Choose a kitchen sofa for small kitchen

Many think about how to customize the kitchen of small size. It is necessary to create comfortable conditions for cooking and combine them with the family comfort of the dining area. A special atmosphere of heat can be created using a sofa instead of familiar chairs and stools. Properly selected upholstered furniture transforms space and will give more joy from staying in the kitchen.

Benefits of the sofa in the kitchen

Little room is extremely difficult to organize a dining area. Place an angular sofa opposite the kitchen headset and each hostess can be equipped there. If you cook little, then it is necessary to do otherwise. It is better to shift the stove and the working surface in the angle, and the main space take the sofa. Choose a direct model, it will become an excellent basic or extra bed.

If the size of the room is non-standard, then order furniture individually. Most manufacturers will help you make a stylish and cozy sofa for a small kitchen. You can use non-standard frame forms in order to take more free space and use it with benefit. In the small kitchen it is important to organize an additional storage space for kitchenware. The sofa will perfectly cope with this task. Most models have pretty roomy niches and drawers. They can be folded in the dishes that you infrequently use.

You can use sofas with retractable systems. In the boxes it is convenient to store even the dining room. If you choose a model without niche, then use a seat under the sofa. You can decompose unclaimed things on the boxes and hide from prying eyes. Modular sofas will help organize space every day in a new way at its discretion. Such models have moving parts. You can connect them or disconnect if necessary. If guests came, then you can add space for seating, and during cooking you can only leave the main part so that the supplements do not interfere with moving around the kitchen.

Sofa will help make the kitchen interior more attractive. Upholstery and frame can be performed both in classic and in modern style. Material itself can also be selected at your discretion. Soft velor or shiny leather – it all depends on your preferences. The kitchen sofa does not deliver extra hassle, it is easy to care for it. It is enough to wipe all stains immediately after their appearance and sometimes carry out wet or dry cleaning (depending on the delicacy of the material). The sofa will allow you to relax while cooking, between any processes. Households can sit with you and do not interfere, because from the side of the table the place will be free.

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Features of choice

It is important to purchase compact and functional upholstered furniture for small kitchen. When choosing a sofa costs to accurately determine your needs. The main functions are as follows.

  • Location for seating 1-3 people. While you will finish cooking, homemade can already be gathered at the table.
  • Place for storage of spices, dishes or croup. Built-in boxes and niches will be an alternative to bulky hinged shelves, which visually reduce the kitchen space.
  • Possible transformation in sleeping place. Some sofas are laid out. You can use furniture as a bedroom for late guests or relatives.

The sofa must please and simplify life. Simple rules will help you choose furniture and not disappoint in a couple of months.

  • Check the reliability of the carcass.
  • Make sure the furniture will be well in the intended place. If the sofa is transformed, make sure that it will fit in the selected zone in the unfolded form.
  • Make sure the size of niches and boxes suits you.
  • Choose upholstery that will be easier to clean.
  • Design of upholstered furniture Pick under the kitchen interior.


Small sofa – the best solution for small-sized kitchen. Multifunctional structures make the room not only cozy, but also more convenient. Sofas are different species.


Such a design enjoys the greatest popularity among buyers. Sofa is placed in the free corner. The main advantage in large numbers of spacious storage niches. Many modern models have a decay mechanism. You can turn a beautiful corner in a comfortable place to sleep.


Such a model is well suited for a narrow room. Some models are laid out and provide an extra bed. Choose an eurobook for frequent use, it is conveniently folded and has spacious niches for linen.

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Round, semicircular

Excellent solution for square cuisine. Under the seat there is a spacious niche, but such models are not equipped with a decay mechanism. Most often such sofas are crushed with Shenylm or ecocuse. The material is easily cleaned and does not absorb smells. Semicircular models are more elongated and visually occupy more space.


Such models may have additional superstructures in the form of shelves for storing dishes or retractable minibars. Modules can be installed close to each other or distributed in the kitchen based on needs. It is worth paying special attention to the reliability of the frame. Subcase material will quickly subside with frequent transformation.


Such a model has a sleeping place that can be used as the main in the presence of an orthopedic mattress. The decomposition mechanism works on the principle of conventional clamshell, so the sofa takes a lot of space. In folded form, the model looks quite compact and neat.


A small and narrow sofa will not solve the question with a sleeping place, but will decorate a small kitchen. The model looks concise and consists of armrests, seats and backs. There are storage boxes and niches. The model looks concisely and has an affordable cost.

Upholstery material and filler

Kitchen furniture should not create additional hassle. It is the materials that make a sofa reliable and convenient during cleaning. A specific choice directly depends on the quality of ventilation and how much you cook. If you spend a lot of time at the stove, it is worth choosing skin or ecocked. Such materials are easy to wash and clean. They do not absorb smells, do not collect dust and fat. Artificial and genuine leather is not afraid of mechanical and thermal influences, wear-resistant and resistant to moisture.

A more affordable option will be Arpatek (mixture of polyurethane, viscose and cotton). Material externally similar to the skin. Wash such a sofa will be easy. The big advantage is that the material is not afraid of direct sunlight, the color will not fuss. More delicate materials should be chosen if you cook little. From velor or cotton it will be difficult to remove the flax of fat. Such materials do not like moisture and absorb odors.

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When choosing a filler it is worth paying special attention to polyurethane foam. Material is great for wet room. The filler is quickly adapted, withstands a larger load. Polyurethane foam has ease and durability, long service life.

Poroplavon has similar characteristics, but only under the condition of high quality. If you hit a bad product, you will soon have to change the filler and upholstery. To check the quality, it is enough to sit on the sofa and get up sharply. Porolon should immediately return to the original position, smooth. Sofa can serve as a place to sleep. If you are going to often use this feature, you pick up furniture with an orthopedic mattress. If only rare late guests will sleep, you can take any convenient filler.

Placement rules

The sofa in a small kitchen looks appropriate and decorates life only if you placed it correctly. To begin with, the room should be measured and make a drawing for clarity. Installation It is worth considering the features of the design and modification. The main rules are as follows.

  • A straight or modular design with a sleeping place can be placed near the free wall. This location provides maximum access to the sofa and niches.
  • Sofa Bench or Takhta looks good near the window. When installing, take care that the sun rays do not shine directly during the meal.
  • Soft corner will create a coziness zone in the kitchen of any size. Place the sofa in a free corner. When planning it is better to take the zone that can be seen from the corridor.
  • Erkesh and round sofas look perfectly under the window. Such furniture creates a special romantic atmosphere. Excellent solution for a young family.
  • Studio apartment owners can use sofas for zoning. Suitable modular, corner and direct folding structures. Such a sofa will be simultaneously the main emphasis in the apartment and the main sleeping place.

It is important to place upholstered furniture away from the kitchen headset. Splashes of water and fat will increase the amount of cleaning. Some upholstery and fillers can be disretened to such impacts. Place the sofa near the cooking surface is not worth it, it can lead to fire.

How to choose a kitchen sofa for a small kitchen, look in the following video.

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