Choosing an embedded hood

Now, no first year is gaining popularity, not ordinary hoods embedded above the stove, but those that are installed directly in the worktop. Modern new and improved drawings are considered more versatile and comfortable in home use. Before choosing the technique of this type, you should learn all its advantages, disadvantages, principle of operation, features and some other important moments. In addition, it is very important to get acquainted with the criteria for choosing such equipment.

What represents?

Desktop extract, as a rule, is embedded directly in a special table or in a kitchen cabinet. It can be said that the technique is located next to the stove, on the side of it, and sometimes at all over it, so the outside will be prominent only lattices for ventilation. Most of the models of embedded hoods from various brands – non-vast, static, but there are more expensive options – mobile. There are even hoods that can climb a little, for example, to the height of a frying pan or even pots. This type of equipment is considered innovative, Since in many criteria and technical specifications exceeds classic suspended exhaust models.

To date, many manufacturers offer only 2 types of such equipment – embedded in the closet and built in the table. The models are built into the closet cost cheaper, because they are usually not visible – so the manufacturer saves on an unusual and beautiful equipment decoration.

How does it work?

The principle of operation of such a hood is practically no different from the usual. However, it is believed that it is the built-in models that absorb more pollution, odors and evaporation from kitchen appliances. Moreover, experts have established that such extracts do not allow flavors of dishes to be mixed with each other, which is an undoubted advantage. The device of the new type works point, it can even catch the most minimal evaporation, which simply will not get the usual extract.

For whom will suit?

Embedded in the kitchen hood perfectly suitable for modern modernized kitchens in which such equipment is simply needed. Such a hood is very easy to use, the management of a simple, highly sensitive, absolutely all will understand with it. New type extracts will be able to please even the most arring customers who are looking for something special. To the question, whether one such device is enough in a large kitchen or still have to install a classic model, answer rather difficult. It all depends on the design of the room, as well as how often the food will be prepared in it.

As a rule, ordinary ventilation in the kitchen room can be responsible for its common cleaning. The built-in models are suitable exclusively for local exposure and purification. A big plus is that the drawbar of the hood can be positioned not only on one side of the slab, and immediately with several. Embedded type exhaust models are also suitable for island kitchens, for those who do not have top cabinets, as well as for kitchens, the interior of which is made in the style of minimalism or futurism.

How to pick up?

To date, in many stores of equipment, you can find several options for the built-in products for the kitchen. The most common options – with air removal and circulation regimen. Hoods with a tap are good because they automatically update the air due to the connection to the ventilation of the apartment or at home. Such extracts have a lot of advantages, but if we are talking about apartment houses, it is worth remembering that the most unpleasant smells from neighbors can enter the mine.

Circulating The same exhaust options are simpler and comfortable because they clean the air with special filters and are not connected to a shared mine. Special attention is worth paying for hoods with coal filters that do not require the installation of a special pipe to remove air. They perfectly clean the air, eliminating the most unpleasant odors from the outside. Moreover, coal is considered environmentally friendly and clean for humans and the environment.

Find the desired embodiment should be in accordance with your own preferences, financial capabilities and, of course, taking into account the kitchen parameters. If you are not sure that you can choose an exhaust yourself, it is best to use the advice of specialists in the respective stores.

It is worth noting that some technical products may not be able to embed into the kitchen of an old type or sample.

When choosing an exhaust for home, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • performance of technology and its operating modes (they should be as much as possible for the most comfortable use of equipment);
  • dimensions and availability of filters for air purification;
  • The level of the noise published (it is best to purchase quiet models, as a rule, they not only do not distract household, but also work better);
  • The presence of a timer, as well as a method of control (in demand, model sensory control are considered, but also the buttons are also available);
  • It is no less important to pay attention to the availability of installation, since many models cannot be built yourself, and these are additional waste.

Purchasing hood with coal filters, it is very important to check the presence of special indicators on it, which indicate that it is time to change filters. Choose a hood best directly in the appropriate licensed store. Online purchases, of course, are good, but it is best to inspect the technique.

Question price

I would immediately want to note that on such a modern technique to save hardly possible, yes it does not make sense. So that the extract has worked for many years, it will have to be inserted into it and carefully care for it, in order to avoid any breakdowns. On average, the drawing of this type from different manufacturers cost from 6 to 12 thousand rubles. There are more expensive models from proven brands that can cost 20 thousand rubles at all.

To date, on the Internet, you can find a lot of positive feedback on this kind of technique. Satisfied customers note that their new extracts are more powerful and work much better than ordinary.

In the next video, you will find installation of Franke Mythos Hob Extractor, built in the worktop.

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