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DEXP products are sold mainly in the stores of the DNS network. This famous company values, of course, his reputation. However, it is still necessary to choose its products as much as possible, plugging into all the details.


Attractive characteristics has a vacuum cleaner DEXP M-800V. This device is equipped with a network cable length of 5 m. The unit is calculated only on dry cleaning. The digit in the index shows how much electricity in an hour (in watts) is consumed when working. The system is equipped with a cyclone filter, after which a dust collector is located with a capacity of 0.8 liters.

Other properties are:

  • Equipment with a filter of deep cleaning;
  • The power regulator is missing;
  • Purified radius – 5 m;
  • compound type suction pipe;
  • Air drawing intensity 0.175 kW;
  • The clutch is not included;
  • Nutrition only from the network;
  • The volume of the sound is not higher than 78 dB;
  • overheating prevention system;
  • Dry weight 1.75 kg.

A good alternative is the white vacuum cleaner model DEXP M-1000V. As the model name shows, it consumes 1 kW current per hour. Cleaning is performed only in dry mode. Cyclone dust collector accommodates up to 0.8 l. Network cable, as in the previous version, has a length of 5 m.

The device is made by vertical scheme. The manufacturer declares that this vacuum cleaner is optimal to guid order on a significant area. The advantage of the product is compactness and minimum storage requirements. The designers did everything possible so that it was possible to damage the order even in hard-to-reach areas. Air suction force reaches 0.2 kW; An additional filtering system is made according to the HEPA standard.

The more capacious (1.5 liter) dust collector is installed in the gray vacuum cleaner DEXP H-1600. The device is equipped with a network automatically folding cable long 3 m. As the manufacturer declares, this model significantly accelerates the guidance of order. Air suction force reaches 0.2 kW. Running and shutdown are made by pressing the foot; There is also a handle-carrying, thermal protective unit.

Consider another model of vacuum cleaner DEXP – H-1800. It is equipped with a cyclone dust collector of high capacity (3 l). The length of the cable for connecting to the outlet is 4.8 m. Suction energy is 0.24 kW. Important: The volume of the vacuum cleaner is 84 dB.

Tips for choosing

As you can see, the DEXP vacuum cleaners have significant differences between themselves. So it is important to know exactly among them to choose the appropriate version. All listed models are designed only for dry cleaning. This facilitates the design, simplifies it and increases reliability. However, for cleaning floors in constantly wet places, such vacuum cleaners are hardly suitable.

The case can be made by horizontal or vertical scheme. The choice here is purely individual. Then they define the type of dust collector, its capacity. The simplicity of work with the vacuum cleaner is often underestimated – however it should be in the first place. If sharply lacks the length of the hose, the network wire, it will be very inconvenient to work. Cleaning is greatly delayed, many difficulties arise. Ecological characteristics of the device should be taken into account. The less dust and other contaminants are thrown out, the better the atmosphere in the house.

We must not forget about the mass of the aggregate. If it is critical, it is worth oriented or on horizontal models, or vertical versions with the lowest possible center of gravity. The undoubted advantage of vertical wired vacuum cleaners is the minimum place occupied when stored. Larger bags can be connected to them.

But these units and cons:

  • increased noise;
  • The difficulty of using on the threshold, on the stairs, on another “complex” plot;
  • Reduced electric cord length (as there is no sufficient place to suit it).

Classic vacuum cleaners prevailing in the DEXP line are characterized by simplicity and reliability. This is a spent and steadily active design. You can equip it with a wide range of nozzles. Such vacuum cleaners are well cleaned the most hard-to-reach places. Only flexible hoses with brushes will have to keep the weight, which is much more convenient than the movement of the vertical vacuum cleaner.

But the storage seats will need more. Without a turbo, which you have to buy separately, it is very difficult to remove the hair or animal wool. As for the dust collector, then a classic solution is a bag of paper or textiles. Container models, however, is much more practical. The best among them are vacuum cleaners in which there are HEPA filters.


DEXP M-800V vacuum cleaner is evaluated very high. This device can cope with the most different pollution. It allows you to make cleaning easy and comfortable, no matter how much dirt should be assembled. Even the dog and cat wool will be collected quickly and without more effort. Other models of this manufacturer manifest themselves no worse.

In the next video you are waiting for unpacking and review of the vacuum cleaner DEXP.

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