Cuisine Design Options With Black Tabletop

Today is a kitchen with black (and indeed with a dark) countertop – one of the trends in the interior design. It doesn’t matter what kind of style you prefer, which form will have your future kitchen set – the color combination is determining. Classic kitchen in the interior can be almost any color: gray, red, green, brown, white, burgundy. More modern directions allow the design of the kitchens in yellow, orange, purple, lilac colors.

Most of these palettes, albeit with reservations, but perfectly combined with black countertops. The main thing is to correct the emphasis in design, take into account the reviews, pros and cons of such a combination.


Dark, and especially black, countertop – pretty bold designer stroke. Most often in the duet to black, a brighter option is selected, respectively, the contrast is very expressive. It is unlikely that such a decision will have to do fans of canonical and warm ensembles. The main feature of the black table top – its causing visibility. However, if you correctly pick up and expand the emphasis, the black countertop can be used to organically enter almost anyone not too dark cuisine.

If a pair to the working surface of this color to choose bright facades – the illusion of increased space is created. Another distinctive feature is the ability to set the tone to the whole design of the room, to be its main attribute. In addition, it opens up huge opportunities for the choice of material: black marble and other types of natural and artificial stone.


Among them, definitely leads the versatility, the ability to place in almost any interior picture. The style here does not have much importance, the main thing is to consider the general concept and details that are not contrary to, and emphasizing the catchy accent. Ability to add decorative elements of different colors – another plus. Black color perfectly gets around with any color. You can safely turn on the black work surface in the style of Scandinavia, Art Deco, minimalism, Provence, non-control.

The advantages can also include an optical increase in space due to weightlessness, which gives the contrast of light shades with a black working surface. If a glossy type table top, it will greatly reflect the light, which will also create an visual impression of expansion. Ideally, the walls should be light color

In addition, the black working surface is a very bold solution, such a design is built on the contrast, on expressiveness, so immediately attracts attention, there is an opportunity to create countertops of any form: angular, P-shaped, straight.


Among them in avant-garde impracticality. Black coating, especially matte, instantly displays everything that it falls on it: drops, splashes, dust, crumbs, stains, fat. The second minus is more relative – such a kitchen will not like everything. Before making this step, we should weigh everything for and mind, make sure that it does not want a warmer and cozy designer solution.

Cuisine Recommendations

In order to properly arrange the kitchen, stick to simple tips.

  • Remember about the balance. Too many black makes the opposite effect – the space is narrowed, it will be little light. It should be noted that more than 40% of dark parts are not allowed. Try to dilute the interior with light shades.

  • Choose a stone. Artificial or natural – it does not matter, in any case, it has an original drawing, an inhomogeneous coating, chaotic interstitations, on which the divorce will not be too noticeable. It is better not to consider the tree and LSDP – they are capricious in care and short-lived.

  • Think over a combination with apron. They must be performed either in one or in close on the palette. However, apron can be selected and under the color of the walls or combine shades of apron, countertops and a headset in mosaic and other versions. Well looks mirror coating.

  • Gloss practical than velvet. Therefore, choosing a type of table top, pay attention to it. It is easier to wash, they look better in small spaces. In addition, gloss perfectly reflects the light. The matte surface makes the slightest pollution, it is harder, but it is not visible to small damage.

  • The little things are very important. So be careful with an abundance of too bright decor. But the chalkboard from the griffel, the chairs upholstered with black material look perfectly with a black working surface. Perfectly get along on such kitchens houseplants.

Gray kitchen

The black working surface involves a combination with the most light, neutral shades of gray cold and warm tones. Choosing cool gray shades in a tandem with black, consider that this design option may be uncomfortable and even negligible. It is necessary to include in the interior of more warm gamps.

The best version of gray-black kitchen is a contrast, alive, energetic, in which the warm elements are intertwined with cool.

