Choose a sofa with a sleeping place in the kitchen

It is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without a comfortable sofa. Due to the presence of a bed, you can safely leave the guests for the night, who sued friendly conversation. The correctly selected sofa will surprise its functionality and decorate the kitchen interior of any size.

Advantages and disadvantages

Kitchen sofa is considered a popular view of furniture. Special attention is paid to the owners of small apartments. Such a sofa will provide an extra bed to the hosts or guests at home. Main advantages are described in several points.

  • Upholstered furniture functional. She will give the premises of comfort and will give the owners comfort when sitting at the table. Most sofas have a niche for storing various things that is pretty convenient.

  • Compactness allows you to put furniture even in the smallest kitchen. You can easily find a small and narrow model that is ideal for kitchen sizes.

  • Sleeping allows you to place relatives or guests.

It is important to note that the sofa significantly reduces the useful space. He needs significantly more space than two chairs or to herds. If it is critical for the owner, then you should pick up a mini-model. It is necessary to choose such an upholstery that can be easily washed if necessary.

If the extractor in the kitchen is not powerful enough, then the sofa will absorb all odors. It is necessary to improve ventilation. If necessary, you can additionally flavor furniture with the help of special sprays and air fresheners.


Modern sofas are so diverse that some hard to navigate their abundance. Knowledge of features will give the opportunity to choose the right sofa with a sleeping place in the kitchen.

Below are the most popular types of such furniture.


The design consists of separate parts that are interconnected by each other. All modules are movable – no effort is needed for their movement. This species is considered very multifunctional and is suitable for practical, creative people.

Modular models allow you to put a large number of people. During cooking, you can hide some components under the table or put to another room at all. If necessary, you can use a sleeping place.


Great for small cuisine, allow you to rationally use every centimeter. This sofa is installed in any free angle, the dining area is also organized there.

Corner models always have spacious niches for storing various things. There you can hide, for example, kitchenware that the owner rarely uses. There you can also store cereals, pasta and similar products that can be stored for a long time without refrigerator.

Such a sofa allows you to abandon the heap of suspended boxes and shelves, which visually reduce the space.


This is a small and neat furniture that does not occupy a lot of space. Usually there is side handles – niches for storage can be hidden in them. In the bottom of the sofa there are shallow boxes.

The model is characterized by functionality, simplicity and convenience. Double straight sofa can be used for daily sleep. Taht applies to this species. The design usually uses the sliding mechanism that converts the sofa into a full bed.


Such furniture is designed for space that is formed by Erker. Is often manufactured under the order by certain sizes. Practical sofa allows you to use additional space as a bed and dining area.

The aircraft model perfectly complements the interior and makes the kitchen more modern.

Cups, benches

Small-sized furniture is selected for a small room. The sofa allows you to sleep at night and comfortably eat in the afternoon. The design provides an empty space under the sofa, so nothing will interfere with the legs. In such sofas there is no storage niches – it should be considered when choosing.

Sofas of this species look neat and sophisticated. The interior is visually not dried. Compact furniture can be easily moved from place to place. If you wish, you can hide anything under the sofa.

Types of folding mechanisms

Modern manufacturers try to make furniture functional, comfortable and durable. Below are different ways to lay the sofa and their features.

French clawing

This species is more often found in direct models and is considered the most compact, while suitable for small kitchens. The seat is composed threefold, but in order to decompose a sleeping place, it is enough to pull for a special loop. This mechanism eliminates the presence of storage boxes. Sleeping place is uneven – for frequent sleep, such a sofa will not fit.


Lay such furniture simple and comfortable. For this, the front of the seating is simply pulled forward, and the back is lowered in the resulting niche. Such designs have a longer service life.


In this variety, folded parts imitate the harmonica – from here and the name of the species. The sofa is folded forward and takes a lot of place. This type of mechanism should not be used in small-sized kitchens. Sleeping place helps to place 2-3 people.


On the bottom of the framework there are wheels that allow you to pull out a sleeping place if necessary. The mattress has a double structure, when laying, one part folds. The sofa increases roughly and becomes a full-fledged bedroom for two.

There are other mechanisms for folding, but they are not used in kitchen sofas. If you need frequent use of the bed, then you should pay attention to the quality of the design. For rare decay, any mechanisms are suitable. Some sofas with a sleeping place are not fulved at all and allow you to place only one person.

