Color range of angular kitchens

Corner cuisine is becoming increasingly popular in housing. Picking this or that option, the buyer is often for a long time chooses not so much model, how much color kitchen headset.


Corner kitchens are sets of furniture with a convenient location by which you can equip the rooms of different heights. Depending on the model, they can be located almost to the ceiling or be performed in standard sizes.

The variability of models is convenient because it is possible to use such furniture not only for spacious apartments or houses – it is convenient for small kitchens in Khrushchev.

In addition, angular kitchens are an excellent solution for studio planning apartments. With the help of such furniture, you can competently organize space, hide the constructive disadvantages of the room, issuing them for its advantages. The furniture set is built along two walls, while its facades are perpendicular to each other.

To date, several solutions are known in which the corner cuisines save the shortcomings of the planning.

  • If the room is small, you need to equip its corner kitchen M-shaped type.
  • When the room is square, then the best solution to the arrangement in this case will be the corner kitchen with the peninsula, which can be a bar stand or table.
  • It is no less successfully used in the interior of a small kitchen of a M-shaped dining room with an island to highlight the power zone.
  • F-shaped angular kitchen good for narrow options. It allows you to rationally zonate a small space.

Each type of furniture, in addition to constructive features, is selected based on the desired color solutions. And here you need to take into account a number of features, since the effect of color on the visualization and state of a person, as well as its attitude to the surrounding space is a scientificly proven fact.

Light shades

These tones of angular kitchens are impractical, but aesthetically attractive. In addition, they have the ability to visually expand the walls and make the ceiling above. Such tones include white, beige, dairy, ivory shade, light cappuccino, as well as muffled Pastel Gamma Paints. As for neutral tones, for example, white and light gray, it is worth noting that by themselves they do not carry emotional color, so you can choose them to any background interior decision.

Temperature of shades can be both warm and cool. The first option is especially successful for the rooms whose windows overlook the north side, the second is relevant if the kitchen is flooded with the sun. Light tones headset bring light spots into the room, due to which it seems easier and spacious. Even if you decorate the space on the wall between mounted boxes and tables with a bright apron, the furniture will not cease to look stylish and modern.

This is a choice of young, and the texture of the angular headset often gives a gloss, since Modern stylistics, for example, modern and high-tech, needs gloss and demonstration of gloss. As for the gentle shades of the palette (for example, headset in a lilac, pink tone or even vanilla), then such furniture is selected to a specific stylistry. This is definitely the choice of women, since the strong floor is quite difficult to be in such a kitchen. They feel more comfortable in blue or turquoise cuisine.

An excellent decree for registration will be an angular headset, made in pistachio, olive tone, or a shade of Lime. Looks well and salad kitchens. The main factor of harmonious fit into the interior is the muffleness of color, while the rest of the furniture can be white, light beige or made in a relative tone of the outdoor finish.

Dark tones

The angular headset of the dark shade carries a completely different emotional color in the interior of the room. It does not distract attention from any constructive protrusions, and also does not bring light into the room. Here you will have to pay special attention to the purchase and number of lighting devices, because even with the existing space, the room may seem dark and small.

In addition, this furniture may require additional illumination of individual zones, such as dining, cooking, either kitchen apron.

Dark color gives furniture monolithium and visual severity. To prevent such an atmosphere in the room, you will have to mitigate the situation with textiles, wall cladding and accessories. So that the atmosphere does not seem severe and did not enter old age, it will have to pay a lot of attention to the stylistics, based on modern design directions with a characteristic ease and simplicity.

In the priority of this group of tones, angular headsets of gray, purple and chocolate. Less often in design used blue furniture, as well as metallic texture. One of the most popular solutions will be the use of a shade of Dark Oak Wenge. Choosing a dark tone of the headset, you need to take into account its impact on a person. For example, the abundance of dark paints, and in particular black and dark blue, can develop depression in elderly households.

Bright kitchen headset options

Dynamic tones of angular headcards are especially good for creative directions of stylistics. This is the choice of young, as well as creative natures who love everything bright. In this lineup, the most popular tones are kitchen ensembles of red, bright green, orange, burgundy, yellow, cherry tone and color eggplant. Immediately it should be noted that bright colon tones – they have the ability to dictate their mood, often competing with the concept of stylistics.