Great solution for gray-black headset – apron in black and white tiles, which is located in the form of a chessboard. Black working surface looks great with a combination of black and steel colors. Chrome details perfectly complement this interior. Catchy, but organic black “spots” of accents located throughout the room.

Red kitchen

Black and red kitchen – option for bold people who seek to “break out” from everyday life even in everyday life. For such registration, a well-known share of self-confidence is necessary. First of all, you should choose the right shade of red. He in itself is very spectacular and dramatic, and the black working surface will emphasize his originality, give refinement. Absolutely optionally the whole interior limit these two colors, otherwise you risk getting too aggressive room. The third shade is needed in order to switch attention from a black-red duet duet, balance the overall impression.

Best of all, a light gamma will perform in this role, which will optically increase the space, will remove the extra tension. Choose a bright floor, ceiling and walls – the room will immediately become more positive. Ideally fit into such a design of the warm tones of cream, ivory, tea roses, beige, pearls.

Perfectly combined with this gamut light gray, but the snow-white should be avoided – the interior will be official and uncomfortable.

Green kitchen

Green set – one of the most popular interior solutions. It has a lot of life, light, energy. In addition, gamma greenery is extremely diverse: you can choose both positive herbal shades and strict emerald. Dark table top perfectly suitable for almost any tone of greenery. The black countertop will not create a gloomy mood, since the cheerful green levels any negative. It is enough to choose accessories in the tone of the working surface to make the headset more expressive.

In such a kitchen, the floor of dark color will be appropriate, and decorative elements in the form of living plants, dishes on open shelves, spices in spectacular mills, curtains will give the kitchen comfort. An apron in such a kitchen can be selected both under the working surface, facades and under the walls. Optimal wall color – white, beige sandy, olive.

White kitchen

Snow-white radiance always impresses respectability, status. It has many advantages, in particular – an increase in space, in such a kitchen a lot of light. White perfectly “gets around” with almost any shade. Black Working Surface – An ideal solution for white facades. This duet looks good white apron of white tile, mosaic combination of black and white and gray flowers. Mosaic can be selected both in contrasting shades and with a smooth transition. Very interesting solution – black apron to the tabletop.

Black and white kitchen is good in any style: Mediterranean, High Tech, Modern, Classic. The floor can be white with black elements either light gray, cold-beige. As for the walls, pearl and white tones, gray, blue will be very appropriate here. Curtains made of motley or monochrome fabric. If you decide on white curtains, be sure to think about the decorative accents of other colors. Without them, the kitchen will be uncomfortable. If the room is very light, dark cords will fit perfectly into it.

Brown kitchen

The combination of brown facades and a black working surface can be too gloomy, so it is important to choose a more interesting and cheerful shade of a brown palette for facades. Luxuriously watching a black table top of a natural tree or stone with facades of light coffee-colored, cherry, alder. In general, the colors of the natural tree are preferable, they enliven and give comfort.

Of course, walls, gender and ceiling in no case should not be dark, beige, sand, milk – the best options for registration. Apron is also better not to make up a tabletop or facades, if they are dark. Tile, mosaic, solid fabric of the folder will be appropriate in the same shades as the walls. Brown-black headset should be the most dark spot in the room – this is the main melting. Curtains, utensils, decor need to pick up warm and optimistic color.

Light brown headsets with black countertop in Loft style look interesting. In this case, exclude gloss, all surfaces must be muted matte. However, this option is good only for large-sized rooms.

Bordic kitchen

Wine-berry gamma Bordeaux is very popular lately when creating kitchen interiors. This color as a dominant can be too tedious, especially in combination with a black worktop, so it is necessary to follow the same recommendations that when combined with red and black. Choose the third balancing shade, light and cheerful, against the background of which such a headset will look spectacular, but not tiring.

As apron, a mosaic composition will be noble in which burgundy and black will be presented at the minimum, and the third selected tone will be dominant. Also good Aprint from Kalenoy Glass in hints of wine, whiteness with an unusual print.

Bordeaux Design with Dark Stopper is presented in the video below.

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