Characteristics and model range of Hansa cooking panels

Hansa cooking panels are very popular in the modern market. Over the years of existence, the Company was able to establish its products as high quality and durable. Brand cooking panels are distinguished by an attractive appearance, resistance to mechanical exposure and ease of care.


Distinctive features of Hansa cooking panels are special technologies, special coatings, presence of protective functions and ease of control. All this benefits the company’s products against many others. To date, the brand offers its clients gas, ceramic, combined and even induction cooking panels. Among the main advantages of equipment from the Polish brand Hansa can be distinguished.

  • High quality and durability. In the production process, only high-class materials are used that ensure reliability and long service life of the panels.
  • Large product range. Thanks to this, each person may choose the optimal option for its premises.
  • Thoughtful ergonomics. All Hansa cookies are equipped with competently located control buttons, which greatly simplifies operation.
  • Affordable price. Despite the high quality, Hansa cookies have quite reasonable.


Hansa offers its customers a huge amount of cooking panels, which allows you to choose the appropriate option for any kitchen. Gas models that are manufactured with stainless steel are most popular today. Strichly attention in the process of production company pays safety devices. Most models boast a system of automatic ignition, as well as advanced gas control.

In order to light the burner, you just need to turn the handle. Gas control works stable. If the flame goes out, the special valve overlaps gas access to the burners. Each model is equipped with several flame detectors, so fails in this case are simply impossible. All gas models have ergonomic buttons and swivel handles that significantly simplify the operation process.

Another advantage of gas cooking panels Hansa is the presence of cast iron gratings that are able to withstand colossal loads. In addition, these elements are unpretentious in care. On such plates you can cook even using the most coarse dishes, without fearing at the same time to damage the surface. Second place in popularity occupy ceramic cooking panels. In the process of producing such models, Hansa applies glass ceramics from the Schott Ceran brand, which is characterized by high quality and special strength. Distinctive features of this brand – his desire to take care of environmental safety and the use of innovative technologies.

The glass-ceramic, which is used for the production of cooking panels, is made exclusively from natural raw materials. Such panels are not only unique, but also durable, but also enough unpretentious in care. Among the advantages of glass-ceramic Hansa panels can be noted a few moments.

  • The presence of a residual heat indicator helps control cooking dishes. Also, this function allows you to be sure that the burner completely cooled. This is especially important if you often have the need to clean the surface. So you do not risk burning.
  • Many available forms allows each client to choose a better model suitable for its kitchen furniture and interior features.
  • Lock functions are important in the presence of children in the house.
  • Timer greatly simplifies the cooking process. In addition, thanks to this element, you can set the time to automatically turn off the cooking surface.
  • Special indication is designed to show the power of a certain burner.

It is the glass-ceramic panels that boast the highest number of controls and types of management. Depending on the model, this may be sliders, LCD panels, conventional mechanics control and t. D.

In recent years, induction surfaces are very popular, which are connected to 3.7 kW. Distinctive features of such devices are the function of automatic design of dishes and many built-in sensors designed to provide the convenience of the process of operation of the device. Devices operate on special technology. They themselves do not heat up, which ensures maximum user security.

The only nuance is the need to use special dishes. Among the important advantages of induction slabs, you can also note the presence of the BOOST function, which is designed to speed up the process of heating. This is very important in cases where you need to boil water or prepare a dish that needs operational heating to a given temperature.

Rating models

Hansa offers its customers a large selection of models that are characterized by their characteristics, cost and availability of additional functions. Consider the most popular options.

  • BHI68300 – one of the most sought-after induction models, which boasts convenient control, the presence of touch buttons and durable coating. The surface is made of glass-ceramic, which greatly simplifies the process of care of the stove.

  • BHMI 61414030 – a combined 4-korphic embedded panel, which has a glass-ceramic surface and gas control function. Among the advantages of this model, you can note the presence of an automatic ignition function, as well as convenient rotary switches.

  • BHC 63505 – cooking independent panel, which includes 2 burners and touch switches. The model boasts a system of automatic shutdown when liquid hit, as well as the presence of a residual heat indicator.