Shades of red, to which the cherry and bordeaux can be attributed, pretty specific. Depending on which contrast to them is added in the interior, they will create their harmony. Often it turns out not as much as I would like, so the households kitchen seems uncomfortable. As for the green shade of the headset, then such a color is always harmonious and contributes to maintaining the atmosphere of home coat.

In one color bright furniture looks hard. The interior of such a kitchen is difficult to stretch through lamps or kitchen apron, so you have to select the headsets in contrastful colors, where the role of active contrasts is given to bright shades. Light sets with bright finish looks much more interesting than, for example, black and red option.

A color scheme

The colors of the kitchen headset can be not only one-photo. It is good because it is possible to make a multifaceted kitchen design. However, experts believe that no more than two shades are quite enough for a harmonious ensemble.

At the same time, they note that if the kitchen is made in two shades, the tone of the upper lockers should be the lighter lower.

As for one-photon kitchen, it looks most harmonious if it is made in shades of a light beige and dark brown group. Brown-beige furniture is suitable for most stylistic design directions – it is soft, calm and balanced. Corner headsets of such shades are particularly well looking in small kitchens and studio planning options.

Two-color headsets of angular type look spectacularly and expressive, which often lacks one-photo analogues. Dominate in furniture should one color. If the product is purchased in two shades, then such a headset must be combined with a tone of wall cladding, outdoor finish or even textile curtains. Good combinations of two-color solutions headset are contrasts:

  • black with white;
  • gray with orange;
  • gray with wine;
  • beige with gray;

  • White with reddish;
  • lilac with yellowish;
  • green with light wenge.

If the buyer doubts the choice of shade, you can bet on green. Such a headset will create a harmonious atmosphere in the kitchen – to be in it will be comfortable to all households. It doesn’t matter what style is taken as the basis of the design. As for the color combinations of kitchens with a common background composition, then:

  • Beige angular headsets look good in contrast with blue, white, gray tone;
  • Gray furniture is perfectly combined with elements of the situation in red, purple, pink colors;
  • Pink set will be able to decorate the kitchen, in which there will be olive, turquoise or brown elements of the situation;

  • Blue headsets are harmoniously combined with the interior items of gray, orange, yellow or white;
  • Orange kitchen can be supplemented with blue, purple, purple or green contrast;
  • Black and white kitchen will be better looking in the interior in bright colors – the abundance of dark colors will make it visually heavy.

Selection depending on style

Speaking about the color of the corner kitchen, it is impossible not to mention the stylistics with its characteristic preferences in color solutions. For example, Classic kitchen Needs light tones of furniture objects, while preference is given to natural wood shades. Ideally, for a kitchen in the style of the classic, it is necessary to show the nobility and the high cost of invoices, as well as some solemnity.

It can be a gilding of handles, imitation of wood texture, using shades of natural gamut.

Undesirable to put in the classic kitchen of the angular headset with a metal surface and lamination – the furniture should look expensive and somewhat rejected.

Speaking of modern directions, such as stylistics Modern and High Tech, That here, on the contrary, it is necessary to demonstrate the glossy texture and modernity of the material used for furniture. In addition, silver metallic is especially relevant, at least in the shade of the angular kitchen handles. Color The headset can be soft and muted, for example, beige or peach. It can also be dynamic – orange, red, wine, yellow.

Black and white contrast It is advisable to dilute with silver – it is also relevant For modern destinations Design. Speaking of such directions of stylistics, like Loft and grunge, it is worth highlighting white and wood tones furniture. In this case, it is important to show it imitation under the hugged industrial object. Corner kitchen color here can be gray, steel, black, swamp-wood, chocolate brown. Bright color tones in this case are undesirable.

Multicolored paints are more suitable such directions as Bocho, Avangard and Kitch. Here you can combine with a bright background of the room of the headset in raspberry-lemon, red-white, orange-brown tones. Kitchen style Provence, on the contrary, needs to use bright colors color palette. Here the color headset can be both monophonic and two-color.

        As for the contrasting decisions, there will be harmonious products in the contrast of pistachio and beige, whiten-mint and light brown, beige and blue, cream and pale mint. For interior room in style Country It is better to choose the angular furniture of the two-color type. For example, it will look beautiful in the interior of Pistachkovo-beige, brown-beige, greenish-white, blue-dairy kitchen. Lilac furniture, combined with textiles in related colors, is relevant.

        About the rules of combination of colors in the kitchen interior, see the following video.

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