Choose the color of the ceiling in the kitchen

White color is traditional for decoration of the kitchen ceiling. Everyone got used to the fact that the ceiling should be a light shade. But this is just an universal confusion and the stereotypes imposed. You can choose a bright color and an unusual shade for the kitchen.

All tips on choosing a color for the ceiling of your kitchen are already waiting for you in our special material.

General rules

Before choosing one or another shade for ceiling design, designers recommend to take into account some nuances of the room, which will eventually make it possible to make the right choice. Selection of color for ceiling decoration depends on many factors.

For example, from the overall design and interior of the kitchen, from the area of ​​the room, from lighting, from style and color of furniture, walls and so on.

Let’s understand everything in order.

Dark colors are absolutely not suitable for room with a small area. For example, if you make a black ceiling on a small kitchen, the space around will seem even less.

For a small room, the brightest and calm shades are perfectly suitable, for example, light gray or beige.

In that case, If the ceiling is multi-level, then it is best to choose a few shades, What will create a unique style and a special atmosphere indoors. If you prefer stretch ceilings, then matte, and a glossy version are suitable for small kitchen.

For large rooms it will be possible to choose a stretch ceiling with a pattern and almost any shade.

Choosing one or another color, remember that it should be combined and harmonized with the common interior style and with kitchen furniture.

Designers recommend adhere to a simple three-colors rule. That is, issuing the room, you need to choose two, the maximum three main colors.

In this case, it will be quite possible to use additional shades that echo with the main colors of the interior. For example, if in the interior already there is a green color, then the ceiling may well be a salad or light green.

If the kitchen is on the shadow side, then it is best to choose warm colors and shades. Such a solution will make it possible to create a cozy atmosphere indoors. If the room is on the sunny side, it is quite possible to add some cold shades to the interior.

Energy Color Gamma

Ceiling in the kitchen can be completely any shade. You can choose classic options, and you can make a color ceiling, using several bright shades at once. Choosing one or another shade, it is important to take into account the energy of the color itself.

Red color can not choose not all. This bright and stylish color is ideal for very active people who are all the time in motion. He will be able to charge them with cheerfulness and energy. But for someone, this color acts completely differently: he causes aggression, irritability and even depression.

If you do not like red very much, it is quite possible to stop your choice on pink, but you can choose interesting combinations with burgundy.

Such color as Orange or yellow, It can well be positively influenced by the mood. Such bright and warm shades are instantly charged by positive, fill the room with warmth and unique comfort. In addition, yellow shades contribute to not only to increase the mood, but also appetite. These solar colors are perfectly combined with others, which is also very important.

But at the same time it is necessary that the shades are not too bright and saturated.

Shades of green Have a positive effect on the emotional state of the person. Such tones help calm down and relax, which is very important after working day.

Classic green color is well combined with other bright shades, which will allow you to make an interesting two-color ceiling. By the way, if you want the ceiling to be as interesting as possible, you choose an unusual green shade. For example, olive or pistachio.

Blue and blue color, which belong to cold shades will help make a note of the coolness in the interior of your kitchen. Such tones also have a positive effect on the psychological state of a person, help feel more calm.

It is worth remembering that such shades, especially with the addition of purple or lilac, reduce appetite.

By the way, the shades of purple is an excellent solution for creative natures. Such colors are inspired and help to accept non-standard solutions.

Tips and recommendations

So what color to choose? If it is difficult to make a choice, and you are afraid that the kitchen will be aggressively bright, you can use the universal option. Namely, stop your choice on white or beige. They are perfectly combined with all colors and shades, ideal for any style.

The only minus is that it is not always practical. Especially for those kitchens where there is no hood. As a result, the stains of fat will be very visible on the ceiling.

As well as K Any style is suitable gray. Thanks to the right gamut, the kitchen will look clean and stylish. Gray perfectly helps concentrate. But his brighter shades are also not always practical in the interior of such a room.

A more practical option is brown. It is perfect for spacious premises with high ceilings. In addition, it will not be visible spots of fat and other pollution.

Classic black – Another practical option that is suitable for room with high ceilings. This decision will be very original if white or beige colors are used in the wall decoration, and the furniture is made of wood. As a result, the kitchen will look stylish and noble.

Choosing yellow or orange, remember that there should no longer be other bright shades in the interior.

Ideally, it is better to stop your choice on the glossy stretch ceiling, so that the ceiling will visually seem above.

The same applies to the Red. If the ceiling is bright, then decoration and furniture must be performed in a calmer color scheme.

Green color is perfectly combined with many shades. It is better to choose the so-called natural combinations. Look around, with what shades is harmony in nature green, and you can easily choose interesting combinations. The only thing that should not be combined with red or yellow, as in the end the room will turn out too bright.

Choose more neutral finishing colors: brown, white, gray, black, gentle pink. As a result, it will help create a cozy atmosphere.

Tips for choosing a ceiling color – in the next video.

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