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Currently, dishwashers become a necessary attribute in any kitchen. They allow the maximum saving time and strength when washing dishes. Compact models that occupy the minimum number of space are in great demand. They can easily be installed even in small rooms. Today we will talk about the most popular manufacturers of such products, and also get acquainted with some separate models of this technique.

Top manufacturers

Companies should be highlighted that specialize in the manufacture of compact dishwashers. These include the following brands.

  • Bosch. This German company with a rich history produces a different technical equipment, including dishwashers of small sizes.

As a rule, they all differ in high service life and excellent quality.

  • Korting. This German company specializes in selling radio and electrical engineering. Household products for Russia meets in China.

Despite this, such devices have a high level of quality and reliability.

  • Electrolux. This Swedish firm has invented many important innovative inventions when creating dishwashers.

The first compact model of this technique was created by Electrolux.

  • WeissGauff. Household appliances of this brand most often collected in Russia, Romania, China and Turkey.

But at the same time, users still mark the high level of quality and durability of models.

  • Candy. This brand from Italy produces various types of household equipment. In 2019, she was purchased by the Chinese brand Haier.

Rating models

Next, we will analyze which models of such equipment are considered the highest quality and durable.


Mini cars have entered this group at an affordable price. They will afford almost every buyer.

  • Candy CDCP 6 / E. This model will be the best option for a small kitchen and for giving. It will be able to fit 6 sets with dishes. Equipment ishes it with 7 liters of water. It can operate in 6 different programs and in 5 temperature modes. In addition, Candy CDCP 6 / E is equipped with a convenient timer with deferred function. The device works quiet enough. The external design of the model is made in a simple minimalist style.

Buyers noted a good level of quality of the device, such a model will be able to approach any small rooms.

  • WeissGauff TDW 4017 D. This machine has the option of self-cleaning. It is completely protected from possible leaks. The device for washing dishes also has special protection from children. It is equipped with a comfortable small display for easy control. The apparatus has high quality cleaning dishes. It can work in 7 different programs, temperature modes only 5. In the process of operation, the unit practically does not make any noise.

According to users, WeissGauff TDW 4017 D has an affordable price, while the device is easily and quickly copes even with the strongest pollution on the dishes.

  • Midea MCFD-0606. This dishwasher is designed for 6 sets with dishes. For one cycle, it will spend 7 liters of fluid. The model has a convenient electronic control, it works almost silent. The body of the apparatus has a special leakage protection. Work department of technology is created from high quality stainless steel. In one set with an aggregate also goes and a glass holder. Often this machine for washing dishes are mounted right under the sink in the kitchen. It will make it easy to cope with fat and raid.

Users noted that this car is quite comfortable and quiet in use, but at the same time it does not suck dishes.

  • KORTING KDF 2050 W. This model for washing dishes is also designed for 6 sets. It is equipped with a convenient electronic type control system. The sample has a display to indicate. For one full cycle of technology consumes 6.5 liters of fluid. Aggregate can function in 7 different programs. It is equipped with a timer for deferring the launch of technology, the self-cleaning option.

Many users left positive feedback on this technique, including it was said that she copes with cleaning dishes qualitatively, works as quickly as possible.

  • WeissGauff TDW 4006. This sample is a separate model. She can wash at once 6 sets of dishes. Water consumption is 6.5 liters per cycle. In the inside of the model there is a special flow-type heater. WeissGauff TDW 4006 can work in 6 different programs, among which there is a simple casual sink, delicate mode and economy. The machine is also equipped with a timer to delay inclusion and indicator.

It was noted that this unit has a high level of quality, it works as much as possible.

  • Bosch SKS 60E18 EU. Such a compact dishwasher is separate. It is supplied with a special system that allows you to control the level of water transparency, so the device provides the highest quality cleaning of the dishes. The device has a special protective coating that allows you to protect the surface from fingerprints. Sample provides 6 modes of operation. It also has a convenient loading sensor that establishes the optimal program depending on the level of pollution on the dishes. The condensation drying system allows you to observe a high level of hygiene, the moisture will evaporate from hot surfaces, and then condensed on the cold walls inside. According to users, the Bosch SKS 60E18 EU unit is spacious enough, it launders almost any stains from the dishes.

Separately, a high-quality assembly of this technique was noted.

Premium class

Now consider some models of compact dishwashers that belong to the premium class.

