Built-in Dishwashers Bosch

    German company Bosch is one of the most famous manufacturers of dishwashers. Brand products are distinguished by high quality, reliability and advanced features. Persistent attention The company pays to be built-in models that are distinguished by ease of use and an attractive appearance.


    The German company Bosch is characterized by the fact that it offers its customers high-class built-in dishwashers that can boast the presence of advanced technologies. This greatly simplifies the process of washing dishes and allows you to save money on resources. Among the distinguishing features of Bosch technology can be distinguished by several.

    • The presence of a load sensor that allows you to spend a thorough analysis of the boot of the dishwasher and determine the optimal amount of water, which greatly reduces its consumption.
    • The VarioOSPeed Plus option, which can be reduced washing time by almost 3 times. At the same time, the quality does not suffer in any way, and drying is carried out at the highest level.
    • Disinfection of the contents of the chamber due to extremely high temperatures during rinsing. Most of the company models are able to develop temperatures up to 70 °, thanks to which it is possible to get rid of any bacteria and microbes, which is especially important in the process of washing children’s dishes.
    • Advanced leakage protection system, thanks to which you can not worry about the flow of water in the process of using the dishwasher. If any leakage is detected, household appliances will stop work to prevent flooding.
    • If you look at the marking, it becomes clear that not all models are collected in Germany. However, internal quality control allows you to be sure that all devices are verified and will be able to provide a good car wash.
    • The function of the gentle washing of glass and porcelain products, which can independently control the level of rigidity of water and increase the temperature to optimal values ​​depending on which materials are inside the dishwasher.


    The Bosch catalog contains a huge number of dishwashers that differ in their sizes and functionality. Thanks to this, you can choose the most appropriate solution for any kitchen and under the requests of any family.

    45 cm

    One of the most popular and in demand are 45 cm built-in dishwashers, which can boast of their small dimensions and become an excellent solution for small cuisine. Despite its compact sizes, such household appliances are widely functional features. There are the most popular models from this segment from Bosch.

    • SPV6ZMX23E. One of the most popular models of the company that boasts an advanced drying system. It is thanks to her that this dishwasher can cope with dishes of any type, regardless of the manufacturer. Having a Home Connect technology makes it possible to manage the dishwasher using a smartphone or any other mobile device. In addition, it is thanks to this technology that it is possible to adjust the device under itself, which benefits this model profitably on the background of major competitors. Another distinctive feature of the dishwasher is the presence of Perfect Dry technology, which is built on the basis of a natural mineral, and it is due to he manages to provide such impressive drying results with minimal electricity consumption.

    Engineers also equipped this model to adjust the height adjustment, due to which it is possible to optimally embed equipment to any kitchen furniture.

    • SPV4XMX16E. A unique model that boasts the minimum level of noise produced. The advantage of the model consists of Aquastop technology, which provides reliable protection against water leaks under any conditions. In addition, this model is equipped with a light projection on the floor, thanks to which you can understand whether the dishwasher is included or not. In the process of the production of the inner chamber, high-quality materials were used, making the manufacturer to provide customers with a 10-year warranty on corrosion protection. In the inside there are several boxes for cutlery, which optimizes space.

    • SPV2XMX01E. A distinctive feature of this dishwasher from Bosch is the presence of 2 rockers, which provides greater efficiency in the process of washing dishes. These are smart home appliances, which is distinguished by its wide functionality and remote control technology, which greatly simplifies the operation process.

    Using a special application on the smartphone, you can see all the necessary information about the process of washing, run remotely or stop if necessary.

    • SPV2IKX10E. Advanced model that is distinguished by availability options for additional drying. Due to this, you can be sure that there will be no divorce or remnants of detergents on the dishes. Upper box can be controlled in height, which allows you to put even high dishes in this model. The main advantage of this dishwasher is the presence of a built-in assistant, which will help to choose the optimal program, independently determine the amount of detergent and other parameters.

    In addition, thanks to a special application on a smartphone, you can receive push-notifications about the status of the program and other features of the dishwasher.

    60 cm

    Bosch dishwashers 60 cm size also enjoy great popularity and demand. The distinctive feature of these products is that it is full-sized models that are designed to embed in kitchen furniture. They boast the opportunity to simultaneously wash up to 14 sets of dishes, which benefits them to highlight them against the background of more compact options and makes the optimal solution for a large family. You can make a rating of the most popular models from this series.


