Choose cyclone for the construction vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners – indispensable devices for cleaning rooms in residential apartments and in offices and production workshops. Depending on the purpose, industrial and household electrical appliances distinguish. This article will talk about building vacuum cleaners and filters for them.

Purpose and species

In modern models of vacuum cleaners, filters are installed. Major varieties:

  • cyclone;
  • Aqua filters.

The principle of operation of the cyclone is known to all – the movement of the absorbed polluted air occurs on the spiral, while Sorrow and dirt under the influence of centrifugal forces remain on the walls of the flask.

Aqua filter action also does not require explanation – the dusty air and garbage fall into the aqueous medium and, wetting, remain at the bottom of the filtering device. The advantages of this type include highly efficient cleaning of the atmosphere – the purity and humidifier of the air at the exit is much higher than that of vacuum cleaners with other filters.

Due to this, vacuuming devices with such a type of filtering are in demand in families, where there are small children or persons susceptible to allergic reactions. Among the minuses of such devices should be noted high price and increased dimensions and weight. In industrial dusting devices, the cyclone filtering system is most often implemented. It should also be noted that These devices can be connected directly to those machines that are formed with a lot of sera and dust.

How to choose?

When choosing a cyclone type vacuum cleaner, you must pay attention to the following indicators.

  • Power of the apparatus. What it is more, the better the suction indicators of dust.
  • Volume of dust and garbage reservoir. Pick the best option for yourself, because with a large amount of dust collector, the mass of the vacuum cleaner also increases significantly, as well as its dimensions, and the small tank can overflow at the most inopportune moment.
  • Power suction. These data are not always indicated in the technical characteristics of the goods, so you can focus on the total power of the electrical appliance or clarify the seller.
  • Additional filters. They increase the quality cleaning level of the room. The best option – if the device’s package includes coal HEPA filtering layers.
  • Nozzles and Additional Elements Purchase. They improve the usability and quality of cleaning various surfaces.
  • Mass and method of movement of the device. Naturally, the higher the weight of the device, the harder it is to move it. Note also on the wheel material – best if they are rubber. Plastic may not withstand loads and break or damage expensive coating.

Features of cyclone filters

Among the advantages of using vacuuming devices with cyclone filters, it should be noted the versatility of application, duration of service life, efficiency and reliability. In the industrial vacuum cleaners implemented the principle of two-level filtering. When sucking a clogged air flow occurs its separation under the action of centrifugal forces. In the external flask, most of the sera remains, the inner cyclone is engaged in filtering the smallest dust and performs the function of dustampling.

The cyclone filter does not require replacement and is not clogged with dust, which is another plus of this design. Relevant to purify large areas. In industrial vacuum cleaners there are tanks for collecting sauards and dirt.

And one more important clarification: Soro particles, the diameter of which is less than 5 microns (pollen of plants, bacteria, dust pliers, etc.), do not delay in dust collectors of this type. For filtering garbage such as additional filters (sponges) are provided.

How to make it yourself?

Industrial cyclone filtration vacuum cleaners are not available to everyone – they are profitable only for the premises of a large area with constantly accumulating garbage volumes. If you have your own workshop of small size, and when working it is constantly formed wood or metal soring, which you have already been tired of removing manually, collect homemade cyclone dustwater, and you will make it much easier for yourself.

First define, your cyclone device is intended for dry or wet cleaning. In general, the assembly technology is one, just to clean the moistened sera there are its little nuances. As a cyclone flask, you can take an ordinary bucket from oil paint or alabaster.

When choosing a capacity by volume, focus on the power of the vacuum cleaner: 80-100 W should have 1 l volume, that is, if you have a device with a power of 1000 W, you will need 10-12 liter dishes.

There should be no chips or cracks on the capacitance cover, it should ensure the tightness of the closed bucket. Of course, for the cyclone in it it will be necessary to drill holes, diametrically opposed by location. The diameter of the future channels is 54 mm, they must separate them from the edge of the lid. Next, you will need several sewer parts under 45 and 90 degrees. The position of the knees should repeat the vector of air flow.

Insert the corner into the fuel to the end. Before that, do not forget to lubricate the fibers with hermetic silicone composition. On the other hand, pull the sealing ring from rubber on the slur. The input channel must be positioned by a narrow bevelled part of the capacitance, the hole (fallen) of it from the outside should almost not stand out at the cover level. Exhaust canal position on the contrary: his hole should look inside the bucket.

Insert one or two sewage knees in this fool – to exit air from the wall or from the center of the tank. Secure the connection locations with rings from rubber or fix with a scotch (plumbing). Weight plus the use of sewage pipes when constructing a cyclone is that their dimensions are combined with the diameter of most vacuum cleaners.

If you plan to use a vacuum cleaner parallel – and for harvesting residential premises, and for a workshop, purchase an additional hose. This corrugated pipe is divided into segments about 1/3 and 2/3 of the total length. Short piece of hose Leave the vacuum cleaner. The second segment fill in the opening of the input channel of the cyclone device.

If desired, you can strengthen the fixation of the compound with hermetic composition or scotch.

How to make a cyclone filter for the building vacuum cleaner with your own hands, look in the video below.

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