  • Sodium dysilicate – Used to mitigate various tablet components.

  • Sodium polyceptaspat – has the ability to hold dirt. Is non-toxic, according to its characteristics resembles silicates.

  • Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid – This additive contributes to the dissolution of the scale on the inner walls of the PMM. It has become an urgent alternative phosphate, which is recognized as dangerous to human life and health, and have fallen into the number of prohibited components in a number of European countries. Acid protects the machine from breakage and helps to reduce its resource intensity.

  • Isoocloglyukoside – acts as a rinse. Splits proteins, destroys protein residues, fights with pathogenic microflora.

  • Methyl esters – protruding the rinse components are used to reduce surface tension of water. Contribute to full deliverance from remnants of cleaning products.

  • Glycerol – introduced into drugs to increase the viscosity of the working components, it turns out from starch.

  • Amilas and Proteza – fermented additives, splitting carbohydrates and proteins. And the other component relates to natural enzymes, so they are absolutely safe.

  • Subtilisin – Another natural enzyme that promotes lipid cleavage.

  • Limonen – flavoring of natural origin.

  • Sodium gluconate – softens water, removes salt from the walls of the dishwasher.

Obviously, the composition of modern drugs for the PMM is safe for health. Most of their components are obtained naturally or found in nature. In the cheapest means, phosphates can be used, but most of the manufacturers in our days refused them.

If we talk about the principle of work of the tablet, then 3 main components are involved in the cleaning mechanism. They begin their activity at the moment of dissolving the briquette that is in layers. First, the cleaning agent and salt enter cleaning, the rinser is joined by the end of the program.

The advantages of tablets are obvious. This is a dosage preparation, it can not be scattered or accidentally breathe like powder. One tablet is designed for one cleaning cycle. The drug has a balanced composition, which simultaneously clean the dishes, and protects the walls of the technique from the appearance of scale.

However, the tablets also have their drawbacks. In case the washing of dishes is made on short cycles, a whole pill a lot. However, it is impossible to reduce the dosage – the drug is pressed so hard that it is not possible to break it.

In addition, some old versions of dishwashers may not perceive extruded cleaners. Well, finally, cheap compositions do not always solve the problem of scale, so users have to additionally use salt.


Dishwasher tablets differ in their composition and form form.

According to the composition

Critical factor in the selection of tablets becomes their composition. It is from him that the quality of cleaning and the preservation of the performance of PMM. Conditionally all tableted drugs can be divided into:

  • One-component is a compressed cleaning powder with minimal salt dosage;

  • multicomponent – combined preparations (3 in 1, 5 in 1, 7 in 1 and even “all in 1”);

  • Environmental tools – biodegradable tablets without flavors and phosphates.

Single-component compositions are relevant for everyday washing of weakly polluted utensils. With strong stains and burnt food residues they may not cope. Their use is accompanied by adding the rinse and specialized salt.

Maximum result is issued multicomponent compositions. Their balanced formula allows you to neutralize even the most complex stains, and the presence of special additives improves water quality, gives the glossy glitter cups and plates, disinfects, flavors, besides, protects the PMM from salt deposits.

At the same time, numerical values ​​in the title mean not the number of ingredients at all, but the number of options. For example, washing, anti-risk, anti-nakipin, disinfection, shine and others. However, there are such pills are an order of magnitude more expensive. Therefore, if kitchen utensils are not strongly contaminated, the purchase of multicomponent compositions will be economically inappropriate.

Eco-friendly tablets have their advantages and disadvantages. They are safe for the body and hypoallergenic, so you can safely be used for cleaning children’s dishes. They coped well with delicate utensils and work even on low-temperature modes. But clean colored spots from coffee and tea they are unable.

In the form of release

Most of the modern manufacturers placed detergent pills in a biodegradable polymer capsule, soluble in water. It is convenient, in addition, avoids contacting skin with aggressive components. The cheapest products of such a capsule do not contain, they have to get it and put in machine.

Rating the best

According to user reviews among the dishwashers presented in the market, absolute leaders are products of leading brands.

  • FINISH – Produced in several options, the manufacturer calls them “everything in one”. These tablets are distinguished by high cleaning quality, even complex contaminants are effectively laundered, while protecting the PMM from the appearance of scale. However, the manufacturer does not advertise the composition of the product, which is why many refer to the tablets of this brand with distrust.

  • Somat – Tablets 7 in 1. In addition to detergent, rinse and salt, they contain components that provide efficient cleaning from colored spots of tea and coffee. Workers ingredients give a glossy brilliance stainless glass. There is a soaking option, so there is no need to include a preliminary rinse.

  • Fairy Platinum – One of the best means removing vegetable and animal fats is realized in a soluble shell. Gives high purification results even when washing in cold water, gives the dishes glossy shine. Fights with screaming, can purify silver utensils. Lack of only one – too strong flavored fragrance.

  • Filtero – relatively budget pills. In addition to cleaning and rinsing, performing a glitter of steel dishes, carry out glass protection. Tablets effectively cope with unpleasant odors.

However, they act exclusively on the dishes, they do not work against science.

  • Frosch – Cheap tablets. Well purified dishes, but they need to use them complete with salt and rinse.

  • Sun All in 1 – high-quality product, in addition to the components for washing dishes, contains substances that protect the glass from damage.

  • TOPPERR – Tablets category 5 in 1. In addition to standard functions, silver cleaning and glass surface protection added here. Have a long shelf life.

How to choose?

