Creating crafts for the kitchen with your own hands

Even the most expensive kitchen repair requires finishing chords in the form of unique decorative elements. The owners of this space will allow attaching their talents to create interesting crafts that make a highlight in the interior. You can use ready-made ideas, develop them, and then bring to a new original solution.

Decorating the walls

Fresh paint, new wallpaper, sparkling tile – all this is beautiful, but there is not enough bright accents to reflect the addiction and mood of residents.

Liven up the interior can be if you first decorate the walls. To do this, you can use:

  • stickers and stencils;
  • panel;
  • signs;
  • Artistic painting.

The choice of thematic stickers is huge. These are butterflies, fruits, flowers, berries and so on.

Cute images can be cut from self-keys film. Such pictures are usually used for the design of the wall in the area of ​​the dining area or apron over the desktop.

The contours are drawn on the back of the film, and then cut out. Connect with a surface CAUTION, using a rubber spatula, which is driven out of the air from under stickers.

By stencil from thick cardboard or plastic on the walls create various images. They are glued on monophonic walls, placing the place under the picture in advance so that they are located exactly.

Ready images need to be covered with varnish. So they will keep a presentable view for a long time.

If someone from the home owns artistic skills, it will find applying to your abilities by playing a free wall or a fragment on it. It can be a picture in a kitchen topics, such as still life, or just original abstract painting.

You can take acrylic paints, decorative plaster.

But even if a person does not own a brush and a pencil, can make an unusual panel, a mosaic of natural materials or from what is often taken for garbage, or things having a specific practical application.

The unique decor on the wall can be made from such materials as:

  • shells;
  • bottle plugs;
  • cutlery;
  • paper molds or silicone;
  • coffee beans;
  • Macaroni of different shapes.

If the wallpaper on the wall with a pattern, panels and photograph will come true. You can pick up black and white photos to a certain style.

In a small kitchen to get involved in the decoration of the walls should not. From this room will only seem less. But if you select a place under the photo or picture of a small size, where decorative elements can be sprinkled vertically, the kitchen will seem more.

Decoration and at the same time an indispensable functional thing in the kitchen are the clock. If you wish, you can mount the device of a simple design to the hand-made corpus of the original design.

A set of plates in the spacious kitchen. Some collect a whole collection of such things brought from travel. Much more interesting such decorations make your own hands from ordinary dishes without drawing. Plates decorated with seashells, draw pictures with the help of decoupage.

The image you like can be printed on the printer, glue to the plate and check. It may be just a beautiful picture from the Internet or a personal photo that reminds of something important and pleasant that once happened in life.

For the framing, it remains using conventional table wipes without a picture, create a three-dimensional decor in a circle (for this napkin fmines and glued). Then, using PVA glue, harvesting gives hardness and covered with several layers of varnish.

This kind of approach allows you to create a whole set of plates in a certain topic. Thanks to this, the kitchen will acquire individuality, and guests can draw conclusions about hobbies.

Relevant Decoration – Cutting Boards. They can be painted or decorate with artistic thread.

Fashion trend – the use of so-called chalk wallpaper. They allocate a small fragment of the wall. You can arrange it in the frame as if it’s a picture. Anyone will write or draws anything on such wallpaper.

Most of all children will be paid to such a decor, who will be able to get a great place for the application of their creative forces. Although the mistress itself will be able to sketch on such a “school board” items of the festive menu or recipe.

You can visually increase the space using a mirror. It is only important to choose the appropriate size of this item, the original frame and place on the wall.

Some set the mirror on the apron. This, indeed, significantly spreads the borders of the kitchen in the visual plan. However, the maintenance of such a surface requires constant attention, since traces of fat and other pollution turn out to be noticeable after each cooking.

This is an interesting solution if a woman has enough time to wash the kitchen.

In the kitchen interior the very place is home. To the house once and forever settled joy, it is customary to decorate this room with the image of the sunflower – Slavic Symbol of the Sun. The most suitable place for such a picture – in the area of ​​the dining group or near the window.

If such an image contradicts the style of the interior, you can independently make a beautiful broom and strengthen it on the wall tank up.

This symbol, designed to fit all the troubles, draw up the image of the brownie, cash bills, laurel leaves, nuts, and so on. Each of these additional elements has its meaning. The hostess engaged in the manufacture of such a decorative subject puts into the charm of the protective functions in which the most, in her opinion, needs a family.

We transform furniture items

Pressing furniture or household appliances of the type that is needed in a specific interior is often possible only with your own hands. This applies to, for example, the decor of the door of the refrigerator or kitchen headset. Press the kitchen furniture Individuality can be using:

  • art painting or painting;
  • decoupage;
  • Films with pattern.

Old refrigerator can be repainted in any color combined with a new headcard. Favorite Buffet – Babushkino Inheritance – Easily Updated With Paint Caller. The surface is pre-fused and degreased, then apply paint. Caller allows you to apply it exactly, without divorce, which remain when using brushes.