  • ELECTROLUX ESF 2400 OS. The model accommodates 6 set of dishes. For one cycle, it consumes 6.5 liters. Control of the machine of electronic type. The technique is equipped with a display. ELECTROLUX ESF 2400 OS has a simple condensation drying. The sample is supplied with a timer for deferred startup, leakage protection system, as well as sound indication. Users noted that this car is as simple as possible, it easily launders even the strongest pollution on the dishes.

In addition, the equipment works quite quiet.

  • Bosch SKS62E22. This dishwasher is separate. It is designed for 6 sets with dishes. The sample has electronic control, it is equipped with a comfortable small display. Bosch SKS62E22 spends more than 8 liters of water. Equipment has a conventional condensation drying. It is supplied with a timer, with which you can postpone the launch of up to 24 hours. In the inside of the equipment there is a special sensor for purity of water and a function that allows you to cut the wash time almost twice, while the quality of washing will not be worse. According to buyers, Bosch SKS62E22 machines allow you to maximizely wash all pollution from the surface of the dishes.

In addition, they are distinguished by reliable assembly and quiet work.

  • Xiaomi Viomi Internet Dishwasher 8 Sets. This sample contains at once 8 sets of dishes. It is partially embedded. The model is supplied with electronic control, display. For one full cycle, it consumes 7 liters of fluid. The device has the ability to run from a smartphone. Xiaomi Viomi Internet Dishwasher 8 Sets has the option of turbosushki, which allows you to get completely dry and clean dishes at the exit.

The inner part of the unit is performed from high quality stainless steel, basket for dishes can be independently adjustable in height.

  • Electrolux ESF2400OH. Such a desktop device for cleaning dishes can be placed even on the smallest kitchen. Its dimensions are only 43.8x55x50 centimeters. The sample refers to energy saving options. 6.5 liters of water are consumed for one sink. The machine provides 6 different work programs, including a quick sink, careful mode.

Noise level in the process of cleaning is only 50 dB.

  • Bosch Sks41e11en. This desktop apparatus has a mechanical type of control. There are several different modes in the model depending on the level of contamination of the dishes. Liquid during operation is submitted immediately in 5 different directions, which allows you to cope even with strong pollution. The device is supplied with a special energy saving engine. Bosch SKS41E11RU will be an excellent option for the careful and thorough cleansing of fragile crystal dishes, the machine will remove all stains from such a material, it has a special heat exchanger, which protects the glass from damage.

The device can independently adjust the level of water stiffness, thus protecting the inner part from corrosion formation, scale.

  • ELECTROLUX ESF 2300 DW. This compact dishwasher is separate. It has a simple condensation type of drying. The device is created from durable and reliable stainless steel. Noise level when working is only 48 dB. ELECTROLUX ESF 2300 DW can function in 6 different modes, temperature modes also 6. The model has launch deferment options (the maximum deferment is 19 hours), equipped with clean water sensor. If necessary, you can independently adjust the height of the basket for dishes. Sample control is electronic. The device has a special reliable protection against possible leaks. At one time it consumes almost 7 liters of fluid. Buyers noted that this dishwasher will be able to cope with almost any pollution on the dishes.

In addition, it is pretty simple in management.

  • Electrolux ESF2400OW. Such a device will be able to fit even into the smallest kitchen. The equipment will allow to accommodate up to 6 sets with dishes. It refers to the energy-saving type of equipment. This machine has only 6 work programs, including gentle cleaning. The sample also has a start delay option. Electrolux ESF2400OW is considered as convenient and easy to use, the case has a minimum number of buttons. The maximum noise level in the process of operation is only 50 dB.

The device has a simple condensation drying, its control is electronic, display type – digital.

What car is better to choose?

Before you take a compact dishwasher, you should consider a number of important characteristics. First of all pay attention to the capacity. As a rule, such devices are designed for a small number of users and only 6 standard sets of dishes.

You should also look at the way of drying. There are 2 main methods: natural and condensation or forced. The second option is considered more preferable, it allows you to most quickly remove all moisture with dishes.

The optimal option will be able to become a model with several different cleaning modes (economy, gentle program for glass and crystal products). Such devices will allow cleaning cutlery from any materials.

In addition, it is recommended to select samples with a special system that protects against possible leaks. This will ensure maximum safety during operation.

Pay attention to the type of management. It can be both mechanical (by means of a rotary mechanism) and electronic (using the button).

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