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Nowadays, more and more devices designed to alleviate and even automate the heavy and long cleaning process. Therefore, it is worth considering the features of the choice and use of Karcher’s vacuum cleaner, the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision, as well as the reviews of the owners about such a technique.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before thinking about the acquisition of Karcher’s vacuum cleaner, it is worth considering all the pros and cons of such a purchase. The main advantage of the robot vacuum cleaner is its complete autonomy. The owner is enough just to monitor the level of its charging, choose the desired cleaning program and clean the dust collectors in time – the device will perform the rest of the cleaning device yourself. Speaking about the products of the German company, it is worth noting such basic advantages as:

  • All models are equipped with both suction function and sweep mode;
  • The interface of the vacuum cleaner makes it possible to finely adjust the mode and the duration of the planned cleaning;
  • The entire range of German robots for cleaning is equipped with a system of automatic unloading bags for garbage;
  • Navigation is carried out using infrared sensors, which reduces the risk of jams or hitting the hosts and domestic animals;
  • The devices are equipped with a height sensor, due to which less often fall from the stairs;
  • On the top cover there are bumpers made of rubber, thanks to which the robot is less likely stuck under the furniture;
  • Pollution degree sensors automatically switch the mode of operation of the vacuum cleaner depending on how much the removed surface is contaminated;
  • Through the use of durable plastic, the body of the German vacuum cleaners is slower than wearing and less frequently destroyed from shocks;
  • Spring-free suspension of wheels allows the unit to confidently move across the carpets, carpet, linoleum, cafél, parquet and laminate.

Important! Karcher technique is distinguished by almost full autonomy, high reliability, confident navigation in the apartment without risk getting stuck in the corner or under the cabinet, quiet operation and the ability to choose a suitable cleaning mode for your apartment.

The main disadvantage of the German concern’s technique can be called a rather high price, which is usually one and a half, or even twice higher than that of the production of less well-known brands. Moreover, it is both robots themselves and accessories, spare parts and consumables (filters and dust bags).

Varieties and models

To date, the German concern offers buyers 4 main models of automated harvesting robots.

RC 3000

RC 3000 is the simplest model of available. It is equipped with a battery capacity of 1700 mAh, which with full charge is enough for 1 hour of autonomous work. During this time, the device has time to clean the surface of about 15 m². In this case, the capacity of the robot receiving container is only 0.2 liters, with its full filling, the robot will also return to the base for cleaning it. So, for complete cleaning of a room with an area of ​​about 50 m², it will be necessary from 3 to 5 hours.

Full battery charging takes from 15 to 20 minutes. The diameter of this robot is 280 mm, and its height is 105 mm. The mass of the device is about 2 kg. Power charging station consumed from electrical network is only 0.6 kW. The volume of the garbage collector installed on the basis is 2 liters. Noise level does not exceed 54 dB (this is a little louder conversation and sweetering on the average sound level TV).

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RC 4000

RC 4000 differs from the previous model by the presence of cylindrical brushes, which almost doubles harvesting.

The navigation system on this device is more perfect, due to which it is less likely to be in “hopeless situations” requiring the intervention of the owner.

RC 3

RC 3 is a more modern model capable of working without recharging from 3 to 4 hours. During this time, the device has time to remove up to 160 m² of surface. It has a bag of bags up to 0.35 liters. On board the double system of brushes is installed, which significantly increases the speed and quality of cleaning. Side brushes are present, which makes it possible to avoid the appearance of unobed dust bands. Fully redesigned management and control system – in addition to IR sensors, laser scanners are installed here, due to which the jams are almost completely excluded.

Facilitated and drawing up a schedule. Now you can manage the device not only from the database, but also using a mobile application that allows you to select the date and time of cleaning, as well as its duration. It became possible to draw up a map of the room. The diameter is increased to 340 mm at a height of 96 mm and a mass of 3.6 kg. The main drawback of the RC3 model is a high noise level that can reach 71 dB.

RC 3 Premium

RC 3 Premium differs from the previous model of the expanded delivery set, which includes additional side brushes and several spare filters.

Construction and principle of operation

Most of the robots vacuum cleaners, both produced by the German concern and issued by other companies, arranged according to general constructive principles. Usually they are a round-shaped device with a diameter of 20 to 50 cm, which moves around the apartment on the wheels. Rubber bumpers are usually placed around the housing, designed to protect the device from collisions with obstacles. Inside there is an electric motor, from which the wheels are driven, the compressor of the suction system and brushes used in the sweep mode. A device from the built-in miniature battery is powered, which typically use nickel-metal hydride (NI-MH) batteries. And also inside a dust collector, for which small bags are usually used. Between the suction hole and bags of filters.

The movement of the device and switching modes is managing the navigation and control system, which consists of an on-board computer and sensor system.

The following sensors are installed on Karcher vacuum cleaners:

  • IR sensors for navigation;
  • height sensors;
  • battery charge sensors;
  • Sensors of fullness bags;
  • Pollution sensors.