  • BHI 67303 – Electrical independent panel with 4 burners, as well as a point heating function. Touch switches are on the front panel. The model is also equipped with a built-in timer and protective shutdown technology.

  • BHIW67303 – glass ceramic cooking panel, which is produced in white. The model received the standard location of the sensory elements. One of the advantages of the device is its rich functionality. Equipment is equipped with several control timers, the heat maintenance option at a specified temperature level, as well as a protective shutdown.

Tips for choosing

To stay satisfied with the Hansa hob acquired panel, it is necessary to accommodately approach its choice. First of all, you should decide which model I need: gas or electric. If you wish, you can also choose the combined option. If you are planning to buy an induction model, it is best to give preference to models with several zones. A similar plate is variable, as you can use the dishes of various sizes on it. As already noted, the function of automatic focus, which allows to recognize the sizes of the used dishes, greatly simplifies the cooking process.

If you have decided on a variety, you need to choose the type of unit: independent or autonomous. The distinctive feature of independent aggregates is that they are managed separately. Control elements are located on the side surface.

Close attention in the process of choice should be given to the material that was used for the manufacture of the hob. The first place in the list is occupied by glass ceramics, which is considered one of the best options. The peculiarity of such a coating is that the stove is extremely quickly heated and cools after the disconnection. In addition, the glass-ceramic models can boast the function of point heating that does not allow heat to go beyond a certain burner. The only minus of this material is that Only can only be used with flat bottom containers.

Pretty popular is and strained glass, which Hansa uses for gas models. Despite its fragile appearance, the material is able to withstand colossal loads and high temperatures. Even if somehow it is possible to break the coating, it is not worth worrying, since all the fragments will differ in blunt corners. Such glass is not able to face a person.

Most affordable are Coatings from enamel, which boasts a big choice of color palette. Such a coating without problems withstands heavy loads and high temperatures. Another advantage of Enamel is that it does not have traces from fingers and various divorces. Metal surfaces are usually used for gas cooking panels. They not only look attractive, but also able to cope with the aggressive environment. You can easily use any dishes on a similar panel, which greatly simplifies the process of operation of the device.

During the choice of Hansa’s cooking panel, the type of management can also be taken into account, which can be both mechanical and sensory. It all depends on the personal preferences of the user. Mechanical type is more reliable, but it assumes that you will have to apply certain efforts to scroll handle. It is it that will be responsible for turning on the device and change the temperature.

The main advantage of the sensory control is that any changes are made by easy touch. In addition, the smooth surface looks more attractive and stylish. In other words, if you first have reliability and durability for you, it is better to give preference to mechanical management. If you tend to choose technique in appearance, then here, undoubtedly, wins the touch panel.

Finally, in the process of choosing a cooking panel, attention should be paid to the functional features of the device.

  • Certain models of the company can boast a function of automatic shutdown if liquid falls on the surface of the plate.
  • The presence of a timer greatly simplifies the cooking process, allowing you to distract to other cases.
  • Lock mode from external influence is necessary if you have small children.
  • The presence of a special cover to close the cooking panel will be undoubted plus, because thanks to this, the surface of the device is not polluted and retains its attractive appearance longer.

User manual

In order for the Hansa cooking panel to fully fulfill the functions entrusted to it, close attention should be paid to the nuances of its use. First of all, the installation should be carried out in all the rules. Connecting to the power grid is better to entrust professionals that can understand the features of a specific model and connect the power to. You can turn on the panel only after a thorough check of all nodes and elements.

In the process of use, it is necessary to take into account the safety rules and manufacturer’s recommendations. If blocking from children is installed, you should make sure that they will not be able to unlock the panel. In some cases, during operation, the cooking panel is damaged or breaks. Before starting an independent replacement of glass, controller or other parts, you need to turn off the power from the power supply.

As for the care of the panel, it is necessary to take into account the features of the material from which it is made. For example, if the surface is made of metal, then use abrasive tools, as they leave scratches. Glass is cleaned by special gentle cleaning compositions intended for such materials.

How to properly install Hansa cooking panel, look in the following video.

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