Cooking colors options with wooden table top

Wooden countertops today are insanely popular. Kitchen furniture with such components looks good and aesthetic. That is why many consumers prefer similar products.

In a tandem with a wooden countertop, other colors look great. Correctly combined colors in kitchen furniture – this is the key to a stylish and harmonious interior.

Today we will analyze in detail, with kitchens of which color will be best combined by wooden table tops.


There are several varieties of popular wooden table tops.

Get acquainted with them closer.

  • From natural or glued massif. Solid rocks are best suited for top bedside tables, such as oak, beech, ash or larch. The material is tougher, the longer it will serve. There are options from pine and ate, but these basics are softer, damage them easier. One-piece material is a spoke of a tree that is quite expensive. The glued array is thin dried strips glued under the press. Cost cheaper, they are not less than one-piece copies and are more unpretentious in care.

  • LDSP covered with veneer. Chipboard can be supplemented with a thin slice of oak, birch or beech. These models are cheaper than massive, but are less durable. In case of damage to the chipboard, the countertop can swell under the influence of water. Veneer requires the same care as a natural tree.

It can not be renovated with strong damage.

  • Plastic Postforming under the tree. Cheap specimen is a tabletop from LDSP, laminated special plastic on technology Postforming. Such a coating mimics the structure and shade of the tree. They are used in the production of economy class heads.

In such copies of the joints on the corners of the tabletops, it is necessary to close the profile of aluminum. If this is neglected, the material is deformed and swells due to high humidity in the kitchen.

General design principles

Wooden countertops in the design of kitchens choose many consumers. The enviable popularity of such design solutions is due to their attractiveness and natural appearance. In addition, the surface of the tree or under the tree is well combined with many adjacent gamma.

Consider more, what are the general principles of the design of the kitchen, where wooden countertops take place.

Often the shade of such surfaces is selected based on the color of the headset itself. However, this is not always easy, because the facades and countertops are usually produced from different materials. The colors of them can also differ significantly as the textures. You can only contact this option to people who have a simple white or black headset in the house.

Another problem of the selection of a wooden countertop in the tone of the facade is that in the end it can lead to the transformation of all furniture in one solid “wooden” spot. This suggests that such surfaces in any case will have to select facades with other colors and, possibly, bright accents.

Wooden countertop can overlap with colors of separate lockers headset. For example, it can be a stylish kit that combines 2 contrasting colors, and the tabletop can repeat the shade or tone of one of them. but It should be borne in mind that when choosing a tree, to get tone to the tone will be extremely difficult. That is why such solutions are usually addressed if the countertop is planned to be performed in black or white colors.

The easiest solution will be the selection of a shade of a wooden table top. Moreover, these reasons can be performed from one material, which will be able to avoid problems with the selection of identical textures and tones.

You can pick up beautiful wooden countertops under the floor in the kitchen. Thus, the fiscal and affordable option will be the finishing of the penis laminate, and the table tops – LDSP.

Of course, it is permissible to apply to a more expensive and luxurious solution – to arrange the floor, and the tabletop with the same array of natural wood. The disadvantage of the last option is only the fact that the foundations of such raw materials lacquer is not accepted. They must be primed and regularly engaged in the renewal of coatings. As a result, the same shades can soon begin to vary. To keep track of it difficult.

Beautiful wooden countertops look in combination with stone floor. The last material can be both natural and artificial. Serous and brownish shades will be successful “companions” of natural tones of the tree.

Wooden countertops are also permissible to pick up the color of the plinths or windowsill, as well as dining furniture. Wooden countertops will effectively cross the chairs and the table from the same material (or its good imitation).

Versions of cuisine shades

Beautiful and popular wooden table tops look great in a variety of color combinations. Read with the most successful and stylish of them.

With white facades

Against the background of neat snow-white facades, wooden countertops will always look expressive. With this solution of the headset, it does not merge into a solid monochrome stain. Lacquer while preferably choosing brighter so that the stove in such a tandem does not appear even darker.

With light facades, table tops from the tree will look elegant, making the kitchen at the same time more cozy and hospitable.

