Choose a robot vacuum cleaner for harvesting animal wool

Four-legged family members are not only true friends, but also a source of abundant amount of wool in the house every day. And if individual breeds of cats and dogs are linked a couple of times a year, then long-haired animals, even with proper care daily cause the owner to clean up. To get rid of yourself from everyday carpet cleaning, we suggest using a special vacuum cleaner robot for animal wool cleaning.


Each pet owner knows that in the presence of a four-legged friend’s friend, wool can be in an unexpected place. And if you find it on the floor is familiar, then in the sandwich or on the items of clothes, it becomes a very unpleasant surprise. The robot vacuum cleaner cleans the entire floor from wool, not allowing it to scatter across the room space.

In general, any vacuum cleaner can be used to remove from the floor of the wool, but the usual equipment all other garbage quickly scores filters, and therefore the unit must be regularly asked that it is not entirely convenient during operation.

From a conventional vacuum cleaner, a special device is distinguished by the presence of a turbulent, in the center of which is located a rotating roller. Collected wool and hairs are wound on the roller, contributing to high-quality cleaning. Often, modern models have both a second turbo, it is smaller and is designed to clean furniture items.

High-quality robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning wool must have a scheduled action mode. A specially specified program includes the device independently at the right time during the day. Well, if the equipment is equipped with a local cleaning mode – this technique autonomously cleans richly contaminated wool. Before buying a robot vacuum cleaner, it should be prepared for the fact that it will not be able to eliminate wool in the corners, as it has a round shape.

When operating it is important to control the absence of water on the floor, otherwise the unit may fail. After each cleaning, the device must be cleaned, remove the wool from the roller, wash the wheels.

How to choose?

Before buying equipment for harvesting wool, use some recommendations for the selection of the model.

  • Availability of turbo – a prerequisite in the unit. Due to the rotating roller, this element provides high-quality liquidation from the floor even very thin hairs.
  • The higher the power of the device, the better. Give preference to models with a steadily high suction force having a garbage collection container and dust, or multibonic systems. It is recommended to choose a variety with an optimal burden of 400 to 450 W – such a vacuum cleaner will cope with difficult tasks.
  • Pay attention to the presence of a filter system. If you select a machine with a protective barrier with a high degree of trapping, it will significantly reduce the output of small contaminants back to the air. Another option is an assembly with a built-in coal filter: this feature will reduce the unpleasant smell in the room, which sometimes occurs if there is in the house of pets.
  • Roller turbo sheets should be powered by electricity. If the roller begins to work under the influence of air flow, then when the flow is reduced, it can stop rotation.
  • Check that this roller is easily delivered and cleared of wool. It is better to choose models with a special device on the nozzle. If a screwdriver will need a screwdriver for removing the roller, then it will deliver significant inconvenience during operation.
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer. Below is the rating of the most preferred models of robot vacuum cleaners for cleaning wool.

Rating models

Panda X600 Pet Series

It is quite a pleasant value for money. The unit is successfully focused in the room due to the operation of sensitive sensors. Equipped with an ultraviolet lamp, which in addition disinfects the coating. The machine has an improved suction system that creates a powerful airflow. Another advantage of the model is the ability to identify the most contaminated area and handle it until fully eliminated wool. Special Vacuumpet system provides operation without the use of brushes that it would be necessary to clean. Aggregate is suitable for cleaning both short and long wool.

All the wool and hair collected by vacuum cleaner and the hair is compactly pressed in a container, which is easy and convenient to shake out.

Irobot Roomba 650

Very relevant model for owners of cats and dogs of long-haired breeds. The device has a spacious hair collection container and perfectly cleans the floor from wool lumps. However, the device has a high power, and therefore, before turning on the robot, the surface is worth a bit from toys and other items, otherwise they will all get into the blades of the vacuum cleaner.

Plus the model is the presence of side brushes that do not allow wool to accumulate along the walls. Also, the unit has the ability to program work mode. It gently presses the collected hairs and makes it easy to eliminate them from the container. The air flow is optimized as optimized as possible, so that blade and side brushes are quite easily cleaned from wool.

Dyson 360 Eye

This device copes with the most severe tasks to remove the wool through only one brush, the length of which corresponds to the size of the equipment itself. The powerful technology “cyclone”, which ensures the highest power of suction, contributes to a very high quality elimination of animal wool. The device not only perfectly cleans the carpet from stuck finely fur, but also collects another trash. Dry cleaning of an apartment with an area of ​​up to 70 m2 is performed in just an hour. Special HEPA filter protects the external environment from dust particles.

Gutrend Fun 110 Pet

The model is useful in that in addition to dry cleaning of wool, dust and hair, can conduct and wet cleaning through a microfiber rag, wetting it with a liquid from a special container. The rollers located inside the device rotate towards each other and send the fur wool to the hole with a vacuum formed by a powerful electric motor. The benefits should be attributed to the rather large dust collector with a volume of 600 ml, due to which it is possible to clean up to 5 times without cleansing. Two-stage filtering system allows you to first hold large particles of garbage and wool, and then delay dust and allergens.

On the pros and cons of robots vacuum cleaners for harvesting animals, see the following video.

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