Corner sofas with a sleeping place in the kitchen: features, types and popular models

Features of apartments with small quadrature, pushing to accommodation in the kitchen room of an angular sofa with a sleeping place. However, this design is convenient not only in small houses and apartments, but also in more spacious premises as an opportunity to combine beautiful with useful. The functionality of such models allows you to use them and as seating for eating, and as an extra bed.


The parameters of angular sofas with a sleeping place in the kitchen vary depending on the model, design, decomposition mechanism and manufacturer. As a rule, most manufacturers make angular sofas for a kitchen with a folding mechanism with the following parameters:

  • Seat depth 50-70 cm;
  • Seat height 40-50 cm;
  • The height of the backrest is 80-100 cm;
  • wall thickness 5-7 cm;
  • Length on the small side of 120-160 cm;
  • Length on the large side of 160-220 cm;
  • 70×195 cm bedroom size.

In the event that the kitchen in which the sofa is supposed to be placed, has some features, then the sizes can be installed by individual order. Then each characteristic of the sofa is agreed with the customer: width, length, height and depth.


Manufacturers offer a rather impressive species assortment of corner sofas for kitchenware equipment with sleeping place. The main characteristic on which you can classify the models is the decay mechanism.


The sofa is transformed by the type of harmonic. In order to decompose it, you just need to pull the handle that is stitched in the seat. The design itself is considered reliable and easy to use.


To lay the sofa, you must pull the loop, which is hidden under the seat. In the process, it is necessary to raise the moving part to the level of seating. This mechanism is very easy to operate and reliable.

French clawing

Sleeping place such a sofa resembles a clamshell. In the assembled form of his section from metal pipes collected by the harmonic. When laying, they straighten, and the clamshell becomes legs on the floor.


At the time of pulling out the folding mechanism, the necessary elements attached to it are tightened. In the unfolded form, the roll-up sofa is quite spacious, and in folded – it looks very compact.


For the production of kitchen furniture, including an angular sofa, various materials are used.


It is important that frame structures are made from durable material.

  • Natural tree. The most common material of the carcass corner sofas. The dried natural tree is very light and, with the correct observance of the moisture content and temperature, serves quite a long time.
  • Ledp. Laminated wood chips are used to make sofas framework. As a result, there are models for the price more acceptable than sofas from natural wood, but no less durable.
  • Metal. Metal is considered stronger than a tree. It is worth noting. that the quality of the metal frame directly depends on the quality of the compounds.
  • Mixed. Often, specialists use several types of materials to optimize framework design. It can be a metal tree, wood – chipboard, metal – chipboard or several materials immediately.


No less important which is the upholstery of the corner sofa for the kitchen.

  • Leather. Considered the most expensive upholstery material. High-quality genuine leather has an attractive appearance, abrasion resistance, has excellent hygienic and hypoallergenic properties, easy to maintain.
  • Artificial leather. Is an analogue of natural materials. Externally, artificial leather looks as attractive as genuine. However, in other parameters I am inferior to her.
  • Textile. Aesthetic view of the sofa directly depending on the type of textiles. The fabric is endowed with good hygienic and hypoallergenic properties. Fabric care will require some effort.


To sit on the sofa was comfortable, it should be considered what filler will be.

  • Spring block. This is one of the most durable structures at which many small springs provides convenience and comfort.
  • Porolon. The most economical and popular filler requiring neat operation.
  • Polyurene Foolder. Foamed synthetic material, characterized by an increased service life.
  • Syntheton. Inexpensive type of filler with reduced quality characteristics. Sintepon gives trade in sofas without ensuring its reliable operational and functional properties.
  • Coconut. Natural filler consists of the finest fibers of coconut. Proven as material with excellent functional and hypoallergenic properties.

Design options

Laconic light sofa made of artificial leather fits perfectly into the kitchen atmosphere. There is nothing superfluous in its design. This model attracts attention to a beautiful tinge of ivory and smooth relief. The design of the sofa is also good because it does not oblige to use special elements and attributes in the interior.

The most common option is when the corner sofa is installed in the corner opposite the kitchen headset. Selecting the corner space allows you to free the center of the room. This type of kitchen sofa is selected if the room is limited. Next to the sofa set dining table. Chairs and stools are used as additional sites.

