Choose a hose for the vacuum cleaner LG

Vacuum cleaners are different – domestic and industrial, differing in power, design, mass and other characteristics. But in any case, they are equipped with suction hoses. The choice of a suitable option must be as thoroughly.

How to contact them

Start makes sense from how to disassemble the LG vacuum cleaner. Strictly speaking, this detail of the vacuum cleaner is disassembly. In the event of a breakdown, it will only be left to throw it out and acquire a new one. The fact is that the hoses at the factories are exposed to high-temperature soldering. To disassemble and assemble the product, as it should be, you will need no less perfect technological line.

But it is equally important to know how to clean the vacuum cleaner hose. The simplest way to do this is to connect it to the Startup button and click on the Start button. However, it happens that it does not help.

You can solve the problem using a sleek rod of a large length – for example, a large rounded stick. It is necessary to apply it only after trying to blow the hose connected to the outlet.

Wire replacement can serve wire. But you need to act neat. Hose cleaning is possible by washing with hot water. The main thing is that its temperature is not excessive. Very often clogging hoses will have to replace.

Model kompressor and not only

The selection of the hose for the vacuum cleaner LG implies accounting of the characteristics of a particular model. So, Modification A9multi2x Creates intensive miniature vortices. They help more efficiently separate dust particles from the air, but such a technology also increases the supply requirements for the supply air. Especially since the flow is moving pretty quickly. A good alternative may be Wireless model A9DDCARPET2.

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This device actively uses the same vacuum technology that creates wiking of high power. You can only apply hoses compatible with the POWER DRIVE NOZZLE nozzle.

Vacuum cleaners with an automatic sealing system of dust particles, known as Kompressor, works at the expense of a special blade with a motor. Obviously, the hose for such products is suitable only with high bandwidth.

Practical Tips and Recommendations

It is already clear that you can hardly choose a universal hose for LG vacuum cleaners. Only with superficial look they are all completely the same. Meanwhile, the characteristics of the highway, suction dust, are equally important than the engine power indicators, the noise of the device, the capacity of the hopper and the mass of the vacuum cleaner in general.

In general, the vacuumble hoses are just that they all must be corrugated (otherwise squeeze and stretch them will be very difficult). But the diameter varies very strongly, even within the limits of “Linek” of individual manufacturers. As practice shows, the reduction of the section increases the efficiency of dust pulling.

And also need to take into account the length of the air tract. It’s not only subjective convenience, for example, to make it easier to move the vacuum cleaner.

Very short hoses simply uncomfortable. But fears about loss of suction power at a large distance do not make sense. All modern electric motors are quite powerful to compensate and even block this effect. Special hose design is characteristic of cleaning type of vacuum cleaners. In this case, a special tube is used through which water enters.

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Of great importance is a special trigger. It allows you to regulate moisture intensity. Important: The most recent models of hoses are complemented by the remote control. Sometimes they are practical than the version with control on the handle. After all, it disappears the need to periodically concern inevitably clogging surface of the hose.

Attention should be paid to the material. Cheaper than all – low-grade polypropylene. It is characterized by soft, as a result, it has to constantly monitor that the hose passes.

If it is still clamped, the consequences will be sad. But it is not necessary to believe that the tough variety of polypropylene is always better. Yes she is more reliable in itself. However, excessive “not baptifier” threatens to turn the vacuum cleaner when turning. In addition, bent rigid hoses easily break.

And another weakness of them is the complexity of the selection of the replacement. It is best to select a product that is soft, and inside the strained wire braid. IMPORTANT: Hose for a vacuum cleaner is to store in the factory box – it is precisely it fits perfectly.

In most cases, hoses are used with outdoor cross section of 32 or 35 mm. Designs for LG vacuum cleaners must be made by the same company. Only in this case is compatible. It is desirable to give preference to the versions that allow you to adjust the power of suction without manipulation with a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes there are hoses with latches connected to rings. These options are considered universal, suitable for the vacuum cleaners of most brands.

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How to repair the LG vacuum cleaner hose in the event of a breakdown, you housing from the video below.

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