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More recently, the kitchen server in the associative row was firmly connected with the old cottage or grandmother’s house. However, today’s interior fashion considers such a piece of furniture not only permissible, but also very organic in modern design. So if you suddenly thought to get rid of inheritance from the past, do not rush.

Such expressive and bright parts are incredibly decorated with an interior, expressiveness is added to it, the atmosphericness is adjusted to the desired “degree”. Cozy spectacular kitchen server for dishes looks great in modern style.

What it is?

Servan – this is a kind of cabinet for storing kitchen objects, products, devices, textiles. Previously called the semblance Buffet with glass decoration. In addition to the kitchen, the servant will organically fit into the dining room or living room. The design of the modern cabinet-servant consists of the following elements.

  • Bottom part, Designed for storage or in the form of a cabinet equipped with drawers, or in the form of doors that can be both just wooden and decorated ornaments.
  • Top part, consisting of open-type shelves completely without doors or with glass. In any case, the contents of the vertex are exposed on the universal review.
  • Space Between the lower and top, it is used as a table top or stand, but in modern models it may be completely absent.
  • Top cabinet, If it exists, not mounted in the ceiling, can be used as shelves for decor: candles, figurines, flower compositions.

Modern servant most often looks more concise than his retro-gather. His finish is unobtrusive, devoid of intricateness, so allows you to enter a closet Almost any interior. So even if you make a kitchen in style High Tech, Modern, Eco, Country or Minimalism, You can safely consider the buffet as a design subject. Also do not have much financial opportunities, there are enough low-cost models in the showcase style.

On the size of the servant can be different, only the possibilities of the kitchen area are important, the ceiling height, personal taste. As for the furniture factories, in almost every price segment you can find many variations of servants – narrow, with one sash, wide, with two or more doors.

The servant can take a little place or stand almost all over the wall.

As for the internal organization of space, then everything is also unequal. The servant can be filled A variety of boxes, shelves, separators, both very functional and decorative. In any case, there are plenty of storage places there, which will allow you to free up space from unnecessary parts and correctly organize it.

It should be thought out if there is enough space in your kitchen to accommodate the servant, since In a small room, he will look cumbersome and hard. This furniture attribute is quite demanding, so you should not consider in small kitchens too luxuriously decorated cabinets.

The smaller the space, the more concmened the server should be. In small kitchens, you can safely consider the angular structures, they are more compact, functional.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before deciding to such an acquisition, it should be remembered that in addition to the essential advantages, the servant has some minuses. You can safely attribute to advantages:

  • A large number of storage space is a similar cabinet very spacious, consists of convenient boxes, from which utensils, dishes and other kitchen elements are easily extracted;
  • the ability to choose a closet for both unnecessary decor, fastened parts and with them;
  • The correctly selected server will perfectly fit into your kitchen style, regardless of the direction;
  • The interior with a servant looks original, exquisitely;
  • If your kitchen is performed in any retro or classic style, the server will add to it aristocratic status;
  • more often performed from natural wood, so environmental.

All the advantages, unfortunately, can cross the one-only but very serious deficiency. Servanant – Independent subject of interior, It will not allow it to enter it into a small room where it is necessary to save and use more ergonomically space.

If the kitchen area allows you to experiment with furniture, be sure to consider as one of the options for kitchen cabinets SERVANT.

Just remember that the high-quality cabinet made of natural wood will be not very budget.


Kitchen cabinets – Servants can be quite varied, however The main types are allocated:

  • A closed servant – it must be the doors hiding shelves from universal ferris, and at the same time, at least a small window is most often present through which it is easily viewed with objects inside;
  • Open server – without doors, all objects inside the upper cabinet are located on the ferris, and often lower;
  • Survant with a tabletop, in which the top and bottom can be of any type;
  • Three-level buffet with doors, shelves and a fully open tier.


Previously, the servants were made exclusively from Natural tree and cost quite expensive. In modern furniture design, wood is not inferior to his positions, but its processing opportunities make a choice more simple.

Natural wood of valuable breed is still a constant leader, especially if you are planning an interior in one of the pretentious styles: Rococo, Baroque. They are serve very long time, look expensive and status, Facades are made diverse decorated, decorated with carvings. Their price is high. There are other disadvantages, for example, the sensitivity to the exposure to the environment: moisture, temperature differences.

Unfortunately, a natural wood servant can swell or pire, leading to external deformation: loss of color, poorly closed doors.

Chipboard, MDF For a long time, the massif is already not inferior, and often exceed it, as the cabinets are significantly laid out. As for the appearance, modern technologies allow you to create objects from these materials both in a laconic discreet design, and under the old days, with a claim for cordiality. This material is enough Durable and wear-resistant.

Metal and plastic Rarely, but still used for the manufacture of servants. Perfectly look in minimalist, industrial, futuristic interiors.

Use in different styles

Depending on the selected style of the kitchen, the servant is selected.

  • Classic. Ideally fit the carved cabinet made of massif, as the classic style implies the use of luxurious, expensive furniture items. It will add a room with a note of aristocratic and sophistication.
  • Provence. This is best suited for a carved or standard white board. The atmosphere of the French village perfectly emphasized exquisite small details: door handles with antiquity effect, pendants, cameras.
  • Country. This practical style will perfectly complement the lacquer servant in restrained design. Many details are not welcome here, so the accessories as laconic as possible. But the number of open shelves should be considerable.
  • Minimalism, Loft, Eco and other modern styles will be good if they place a functional server, in which the first place is filling, not the appearance. Visually, such a closet must have simple lines. Decorative finish overload interior.

On how to use “Babushkin Buffet”, you can learn from the following video.

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