Countertops for kitchens from chipboard: features and tips on choosing

The headset is the central part of each kitchen, which reflects the style and individual family preferences. Comfort and convenience of cooking, and the quality of the chosen headset affects the period of operation of the furniture.

One of the main elements of this furniture is a tabletop. In specialized stores you can find a wide range of products from chipboard.


Chipboard is the most popular building material from which domestic furniture is manufactured. Tabletop for a kitchen made of wood-chipboard has an affordable price and good operational properties.

Chipboard – Combined Material, which is made of wooden chips and auxiliary components by carrying out a complex hot pressing. To increase moisture resistance, manufacturers are added to Paraffin chipboard.

The advantages of the material:

  • Low price range;
  • High reliability and strength;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • Wide colors gamma.


  • the release of hazardous and toxic substances that negatively affect human health;
  • low resistance to moisture;
  • No ability to repair.

To form smooth lines without corners and sharp edges, manufacturers use post-forming technology, which makes it possible to get the rounded edge of the front. Modern production technologies make it possible to form two types of plastic edge: end-one-sided and double-sided.


As a decorative facing layer, the chipboard is most often used by several options.

  • Paper-layered plastic (LDSP) – decorative laminate, which is manufactured by pressing and has three layers – resin base from cellulose, decorative pattern and protective film. Advantages – high density, resistance to temperature, light, moisture, chemicals and mechanical deformation. Material pushes odors, has a wide color and texture range. Disadvantages – the need for additional processing of end sites and places of contact with a kitchen stove.

  • Melamine film – Kraft paper covered with melamine resin. Advantages – thickness not more than 0.5 cm, wide color gamut.
  • Veneer – Natural woody layer, which is covered with protective moisture resistant varnish. Disadvantages – low moisture resistance and mechanical damage, short period of operation.

Specialists do not recommend using this coating for the kitchen surface.

Depending on the texture of the table top there are three types:

  • matte;
  • glossy;
  • Combined.

In terms of environmental safety, there are two types of material:

  • E1 – Environmentally friendly material that does not contain hazardous chemical compounds;
  • E2 – technical type of product that is not used for the manufacture of furniture.

Dimensions and forms

Modern manufacturers produce two options for tabletops for kitchens from chipboard, depending on the size:

  • fixed;
  • Arbitrary.

Table tops that have standard dimensions are in great demand. For the manufacture of exclusive furniture, experts acquire non-standard dimensional lips.

    Depending on the thickness, the chipboard for the manufacture of furniture is offered in several versions:

    • high density material – one.8, 2.8 and 3.8 cm;
    • Medium density material – 5 cm;
    • Combined Material – 6 cm.

    Thickness 38 mm – the most sought-after product size. The width of the table top varies in the range from 40 to 120 cm. As for the length, it can be standard (2440, 3050, 3660 mm) or sewing individually for a specific project.

      If we talk about forms, then you allocate several of the most popular product modifications:

      • angular;
      • straight;
      • oval;
      • trapezoidal;
      • in the form of the letter “T”;
      • In the form of the letter “P”.

      To implement exclusive projects, designers often use non-standard geometric forms that comply with the wishes of the customer.

      How to choose?

        The choice of kitchen countertops – the responsible stage of the beautification of the kitchen, on which not only aesthetic beauty depends, but also the deadlines of the headset.

        Experts allocate several main criteria that influence the choice of this product.

        • The size – a parameter that depends on the number and dimensions of the built-in household appliances.
        • Moisture resistance – Important indicator, data on which should be specified in the accompanying documents. The more resistance to moisture, the higher the cost of the product.
        • Color and texture – Main indicators affecting a common aesthetic appearance. In addition, they depend on the care method and types of chemicals used, which are used to remove various contaminants.
        • Processing of the end edge – one of the main indicators that affects the deadlines. The most durable is a countertop with a double-sided rounding and a kippler.
        • Coating.

          The choice of the desired product has an impact and such an important indicator as the edge of the table top.

          Depending on the material used, it can be:

          • plastic;
          • polyvinyl chloride;
          • acrylic;
          • polymer thermoplastic (ABS);
          • wooden;
          • from artificial stone;
          • aluminum;
          • stainless.

          Operating tips

          In the process of mounting the kitchen countertops, novice masters need to adhere to the recommendations of professionals.

          • Installation of table tops should be made on a steady support around the perimeter of the entire working surface.
          • Fastening the kitchen sheet to the bottom cabinets is carried out with the help of furniture corners.
          • It is strictly forbidden to screw the screws into the old holes.
          • Consulted products are carried out only on machines.

          • Operactions under household appliances need to be formulated using an electric jigsaw after the final installation. Transportation of the finished product with already cut holes can lead to cracks, chips, faults, and in some cases – even to the impaired integrity of the structure. Experienced masters are recommended to handle cuts for embedded equipment with special protective equipment.
          • For an angular connection of the design, it is necessary to use screw ties. To protect the connection site from above, it is necessary to use aluminum fasteners. The use of a lectal method for processing the ends when connecting parts of the structure as much as possible space was drowned and the joint. This method of processing edges can be carried out only if there is a milling machine.

          To extend the construction deadline, experienced masters are recommended to follow simple rules:

          • preventing damage to the integrity of the protective layer, to create sealants;
          • In case of water from entering unprotected sections of the chipboard, it is necessary to quickly dry the work surface to prevent swelling of the structure;
          • The direct contact of hot objects with the surface leads to deformation and melting of the protective film;
          • The use of a thermal insulation stand is the key to preserving the intact surface of the table top;
          • The contact of the chipboard with frozen food will result in detachment of the decorative film;
          • Operation of the countertop is possible only in a day after its installation;
          • To remove contamination, the use of only creamy cleaning agents is allowed;
          • Maximum durability and resistance to mechanical damage have laminated surfaces.

          In case of deep scratches on a laminated tabletop, it is necessary to fill it with special wax.

          Experienced hostesses note the high level of the crystal glossy surface, which is clearly visible not only scratches, but also traces from fingers, divorces and small pollution. To solve this problem, it is necessary to give preference not to the monophonic colors of the kitchen coating, but a bright and a motley.

          On the rules of installation Countertops from DSP Watch in the following video.

          Beautiful examples

          Modern designers offer a large number of beautiful relevant projects, for the implementation of which applied countertops from chipboard. This material is used not only for budget orders, but also for the design of expensive interiors. To create a beautiful and practical cuisine, it is not necessary to spend a large amount of cash.

          Modern manufacturers produce a huge range of building materials that make it possible to implement all the design wishes of customers. In specialized stores you can buy kitchen countertops that have monophonic colors, but can be performed under marble, natural tree or wild stone.

          Glossy tabletop under the tree against the background of light kitchen cabinets will give the headset of the nobility, and the relevance of the wooden picture will continue for many years.

          Harmonious combination of dark wooden kitchen and laminated table top will like any customer. Against the background of glossy glitter chipboard, dark household appliances, shiny shell and mixers look beautifully.

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