Materials and sizes

There are no standard sizes in kitchen sofas – it all depends on the preferences of the buyer and the size of the kitchen.

The ottta is designed for narrow and long premises. Orthopedic mattress and high frame allow you to sleep on it every day. For a very small kitchen, you can look after the straight sofa in the mini version. Differ and sizes and forms of the back.

For large and spacious cuisine, you should look after a modular design. Each individual element can be a different size, while the host has the ability to double the modules in different ways every day and change the situation.

Special attention should be paid to the material of the sheat.

For kitchen upholstered furniture use a variety of fabric options.

  • Leather. Material is distinguished by practicality, durability and special appearance. For such furniture easy to care. The leather sofa does not grieve its owner with cracks or scuffs, but may surprise the high cost.

  • Artificial leather. This option is more affordable by price, but also quite practical. If you use a high-quality substitute for natural material, then it will last for quite a long time.

  • Flock is a durable material and not afraid of mechanical impacts. It is distinguished by moisture resistance, which is especially important for the kitchen. Flock does not absorb smells.

  • Cotton with polyester Combines the best qualities of natural and synthetic fabric. Durable material does not cause irritation on the skin during sleep. For such a subject of the interior it is easy to care – it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth.

  • Jacquard – this is a rather attractive material that is not afraid of mechanical impacts. Care for the sofa need carefully, but the process itself does not differ in any difficulty. If dirt got, then it is necessary to delete it immediately.

You need to purchase furniture with a fabric cover only if a high-quality extract is installed in the kitchen, otherwise the material will absorb smells, and with time it is impregnated with fat.

Genuine leather and flock – the best options for folding sofa. Such materials are not afraid of humidity and mechanical impacts.

Special attention should be paid to the material that is inside the sofa. The quality of sleep depends on it, and the service life. Usually used foam rubber, holofiber or polyurethane foam. The last two options are excellent for corner models. Such fillers are distinguished by durability, refractory and safety, keep the original form well.

Porolon is a budget option. The shelf life of such material is significantly less. He quickly loses the form, while traces remain where they are more likely. Sleep on the foam foam mattress will not be very comfortable due to its softness. If you want to use a sleeping place daily, then you need to select a sofa with an orthopedic mattress.

Also worth paying attention to the framework of the frame. Need to decide on the requirements for furniture and choose a more appropriate option.

  • Metal carcass. Such a sofa is easily ease and compactness. It is easy to move when permuting. Pretty eco-friendly option, in production do not apply varnishes, adhesives and other chemical compositions. Metal design is the most durable and wear-resistant.

  • Wooden frame looks more stylish. If you plan to use a sofa for a long time, then you should choose an oak or beech. A more affordable alternative will be pine and birch. Such a tree is softer, but often used in the manufacture of furniture. Chemical impregnations allow you to protect the material from moisture, but take care of good ventilation still costs.

There are more budget options for furniture frames. You can choose an excellent sofa from laminated chipboard. Furniture will last about 5 years, and then starts to lose its attractiveness – it will take a complete replacement or partial restoration depending on the state.

If, when entering the furniture store, a person is lost in the assortment and can not make a clear choice, then it is worth paying attention to the models that managed to prove it well. Popular sofas like consumers because of their attractive appearance and reliable design.

    A brand “Phoenix” is perfect for a small kitchen. The size of the sofa can be 100-120 cm. The smallest option is transformed into a sleeping place, the length of which can be up to 190 cm. You can choose a more voluminous version – “Argo” (200 cm long). Such a sofa with a roll-out mechanism has an orthopedic filling – you can sleep at least every day.

      Also worth paying attention to the models described below.

      • Tokyo. This option is filled with foam. The material does not cause allergies, does not accumulate dust, equipped with an eurobook mechanism.

      • “Metro”. This model has medium sizes, suitable for small kitchen. Equipped with Dolphin mechanism. The covering is made of eco-leave, it is easy to wash.

      • Domino. Distinguished by the presence of a roll-out mechanism, has a mattress with average rigidity. This is the best option for permanent seating and periodic sleep.

      • “Focus”. This variety is laid out on the principle of book. The spring block does not allow to sleep on the sofa every day. Such furniture will perfectly complement the interior. Chrome legs highlight the model among the rest. Shenil as shelving makes it easy to clean furniture.

      • Rio. This option has a classic style. Announced by the book and has a spacious lounge box. The covering from eco-tree does not absorb the smell, it is easy to wash.