Production of other firms can be equipped with another set of sensors. For example, to control the movement of some models, built-in camcorders can be used, which are cheaper by IR sensors, but less reliable. Finally, on the surface of the robot, indicators and buttons must be located, allow you to control the device and get information about its condition. Robots-cleaners of all manufacturers are usually completed with a “base” – stationary parking station, on which vacuum cleaner batteries and garbage unloading are charging. And the bases are usually installed a more powerful computer that controls the robot remotely, and an advanced control system that allows you to choose cleaning modes. Some databases have the ability to connect to a mobile application, which will noticeably simplifies the management of the cleaning schedule.

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Cleaning begins with the preparation of the schedule and select modes. When the scheduled time comes, the robot leaves from the station and starts moving around the room, noticed by trash brushes and sucking it inside. Movement can be carried out according to a predetermined program or chaotic when the robot itself chooses the direction of movement within the room. After completing the cleaning program, at the critical level of charging or when bags are filled with a fully, the device returns to the parking station (the Karcher vacuum cleaners are found using the infrared beam emanating from it), where the bags are cleaning (on the principle of the vertical vacuum cleaner, sucking the garbage from the robot container) and battery charge.

In his free time, the vacuum cleaner is usually based on.

How to choose?

If you want to get a miniature, reliable and inexpensive device, then you will be quite enough model RC 3000. If your room contains a large number of furniture, it has a complex form and is often subjected to strong pollution, then it is worth considering the purchase of the RC 4000 option. If it is important for you so that cleaning is carried out as quickly as possible, while you would like to use the mobile application to configure the modes – the best choice will be RC 3. Finally, if you want to get with the purchase as much accessories as possible, it is necessary to purchase the RC 3 Premium option.

Important! For RC 3 models, a higher noise level is characterized than for earlier options. If silentness is for you – one of the important criteria for choosing, then it is worth buying a simpler model.

User manual

It is worth paying attention to several important recommendations.

  • After unpacking the vacuum cleaner and checking its performance, you need to select the location in the room to install the parking station. It should be not far from the outlet, do not interfere with the movement of households and at the same time be in direct visibility with all the corners of the room – otherwise it will not be able to send an IR ray and the robot either “lost” or will ignore some areas in the process of work.
  • Before launching the robot into cleaning mode (as well as before each planned automatically cleaning), you need to remove all small items from the floor (toys, socks, wires, and so on) that can be capened inside the device. The same applies to the not attached to the floor and at the same time quite light rugs that can be crumpled in the process of moving the machine on them.
  • For quality work and long service life, regular device maintenance is required. It lies in the timely replacement of filters and clean the brushes from hair and other pollution on them. When a bag filling indicator lights up, it needs to be replaced with a new. After replacing 5 bags, it is necessary to replace the filter installed on the parking station.
  • If you want to limit the movement of the robot of a certain room or create a zone into which it will not travel, you can install a special restrictive magnetic tape or a low barrier. Faced with him, the device will continue cleaning in an unlimited part of the space.
  • If you, being in the room, do not see a vacuum cleaner for a long time and do not hear the characteristic noise – it means, most likely, he got stuck somewhere. The jam indicator usually performs a red light bulb on the housing. If it flashes – free the vacuum cleaner from the “captivity”, and it will continue cleaning in normal mode.
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Ownership reviews

Most Karcher’s robot robot owners in their reviews marked their reliability, as well as high quality assembly and materials used for their manufacture of materials. Many note that autonomous cleaning allows you to noticeably save time, and its quality is not only inferior, but sometimes even surpasses manual cleaning. In this case, the noise level from the working robot is noticeably lower than when using more powerful hand-made vacuum cleaners.

An important advantage of the products of the German company over competitors the owners consider the presence of a filter, due to which the contamination of the “indoors” of the device is reduced.

As a general lack of all devices, their owners note a relatively high cost, as well as the absence of a sound signal during jams. Pet owners, especially cats and dogs, often face the situation when a pet negatively refers to the appearance of self-moving techniques in the house. He begins to scare the robot or trying to apply any harm.

Sometimes anecdotic situations occur when instead of cleaning the robot animals on the floor, the robot is evenly “smearing” them on the floor. The authors of feedback noted that in some cases, instead of the stated hour of autonomous operation, the device begins to return to the base for recharging every 20 minutes. This is usually due to either a high degree of room pollution, or with a battery malfunction or charger.

The overall drawback of RC 3000 and RC models is the lack of opportunity to make a room map, which is why the only way to limit their movement is to install a barrier or magnetic tape, which is not always convenient. And both systems cannot be connected to popular in our time “Smart Home” systems, which limits their integration into automated control systems for household appliances. Finally, unlike RC 3, both of these models are not equipped with side brushes.

As a result, many owners note that during harvesting the vacuum cleaner sometimes leaves an unlocked strip of dust up to 3 cm wide along the walls and near the furniture legs. In addition, both models are poorly coping with carpet cleaning, the length of the pile of which is more than 5 cm.

As another drawback, which is characterized only for RC 3000, many owners note that the device is often confused in wires lying on the floor or hanging curtains.

In the next video you can look at the Karcher RC 3000 model in action.

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