Daewoo vacuum cleaners: features, models and their characteristics

    Daewoo has been on the market of technology for many years. During this time, it has earned user confidence thanks to the production of quality products. A large range of products of this type contributes to the choice of option for every taste and wallet.


    High-quality cleaning without using a vacuum cleaner is quite difficult. This indispensable product will help the hostess that wants to get rid of garbage, dusty residues, as well as contaminants of carpet, upholstered furniture, bookshelf and even curtains.

    This type of household appliances contributes to effective liquidation not only dust, garbage, but also collecting threads, hair, animal wool, fluff and microparticles.

    The advantages of technology include the following indicators:

    • ease of use;
    • available cost;
    • ease of use;
    • wide model range;
    • Good functionality and performance.

    The flaws of the aggregates practically do not have, but users allocate the timing of the vehicle.

    The lineup

    Currently, buyers are offered a large range of vacuum cleaners from Daewoo. They are characterized by functionality, power and other characteristics affecting the cost.


    The vacuum cleaner is able to take care of the cleanliness of the room. In the unit there is a non-filter, which is able to filter even the smallest particles of dust and garbage. Telescopic tube device does not take up much space and has the ability to regulate length. The main purpose of the device Daewoo Electronics RCH-210R is a dry cleaning option.

    The vacuum cleaner is characterized by the presence of a cyclone type of dust collection, as well as its capacity – 3 liters. The unit has a capacity of 2200 W consumption, absorption – 400 W. Managing cleaning equipment is carried out using the housing, the length of the cord of the vacuum cleaner is 5 m. The technique is painted in red and weighs 5 kg, with a vacuum cleaner quite simply control.

    Daewoo RCC-154RA

    The cyclone variant of the vacuum cleaner is characterized by a power consumption of 1600 W and a suction force of 210 W. These indicators allow the technique to cope with dust and garbage, thereby providing cleanliness in the apartment. The model is available in red and blue colors and is used for dry cleaning type.

    The unit is characterized by the presence of a composite pipe made of metal, standard filter, cyclone dust collector. Ease of use of technology contributes to the control unit, which is located on the housing. Weigh vacuum cleaner 5 kg, providing high-quality cleaning and ease of use.

    Daewoo RCC-153

    Blue aggregate, it is inherent in the power consumption of 1600 W, as well as the power of suction 210 W. Vacuum cleaner is an ideal option for dry room cleaning. It has an ordinary filter, a cyclone dust collector at 1200 ml and a plastic tube.

    The unit is characterized by the possibility of automatic cutting of the cord, the presence of a foot switch, as well as vertical parking.

    Daewoo Dabl 6040li

    Rechargeable view of the blower-vacuum cleaner found its use in cleaning the territory, the assembly of dry foliage in the gardens and in the household sections. The aggregate is characterized by a garden vacuum cleaner mode and a blowing mode. Convenient operation is provided by a low noise effect and vibration, so the load on the user is minimal. Thanks to electronic speed adjustment, a wide range of tasks is provided.

    The main characteristics of the device include the following positions:

    • the presence of battery power, which allows you to work offline;
    • low level of vibration, which contributes to comfort in work;
    • Ecology engine does not have a negative impact on the environment;
    • high power level, which contributes to good performance;
    • The convenience of the handle is a guarantee of a reliable retention of the aggregate;
    • Light weight does not create difficulties during use.

    How to choose?

    The man who decided to become the owner of the Daewoo vacuum cleaner must carefully take his choice. When buying it is worth paying attention to the following characteristics of the unit:

    • device power;
    • power of suction;
    • Filtering features;
    • sizes, weight;
    • technical features of the vacuum cleaner;
    • working cycle;
    • cable size;
    • Price.

    The most effective are models with high suction power, but at the same time they have minimal power consumption. It is worth remembering that the price of such a type of technology will be high. According to the filtration method, the aggregates can be divided into devices with bags, HEPA filters and water filters. The dimensions of the vacuum cleaner affect the power, the method of filtering, as well as the functional parameters.

    The optimal variants of this type of technology include aggregates that do not have filters – these are separator models.

    Higher cost fully pays off at a thorough air purification, while living will enjoy the freshness and purity of air, getting rid of concerns about changing the consumator.

    Selection of filters for this type of technology should be in accordance with the power consumed of the unit. For example, for the Daewoo RC-2230SA vacuum cleaner, which is characterized by an indicator of 1500 W, the perfect filtering option will be finely purified filters, microfilters. With a power consumption of 1600 W, you can use cyclone filters and fine cleaning filtering. If the power of the vacuum cleaner is higher and amounts, for example, 1800 W, then the filtration system should be the same as in previous versions.


    Daewoo vacuum cleaners are quite popular and in demand around the world. Many people have already become owners of this type of technology. User feedback indicate that the aggregates are easy and convenient, differ in maneuverability and small sizes. Many of the models of this brand can be used in small apartments. Due to high power, users have the ability to thoroughly clean carpets, which are characterized by a high pile. Also consumers note the convenience of changing the power with a comfortable block. Pleases Daewoo vacuum cleaners and their insignificant noise, good dust and dirt suction, as well as available cost.

    The purchase of Daewoo vacuum cleaner is a rational solution, as you can become the owner of a wonderful domestic assistant. Like any other type of technology, such a household unit requires accuracy in use, as well as applications according to the instructions.

    The vacuum cleaners must be disassembled by cleaning their filters, with complex breakdowns it is worth contacting the service center.

    The cost of the unit will quickly pay off his work, good performance and indoor cleanliness.

    In the next video, you will find a review of the vacuum cleaner Daewoo RC-2230.

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