Correctly choose tablets for dishwasher is quite difficult. If you study the information on the package, then you can see that a variety of components are included in any tablets. At the same time, the structure of multicomponent drugs is not so much different from the basic, most often advertising is valid for buyers. Therefore, choosing a tool, it is worth paying attention to the nature of the main ingredients. It is best to give preference to informable means from the Eco series – they do not cause allergic reactions and irritations from the user. The wide range of green chemistry is represented by companies in Finnish and Japanese production.

The most practical will buy tablets in biodegradable packaging. In this case, the briquette will get up to work faster. In addition, the skin of the hands will be protected from contact with detergents.

Selecting the product for dishwashers, you should take into account the capacity, class of technology, as well as water rigidity.

It is best to have a house of several types of tablet compounds for washing dishes of various degrees of pollution.

In this case, you need to take into account several points.

Chlorine-containing compositions are suitable for periodic cleaning of cutting boards. They demonstrate an invariably high effect when removing old pollution from pans, as well as antines and a saucepan.

Preparations with enzymes – weakly alkaline drugs suitable for daily washing dishes with a low degree of pollution. Provide delicate cleaning even at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. However, they are unsuitable for whitening.

Active oxygen compositions – the most expensive pills, as safe as possible for the user. In addition, they provide perfect white cups and plates.

How to make it yourself?

Means used to clean the dishes in the dishwasher are not cheap. That is why some economical hostesses think about their alternative. In addition, not everyone trust the chemical component composition of finished drugs, so homemade detergents prefer.

Make tablets for dishwashers at home can be from affordable budget components:

  • Food soda – 2 glasses;

  • water is 1 cup;

  • Dining salt – 1 cup;

  • Lemon Acid – 0.5 Glasses.

To make pills, you will need plastic or silicone ice tanks. The manufacturing process includes several steps.

A glass of soda is neatly poured on a baking sheet, it is evenly distributed on it and placed in the oven for 30 minutes at 180-200 degrees. During the warming, soda must be mixed so that it does not burned. After extracting from the oven, the product becomes matte and loose.

The prepared soda is moved into the bowl, add salt, lemon and another 1 cup of immelling soda. All this is stirred, then a little water for foaming. We must wait until the foam comes down, after which it is still a little hot water, repeat the manipulation several times.

The resulting blanks are mixed and packaged in molds for ice from the calculation of 1.5 h. L. in each. It should be done as quickly as possible, as the mixture quickly thickens.

Molds leave in the cold for 30-40 minutes. Tablets are ready, it remains only to put them in any sealed storage capacity.

There are some more popular soda-based recipes.

Recipe 1

To create tablets, you will need:

  • 250 g of soda;

  • 600 g magnesia;

  • 250 g of borants;

  • 50 g of lemon juice.

If you wish, you can add a little children’s powder for washing, not more than one cup. To achieve a pleasant smell, the essential compositions are introduced, preference is better to give the citrus and lavender. All dry components are mixed with lemon juice, then sorted into molds. The resulting blanks are placed in a dry place. Furious tablets are fully prepared for use.

Recipe 2

On 8 parts of the washing powder take 4 pieces of soda calcined. Water uses the main binder component. This mixture is stirred with a dishwashing agent, fill forms and sent to dry.

Recipe 3

For the manufacture of tablets on this recipe, you will need 8 parts of any baby powder for washing, 3 pieces of food soda and 0,3 parts of the gel for washing dishes. All components are thoroughly mixed, form in briquettes.

We draw attention to the fact that children’s washing powder copes with any protein pollution at a temperature of no more than 50 degrees. Accordingly, it is necessary to use the obtained drugs on gentle temperature modes.

Recipe 4

For the preparation of a means of 150 g of washing powder combined with 50 g of calcined soda, 10 g of glycerin is added. Pretty smelting, facing silicone molds and dried.

Recipe 5

Prepare the mixture on the basis of 7 st. L. dry mustard and 1 st. L. soda. Components are connected from 2 st. L. spoons of hot water, carefully smear and packaged by forms.

How to use?

Apply tablets for the PMM completely simple. The main thing is to choose the optimal means depending on the degree of pollution of the dishes, and place it in the cleaning equipment compartment. After that you need to activate the washing cycle.

However, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account.

Than dirty dishes, the more aggressive should be a tablet. When cleaning weakly-strange kitchen utensils, it is enough to put a tablet on the basis of one component or 3 in 1. But if you are dealing with burnt and skinned layers, it is better to give preference to the composition 5 in 1 and even 7 in 1.

Be sure to remove the wrap, if the capsule is not water-soluble. The biodegradable shell is a big advantage, it is convenient to use it, and your hands remain clean. But there are such pills more expensive, so many for the purpose of savings buy formulations in insoluble shells.

Such a film must be removed, otherwise there will be no effect from washing dishes.

Place the tablet correct. All dishwashers are equipped with a special compartment-dispenser, it is a chamber with a lid where you can put a means. At a certain point, depending on the washing cycle, the lid opens, the tablet falls and dissolves in water. It is very important to place a cube across, and not put it on the edge. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that the compartment is dry – otherwise the tablet will dissolve and will not fall.

If a dirty utensils are a bit, or a mini machine, then the use of a whole pill will be uneconomical. In this case, it is better to divide it into 2 parts.

Pick the Cycle Cool. Most of the tableted preparations are designed for a long working cycle of at least 1 hour without taking into account pre-soaking and finishing rinsing. The value of water is also heated, not all tablets are effective at low temperatures. Information about this is contained on packing tablets.

Tip: If the manufacturer does not give any recommendations, the general rules should be guided – avoid short programs, and heat the water to 50 degrees. Incorrectly chosen program is one of the common reasons why the tablet remains undisputed in the bunker.

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