In order not to suffer those elements that do not need in staining, they can be stuck in advance by painting scotch.

Finishing the picture manages at the expense of decoupage. Napkins and decoupharge cards with interesting images on sale set. It is important to observe all the rules for stickers of pictures cut from fine paper so that they are beautiful, without folds and wrinkles lay on the surface.

Woman who owns sewing skills, can independently make a tissue curtains, tablecloth and tool covers, patchwork pillows – for kitchen sofa.

Will find application for interior design and other needlework, for example, crochet. You can tie for a kitchen corner Plaid in Engineering Enterlak, resembling patchwork sewing. This will allow beautifully arrange a kitchen in a rustic style.

Ideas for the transformation of kitchen furniture are inexhaustible.

It is important that the fantasy does not let down, and the creative back on creating beauty has always been enough.

Trivia and accessories

Of great importance in the design of the kitchen have trifles and accessories. Not necessarily from them should be benefit. Enough that they attract attention and please their appearance., This:

  • crafts from salt dough;
  • refrigerator magnets;
  • vases;
  • Holders for small items;
  • Kashpo;
  • Muzzi vegetables and fruits;
  • Luke or garlic garlands;
  • Banes with bulk products;
  • towels;
  • Holders and hangers;
  • Dividers for boxes.

Sometimes special decorative elements with colored filling are made for the kitchen. You can take a few identical glass bottles and fall asleep with sugar or salt painted in different colors. (Give color products can be gouache or food dyes, also for decorations are offered to use grated chalks). Filling the capacitance of the mound to the layers of approximately the same thickness. To the top filled vessels remains to put on the open shelf. Decoration ready.

Conventional vegetables and fruits placed in a beautiful transparent vessel can be played as a kitchen scenery. To create a composition you can take:

  • Ranetki;
  • pea pods;
  • pepper (acute);
  • berries.

Fruits should be beautiful, without signs of rot or other damage. Capacity is treated with steam or warm in the oven for 5 minutes. Billets are beautifully placed and poured with a strong brine, alcohol or formalin. The cover of the bottle or banks for loyalty can be clogged with wax.

Crafts for the kitchen create with their own hands from the most unexpected things. For original lamps use banks and cups. From the traffic jams make stands under hot. As practical little things, you can use knitted products.

Casters are able to give substavits under the hot original view. Able to handle crochet and threads will easily connect the stand in the form of halves of apple or pear and so on.

Required thing in the kitchen – package tank. It is more convenient to use a bag, but that it is not boring and ugly, it can be arranged in the form of a suspended doll. To do this, you need to use the segments of the fabric. Doll make a face, skirt, handles and legs, loop, for which you can hang a craft. Funny practical thing will take its place in the kitchen interior.

You can use kitchen utensils to create comfort. For example, a metal grater is quite capable of acting as a ceiling. The lighting device with such a design is suitable for creating local illumination on a specific area of ​​the room.

From the hollows or coffee beans, you can make a beautiful picture, made out of wood with original shelves, which allow you not only to put banks with spices on them, but also apply as a basis to support such items to oppose. To do this, the covers from cans are screwed to the finished shelf. When the capacity is closed, the bank turns out to be suspended. It turns out not only beautiful, but also practical.

Examples in the interior

Fresh greens in the kitchen can be ensured if drawers with the ground on the wall and plant plants in them.

Even a beautiful mug will be performed as a holder for curtains in the kitchen.

Decoupage allows you to give the originality of any dishes. The jar on the release becomes a cute decoration on the table.

The remains of beautiful fabrics are connected in an excellent composition and turn into an original tablecloth. Act such beauty is completely difficult.

An ordinary wooden clothespin can be turned into a small practical trifle, without which in the kitchen.

Hooks for towels and other necessary things are made of cutlery.

Phacks, stands, cups for cups will be a pleasant addition to any kitchen. And their manufacture will deliver the hostess great pleasure.

Vase filled with wooden chopsticks, turns into a comfortable knife holder.

The grater is easy to turn into a towel holder and kitchen trifles. To do this, you need to make a bottom of the tree, fasten the grater in the inverted form to the board and hang in the sink.

Capes on the chairs can completely transform their appearance. Old furniture will “turn” into a new.

Refresh the facade of the honeycomb kitchen is very simple. Enough to choose stickers in the topic.

Fabrics are obtained wonderful jewelry for cans with products.

Metal teapot of the old sample perfectly fit into the kitchen interior as an unusual vase for colors.

The free wall of a large kitchen can be decorated with a large image. Interior will acquire a special mood.

Chairs, painted in different colors, give the white kitchen to the liveliness, make the setting of joyful.

Cups and saunts turn out to be a great basis for creating intimate kitchen lighting.

Fruit basket can be made even from rope. In the kitchen in the rustic style, it will be very relevant.

How to make a vase from a plastic bottle and rice with your own hands, look in the video below.

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