With black

Headsets with black facades always look stylish and expensive, but sometimes they can put down on households depth color. Then they come to the aid of the table tops from a tree or under a tree that can dilute the grave blackness.

Such details in the forces smoothed the gloomy impression that the black cabinets and cabinets leave.

With gray

Wonderful table tops described and modern gray headsets look. Greater demand today enjoy the sets of light gray and dark gray shades. Both options look gorgeous, but may seem a bit boring and monotonous. It is not always possible to competently emphasize them with bright accents.

Wood table tops of warm shades in such a situation will be a real salvation. They will decorate gray tones, making them more “friendly” and “alive”.

With brown

Under such countertops, you can pick up a headset with the facades of brown shades, but in such a situation you will need to decide in advance what varnish treat new table tops. Their coloring in no way should merge with the facade.

The fusion of shades is permissible if you wish to form the illusion of the monolithic island from the tree surrounded by the kitchen in the modern key.

In a popular rustic style, where there is no place acrylo or steel, a light headset of a pine or another tree of wood with a natural and a little brightened table top will look as much as possible and cozy.


A high-quality furniture set with an attractive tabletop of wood (or under the tree) is a wonderful solution for kitchens performed in a variety of styles. Such details attract attention, making the interior more cozy and hospitable.

Consider several popular stylistic directions in which such objects of furniture look especially aesthetic.

  • Country. In this beloved many rustic style, the prevailing part of the furniture is performed precisely from the tree. Moreover, it can be weakly treated with bitch and uneven surfaces. Attractive and stylishly looks at kitchen headsets, painted in classic white color. Even under the paint, the texture and structure of the tree does not disappear anywhere and never ceases to be expressive, so you can safely say that wooden countertops in the specified settings look excellent.

  • Provence. In this direction, the wooden countertop can be painted in white, and the cabinets themselves leave unpainted. Either the top cabinets in the headset are painted in white, and the lower components remain intact. Thus, a wooden countertop visually becomes the continuation of the lower facades.

  • Classic. Furniture made of wood in a classic ensemble looks particularly harmonious and rich. There may be not only bright, but also dark or reddish woods from wood. They can complement luxurious carved facades that attract attention to their original species.

  • Modern style. Excellent wooden table tops look in modern kitchens. These coatings in such interiors can be glossy or matte. They can be boldly to have a white, gray or black furniture. It is desirable that the facades and countertops do not merge here, but sharply contrasted. Supplemented by chrome and steel details such tandems will look especially stylish and modern.

  • Eco. In the direction of Eco, the place is a tree and wooden texture. In such interiors, wood countertops are usually combined with facades of calm natural shades. As a result, the peaceful and hospitable interiors are obtained, being very comfortable.

As you can see, calm tabletops from wood are harmonized in a variety of styles, from the classics to modern destinations. Such surfaces may have not only natural color. Often paint them in other colors. Competently composed color combinations are able to decorate the kitchen, making it more harmonious.


Countertops made of natural wood array, of course, are expensive, so many consumers prefer them more affordable imitation materials. They may look attractive and cost inexpensively, but to create a healthy microclimate in the kitchen, it is still better to purchase natural options.

Wooden countertops look perfectly in various color combinations. For example, it may be a stylish and nonsense combination of gray, white and brown gamps.

You can add such a coating not only simple black, but also trendy graphite beds. They are often combined with contrasting white or chrome details in a modern style.

You can refer to such combinations, if your kitchen is not in the classical vein.

    It is advisable to choose simple headsets of uncomplicated geometric forms in the classic key. On such furniture countertops from wood look loacious and noble.

    If your headset in the kitchen is made in laconic beige tones, then wooden countertops to it will also be suitable. And they may not only be bright, but also contrasting dark. For example, in a tandem with similar furniture objects, dark chocolate wooden countertops are very impressive, supported by the same dark handles of drawers and cabinets.

    Try to avoid fusion of the color of the facades and countertops. They must differ at least for a couple of tones. Exception is only the case when you deliberately strive to create the illusion of monolithic furniture without explicit separation.

    In the next video you will find a selection of white kitchen options with a wooden table top.

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