Choose a chest of drawers in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important residents of the dwelling. Its arrangement should be cozy and user-friendly. In addition, its functionality is important, which primarily depends on the purchase of proper kitchen furniture. Often, when creating an interior of this room, buyers use not only headset, but also a kitchen chest. Let’s look at how relevant this element of arrangement in the context of the kitchen, and also find out the main nuances of choice, allowing you to enter a chest of drawers in the interior as harmoniously as possible.


The chest of drawers in the kitchen performs the storage features of any objects. For example, such furniture acquire for storage:

  • kitchen utensils;
  • bulk products;
  • home appliances small size;
  • spice jars;
  • service or crystal;
  • Towels, detergents for washing dishes;
  • household chemicals for room cleaning.

Depending on the variety, this element of furniture can be used for cooking, using the working surface of its countertops. Furniture of this type is functional and allows you to hide from the eye a proportion of small objects and kitchen utensils. At the same time, work surfaces are unloaded, the convenience of the hostess is increased, and the effect of order is created.

Some compact stands are used for storage of vegetables.


Today, the kitchen chests are made from various raw materials. You can find products from plastic, MDF, chipboard, wood, metal, laminated LMDF plates, LDSP. In addition, the model can be combined, consisting of two, and then three different materials. In this case, often as inserts use transparent and tinted glass. It is used for the manufacture of shelves and facades of furniture.

Wood is considered a premium type of material. It is used to create expensive furniture, processing special impregnations that increase the stability of furniture to fire and exposure to moisture. MDF and chipboard are budgetary options for chest of drawers in the kitchen. Their service life is significantly less, they are not so reliable as woodworking analogs. Attract buyers such products their affordable price.

Options from one metal are on sale rare. More often it is complemented by wooden shelves. Metal needs no less than wood, such stands can be painted. As for the fittings, the metal is often used to make the chest handles, any fencing for shelves, towel holders, fasteners.

Plastic models of dresser for kitchens are characterized by small dimensions and a variety of color scheme. Despite the fact that modern plastic is able to mimic the texture of various materials, in such furniture they are mainly not heavy objects. Plastic is afraid of significant loads and mechanical damage, and over time it burns out.

It can not be repaired or repainted, handle such furniture needs to be extremely careful.


The modern market of furniture products for the kitchen arrangement is clogged with suggestions for every taste and wallet. At the same time, the model of drawers may differ not only by manufacturing materials, but also forms, dimensions, installation type and color. In addition, they are characterized by functionality and storage systems.

For example, modifications are stationary and mobile. The first options are installed in a row with a kitchen head or along one of the walls, as the designer idea requires. At the same time, the models can be classic or embedded in a niche. Based on the type of model, they can have legs, and maybe without them. As a rule, the options of the outdoor type are equipped with legs. Products fixed to the wall do not have them.

As for mobile type options, these are small daily chests on wheels. As a rule, they have no more than three tiers and are designed to help the hostess when cooking food. They can be located in the center of the kitchen, if only it was convenient to the hostess. Depending on the layout, such products may have a constantly place where they are returned after work. The dimensions of such modifications are small.

By type of design, the chest can be classified into two categories:

  • linear;
  • Corner.

In stores more often meet linear type variants due to greater consumer demand. Corner analogs are easy to make maximum saving space. They can be suspended and outdoor.

Facade chest of drawers are:

  • open;
  • closed;
  • Combined.

Open varieties are inconvenient because they are all in sight. On their shelves, dust quickly coalescent, which is removed not only from the shelves, but also with the items they themselves.

Analogs of a closed type are more practical, they protect stored items from pollution, evaporation moisture and dust. It is ensured by means of drawers or deaf sash.

Combined modifications provide for the presence of open shelves along with drawers. As for the door, they can be:

  • solid;
  • national teams;
  • Framework.

The first type is a single cloth. The second consists of cutting figured segments, which is found mainly in overall dresser. Frame type of door consists of a web framed by a one-sided profile of aluminum or hard PVC.

Storage systems

Storage systems in kitchen dressers can be the most different. For example, it may be windows-showcases, models with swing doors or drawers with drawers. As a rule, in the traditional storage system include one or several cutlery boxes. For them, the upper furniture compartments are distinguished, which may vary height and width.

This allows you to store individually even forks and spoons. High-quality models are almost always equipped with pallets for drying dishes. Other models have sections for storing knives, blades, kitchen scissors. In addition, the dresser provides for a place under the frying pan, pans, dishes.

Compartments may be shelves and fencers. Often modifications are equipped with narrow shelves for the storage of spices. In addition, the furniture has lattices for bottles, holders for covers, shelves for fruit or vegetables.

How to choose?

Going to the store for the chest for the kitchen, you need to take into account quite a few factors. For example, the material and the color of the acquired chest must match the shade and material of the already available furniture. If the headset is either the table is made of wood, the chest of drawers it is desirable to look for a wooden. It is important to pay attention to the width of the furniture: if it is planned to install it in a row with a headuit, the width must be identical, although it is not critical.

As a rule, the parameters of wide models constitute an average of 1 meter. The height ranges from 70 to 80 cm, the depth reaches 35 cm. In other varieties, the width can reach two meters. Narrow analogues are good for small cuisines. In depth, they can be within 40 cm, in width – up to 60 cm.

Regardless of the kitchen or a living room, it is planned to install a chest of a kitchen, it must harmoniously fit into the concept of available stylistics. For example, it can be reflected in color, accessories, finishing, decor, shapes and lines. Say, for Provence the best solution will be the white chest of painted tree. For the classics, options are welcome in warm light tones with gold-plated trim and stucco.

If the product is needed to improve the kitchen in the style of Modern, it should be elegant, but it is extremely necessary that the synthetic component of the material used is. Color may be beige, silver, peach. For eco stylistics need naturalness: the best solution will be a wooden lacquered chest.

In order for the chest of drawers to be convenient, you need to consider and the type of opening of the facade system. It can be retractable, swing, folding and sliding. What option is more convenient, it should be solved by independently, given the presence of a place to open facades. If a model is needed with a working table, you should pay attention to the material of its manufacture.

The tabletop can be from natural or artificial stone, wood and MDF. Natural stone is too heavy, such a countertop will have to rub wax, it is difficult for her to care for it. Artificial analogue is easier, but it will also have to polish. Wood looks expensive, however, to extend its service life will have to protect such a surface with reinforced glass.

If there is enough money only for the option with a worktop from MDF, then you need to choose a model that would have a worktop with the presence of post-deformation or software. Such products are stronger.

Different with models and legs. It may be stops located at an angle to the case. And the product may have a classic type support and legs adjustable in height. Latest options worth buying in case of crooked floor. In addition, there are comedoms with a base system that is an alternative legs. It is convenient because the screws of adjustable support masks.

Choosing a product, you need to take into account the design of a kitchen headset or other furniture. For example, it is important to pay attention to the symmetry of the boxes, the volume of warm or cold color spots. Somewhere important hand-carving, in other cases it is necessary to take into account the nuances of artistic painting, the presence of ceramic tapes. In other cases, the softness of the silhouette is relevant, possibly naturalness, minimum processing.

It is important to represent how the chest of drawers will look in the kitchen interior. Perhaps his worktop will decorate any vase, a figurine, a live flower, an unusual porridge. If the furniture is installed in the dining area, you can rely on the nuances of dining furniture (tables and chairs). In this case, the nuances of the choice are material manufacturing, shape, color, size.

Overview of the Kitchen Chest in the style of “Provence” you can see further.

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