Leather sofa in blue color is beautiful and practical. The model is executed in the style of minimalism without unnecessary parts, providing the possibility of blue color to be in the foreground. Upholstery of additional seating places is also performed in blue skin. If the size of the room is allowed, the corner sofa can be positioned right under the window. In this case, it turns out a bright and cozy area of ​​recreation. As, the rule, in modern apartments, the window is installed strictly in the center of the walls.

And in the event that the area of ​​the room is small, the sofa and the table will take most of the kitchen without leaving a place to pass.

Sofa with fabric upholstery of gray. This is one of the most practical options that perfectly fit into the modern design of the kitchen. Hint of upholstery coincides with the shades of kitchen furniture and floor coating. Angular sofa here is used to zoning space. In this case, it is installed in the center of the room, dividing the dining and working area. The design of the kitchen room looks original if the cooking zone is raised on the pedestal, and the recreation area and food is below one or more steps.

Consider the most popular models of angular sofas for the kitchen.


Corner sofa “Etude” width and length 122 and 208 cm accordingly perfectly placed in the dining area of ​​the Middle Square Kitchen. The case of this model is made of LDSP in four color options. And also the manufacturer suggests the choice of textile and leatherette upholstery. For laying a bed of 94×190 cm, a Dolphin mechanism is used.


Corner sofa “buzz” width and length 112 and 204 cm, respectively. This model is performed both with left and right angle. Upholstery material – artificial leather. Three colors: dairy, beige and coffee. Using the distribution mechanism, “Dolphin” is a breakpoint of 95×185 cm.


The kitchen corner sofa “Tokyo” has the following parameters: width 130 cm, length 190 cm. The model provides for the presence of a large storage box. Upholstery material – artificial leather, flock, shined. Sleeping Filler – Foam.


The original model of the corner sofa for the kitchen. The model has the following dimensions: Width 110 cm, Length 190 cm, Sleeping Size 95×183 cm. In the sofa there is a place for linen. The frame of this model is made of LDSP, upholstery: artificial leather and textile material, filler – polyurethane foam. Discharge mechanism.


Little model of an angular sofa with folding mechanism. Sofa size: width 138 cm, length 190 cm, sleeping place 91×181 cm. The sofa is equipped with a drawer for linen and the “Dolphin” mechanism. Frame is made of wood, LDSP and plywood. Side covers – Decorative MDF plates. Upholstery – Artificial Leather or Fabric.

Tips for choosing

Purchase of an angular sofa with a folding mechanism to the kitchen should be occurring deliberately taking into account all factors and circumstances.

  • It is necessary to correctly assess the free place in the kitchen and consider only those models that harmoniously fit into space, without becoming an obstacle to the movement on the room.
  • Do not forget that the sofa is selected for the kitchen room, so the upholstery should be easily cleaned and be resistant to absorb the smells.
  • Sofa must be examined for marriage. It should not have distillaces, wrinkled upholstery, if it does not provide for a model, cuts and sticking threads.
  • The denser of the filler, the longer the service life of the sofa. Therefore, preference should be given to models.
  • Pay attention to the fact that not all models can be oriented both on the right and left side. Many of them have only one angle.
  • Consider the fact that when laying out the front of the sofa will increase and move forward.

Beautiful examples

Original folding sofa model. The airiness of white upholstery is perfectly combined with the nobility of dark blue, almost black. Ergonomic linings on the back of the semicircular shape serve not only by elements of ergonomics and distribution of seats, but also decoration of the model. Chrome-plated legs emphasize the accuracy of the sofa.

All the beauty of this model is expressed in its bright green shade. It is believed that green colors calm down, adjusting to a friendly way. Soft color adds softness of matter. The sofa of the color of meadow grass perfectly fits into the kitchen room decorated in ecostel or Provence style.

A neat little sofa in white will be decorated with any kitchen. White color itself looks elementary, and in combination with chrome elements of the back – also gracefully. Thin tubes in chrome make the back of the air, without reducing the strength of the structure. The design of the model is well suited to the kitchen with industrial elements in the interior, as well as to Loft and Modern styles.

Very beautiful angular sofa with folding mechanism. Original overhead elements, upholstered white leather, which adorn the back, serve as convenient head restraints. And also in the decor of the sofa used skin elements with assembly. Carved wood linings, adorning the sidewalls of the model, submit an application for the luxury of this model.

On how to choose an angular sofa with a sleeping place for the kitchen, see the following video.

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