      • “Bristol”. This model is equipped with a roll-out mechanism. The straight sofa has a length of 206 cm, while he is divided by a monophonic flock. Gives an extra bed for two.

      • “Surprise”. Such a sofa will decorate the modern design of a small kitchen. The fabric is not dirty, does not absorb smells. Picky mechanism transforms a sofa into a single place to sleep.

      For spacious cuisine, you can watch a large sofa with a sleeping place. “Marseille” uses extremely popular. Corner sofa equipped with an eurobook mechanism. The combination of fabric and velor simply fascinates, while the furniture perfectly fits into any interior.

      More reserved options – “comfort” and “prestige”. Sofas are made in one tone. Large furniture is equipped with linen drawers. “Prestige” is equipped with a mechanism of eurobook with a metal construction. “Uyut” does not declare.

      Design options

      Of great importance is the appearance of the sofa. The subject should harmoniously fit into the interior. More freely can be referred to. If the kitchen style allows you to use sofas with print and bright patterns.

        When choosing a form, you should navigate to the kitchen dimensions. Angular sofa is suitable for small room. The spacious kitchen should be put on a direct or semicircular version of the furniture. The sofa needs to be chosen based on the overall style of the kitchen.

        • Classic design involves the use of high-quality and natural materials. Upholstery should be made of leather or other natural fabric. Well fit furniture with wooden frame. Classic prints will help a little variety design. Geometrical options will perfectly fit into any interior.

        • Baroque considered a view of the classics, but has its own characteristics. The sofa must have a luxurious, expensive finish. It is better to choose upholstered furniture with velvet and gold casting. Perfectly suitable sofa with carved legs.

        • Art Deco assumes the presence of unusual decorations. It is better to choose modern sofas with asymmetric backs and armrests. Materials should be used only natural. With style harmonizes wood, velvet, atlas and silk, can be used skin.

        • Country It is considered a rustic style. In this option, it is recommended to use couches or benches, angular or straight sofas. Intricate forms are considered to be excessive.

        • Minimalism Declaring a small kitchen. In this case, the sofa should acquire a simple geometric shape with a monophonic upholstery from any material. It is better to give preference to light, muted tones. Such kitchen will decorate a modular sofa with a sleeping place.

        • High tech Now it is found in many cuisines, it applies to small apartments. Stylish sofas with synthetic glossy cladding and metal frame. You can choose a model with chrome in the screaming color. Also worth paying attention to red, silver, gold or white.

        • Provence Measures Floral Prints and Natural Materials. In such a style, wrought decorative elements will fit well. You can buy a couch or bench with metal sides and decorate with colored pillows or a cover.

        Placement rules

        The question of the placement of furniture is particularly relevant for small kitchens. It is necessary to maximize the useful space and functionality of furniture. Below is a few simple recommendations.

        • Little sofas (100-120 cm long) better put in the corner near the window. It is necessary to ensure that the light does not beat in the face during food intake.

        • If the kitchen is combined with a balcony or another room, then it is recommended to use a sofa for the separation of space. Direct model will simply divide the kitchen and a rest space. Angular sofa can be highlighted with a dining area.
        • In the event that the kitchen has a rectangular shape, put the sofa to the wall opposite the plates, washbasin or other kitchen headset. Such accommodation is quite popular, and at the same time the rooms look winning.

        • If the kitchen has a wrong form, then it is recommended to install a sofa near the wall, and the table is closer to the central part. So you can emphasize the feature of the room and make a lunch zone more cozy.
        • It is not necessary to put furniture close to the plate or washbasin, since temperature differences and constant splashes will significantly reduce the life of the sofa. Moreover, the presence of a heating element near upholstered furniture can lead to fire.
        • Models made of natural fabrics better put away from the window – the effect of direct sunlight will lead to gradual color loss.

        Beautiful examples

        The sofa can hit its appearance due to the interesting combination of flowers or unusual form. Design should be chosen to your taste, and then the choice is not exactly grieved. You should view examples of sofas with a sleeping place to determine your own preferences before purchasing.

        • The corner sofa perfectly fits into the kitchen interior, separating the dining area.

        • The sofa with a wooden frame will be perfectly harmonized with a kitchen in a classic style.

        • White leather sofa in the angular version will decorate not only the kitchen, but also office space.

        Browse a sofa with a sleeping place for the kitchen, see the video below.

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