Corner kitchens with bar counter: Design and selection features

Kitchens with bar counter – this is a good way to save the useful area in a small room. The article will talk about the types of bar racks, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the characteristics of the choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of planning

The use of the bar counter in the zoning of the kitchen has both its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits depend on the functions performed:

  • replacement of the dining table;
  • Saving space on a small area;
  • If the rack is closed, then more space for storing kitchen accessories, which can also be located above the rack;
  • In Studio apartments, the bar counter serves as a division between the kitchen and the living room;
  • Many stylish space transformation solutions.

But there are disadvantages:

  • Bar rack does not always replace a full-fledged working and dining area;
  • not very suitable for a large family with young children, as you have to acquire additional chairs.

But as practice shows, pluses more, and the bar counter comes to an increasing number of kitchens. Who knows, maybe in the future and there will be no need to acquire dining tables.

Types of bar stands

Bar racks in the kitchen interiors are becoming increasingly popular. They are fulfilled to order, and in the configuration with headsets. But not all of them are the same, and have their own characteristics. Consider the most popular types.

On a single support

This type of bar rack has a free space under the surface. Construction is held at the expense of a pipe that is located under the free edge. Its height is usually from the floor to the ceiling.

Here you can position the brackets for storing glasses and other kitchen utensils.

And there is an option rack on two, sometimes on three legs. This design resembles the table, but has a more significant height.

Choosing a bar counter of this species is worth doing to those who want to expand the space in small-sized apartments and make it easier and air.

With built-in storage system

This type of bar racks is perfect for large areas. Under the tabletop are boxes and lockers. But the width of the rack in this case should be increased, otherwise it will be uncomfortable for her.

With built-in home appliances

The trend of recent seasons is the use of the bar counter not only for the purpose of the dining area, but also for the location of household appliances. Most often on the table top there are hobs. The size for a small angular kitchen can be chosen mini, with three or even two burners.

If the space allows, then you can also install the oven, and above the table top to make an additional extension, a few centimeters higher than the main surface.


Bar rack can be an emphasis in the room. M-shaped surface that has an unusual form will be able to attract attention.

Very popular surface highlighting by LED ribbon both outside and inside. The effect of such lighting is very original, which will cause envy of your guests.

Decorative bar rack most often used in studio apartments. It is stylish, moreover, an extra room in a circle of friends. And also such an element of furniture can serve for installation on it, for example, TV.

You can decorate the surface with large evergreen flowers that will create a small winter garden.


Corner kitchen with a bar counter – it is original and practical, so manufacturers often make a complete set. Dimensions and view depends only on your wishes. Consider the most popular varieties and their style features.


This is a standard narrow surface having a height of not more than 120 cm. It can be located as Mr. and parallel to the main headset. Most often it is a rack on a single support. Perfectly combined with all interior styles. Gives the space of air and ease. Visually expands Square.


Her preferred owners of spacious kitchens. Rack is located in the center. It is used as a dining area and can be equipped, for example, a sink or hob. Does not combine with the main headcard. Wonderful fit into the classic interior. And if the countertop is made from the wood array, it will highly emphasize.


This is a solution in the style of Hi-Tech. The rack has two levels, the second is located at a height of 15-20 cm above the first. Used can both for the dining area and just for the decor. The first level can be equipped with a sink or the same cooking panel. Most often is perpendicular to the main headset. Creates a large working technological space.


By increasing the width of the window sill, you can form a good working area. Most often, the surface is installed along the entire length of the wall on which the window is located. Depending on the finish and decoration, it will fit into the style of Provence or Country. Under the stand you can equip additional shelves and cabinets, and you can leave free space. This is relevant if the heating device is under the window, and you do not want to carry it.


Data Bar racks appreciated owners of small-sized kitchens in the style of minimalism. The surface is either raised or put forward from under the other table top. And if necessary, they simply remove, freeing the space. Furniture with transformation increasingly conquers consumer hearts.

Bar rack style largely depends on consumer preferences. If you wish to create something original, then you should seek help to the designer. He will develop a layout that is suitable for you. Many indicators are taken into account: the area of ​​the kitchen, the rack features, how the surface will be used, what kind of kitchen design.

How to choose?

Choosing a kitchen design with a bar counter, you need to consider a number of features. In order to choose from you to please for a long time, use several easy tips, they will help you make the right choice.

Repair and choice of furniture – the case is very responsible, and approached to it are prepared.

  • The tabletop should choose from heat-resistant material, especially for small kitchens. After all, here the rack will serve as an additional working area.
  • Materials. Most often used MDF and chipboard with laminated surface. These options are most accessible and have many colors and shades. Natural stone is very expensive, so they often choose imitation. The tree is perfectly combined with both any style and quality properties much better and safer other materials. Plastic is very short-lived. When the scratches appears, the entire type of surface is spoilage, which requires replacement.
  • Resistance to mechanical damage is important not only for the main surface, but also for the fastening method. Here you should give preference to MDF if you wish to get a solid surface for little money. Either use wood durable rocks.
  • It is worth a preference to a bar counter with drawers and cabinets or simply with niches. It will fit well into any kitchen set, and you will have an extra storage place.

  • If you are the owner of a small kitchen, and the distance to the wall is a little more than a meter, then the edges of the table top it is better to make rounded. This will help avoid injury and bruises.
  • For the studio, as for very small kitchens, it is better to use the service “Furniture to order”. You will make the shape of a bar rack with naroded sides, which will create a more convenient space for work.
  • Manufacturer. If you purchase a ready-made headset with a rack, it is worth looking for a good information about the manufacturer. Read feedback, look for them on buyers’ forums, if possible, visit the store.
  • When choosing a rack, it is worth remembering that it should be part of the headset. Carefully choose colors and shades to not be disappointed in the future.

Successful examples in the interior

Beautiful version of the two-level bar rack. This option is suitable for any style and interior design. Combination of natural wood with imitation stone. At the first level, a washing and a working surface is installed, you can use as a dining area.

Classic version of small corner kitchen with bar counter. Harmonious colors. Stand on a single basis, which does not climb space, making the interior free.

Bar rack on this photo performs an additional storage room feature. There are open niches on which you can arrange both dishes and magazines and books. Very advantageous distribution of space. Light tones in the design make it almost weightless.

Bar rack option with built-in home appliances. There is not only a sink, but also a cooking panel. Excellent option for spacious kitchen. Can be used in any interior design from classics to modern.

The photo shows how practical place is used along the window. This is a full-fledged cooking space and a dining area. The rack is perpendicular to the main headset and is a continuation. Dark color gives the style of depth and luxury.

Beautiful design option under natural tree. The surface is decorated with additional lighting in the form of bulk chandeliers that are directed at the tabletop. This option is suitable for both large kitchen and studio apartment. Here the rack can also act as a separator between the kitchen and the living room.

Overview Corner kitchen with bar counter View in the video below.

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