    .This model can be rightfully called premium, as it is characterized by the presence of advanced technologies, consumes the minimum of electricity and guarantees high-quality washing. This makes household appliances an ideal solution for families with young children, as well as for people who are allergic to various detergents and products. A distinctive feature is the presence of a pre-rinse mode, thanks to which you can get rid of any food residues and ensure maximum cleanliness of the dishes. Besides, The device is distinguished by a high level of safety, as it is maximally protected from water leaks due to Aquastop technology.

    There are also a prevention valve, protection against children, indicators about the number of detergents and other elements.

    Close attention in the process of developing models was paid to the filter, which can independently clear, which has a positive effect on the durability of household appliances. The high level of comfort is ensured by silent operation, as the dishwasher publishes only 44 dB. If necessary, you can use the deferring function to the day before the day, and in the process of the sink, you can not worry about random changes, as it will not be possible thanks to the built-in protection. The model is characterized by the presence of a system for automatically determining the desired amount of detergent, as well as a special plate to protect the tabletop from the effect of steam.

    This premium dishwasher boasts the presence of an inverter engine, which not only provides high sinking rates, but also differs in minimal resource consumption.

    Engineers equipped the dishwasher with hygiene plus function, which will be an excellent solution for children’s bottles and other objects of dishes who need careful processing. Multifunction guides make the process of loading and unloading plates and other objects of dishes as comfortable and fast. The device is distinguished by the presence of 7 programs for various types of dishes, when choosing a specific dishwasher program in automatic mode, selects optimal temperature indicators, as well as washing time.


    The original model that is characterized by its unique operational properties. The device boasts a high level of cleansing plates and other objects of dishes. A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of a night washing mode, which is especially important if there are a large amount of dishes. Close attention in the development process was paid to security, which involves the presence of safety valves, special heat exchangers, children’s protection functions and automatic leakage control. On the outer panel there is a display and LED illumination, which greatly simplifies the process of use.

    There is a household appliance load sensor, thanks to which you can find out how much detergent is necessary for washing. Applying dishwashers allowed to rinse up to 14 sets at once. One of the advantages of the model is the presence of a function of self-purification, as well as low noise in the process. If necessary, quickly dry the dishes can be chosen extra-mode, which benefits the model on the background of competitors. The only disadvantage of the dishwasher lies in its high cost, but it is quite justified, given the quality and functionality of the model.


    This is more affordable model, which will suit the connoisseurs of gentle wash and disinfection of objects of dishes. Despite its wide functionality, this dishwasher is characteristic of. There are 6 modes, among which intensive car wash deserves special attention. It can be cleaned up to 14 sets of dishes in a short period of time, which makes it the leader in its segment.

    The presence of an indicator beam greatly simplifies the process of using the dishwasher, and a special plate provides reliable protection of kitchen furniture countertops from the effect of steam. The device is also equipped with time indicators, dewing and salt sensors. The user does not have to independently calculate the optimal amount of detergent, but it will be enough to simply pour it into a special compartment, the dishwasher can independently determine the required volume. The only drawback is the lack of a touch screen, the presence of which for modern technology is already the norm.


    This dishwasher boasts the optimal combination of quality and price. At the same time, the device is distinguished by the availability of all the necessary functional technologies that are important for the modern user. Owners can choose one of the 4 modes in the process of use, and the availability of Aquastop technology provides reliable leakage protection. Almost everything in this dishwasher is automated, which greatly simplifies the process of use. The permissible level of load is 12 sets, which is quite enough for a large family.

    The model is equipped with an inverter power unit, as well as the presence of a hygiene function plus, which allows you to further treat some objects of the dishes to ensure maximum purity and disinfection. In the inner chamber there are folding guides, which significantly simplifies the process of placing the plates. In addition, there is a special compartment for small objects of dishes. This is an easy way and affordable model, which will become an excellent solution for people who prefer minimum functions, high quality and low cost.


    This is a primary model of the second generation of equipment, which is characterized by a rather limited set of functionality, but it can boast of excellent capacity and excellent characteristics in the field of energy consumption. A distinctive feature of the model is an economical mode that allows rinse 13 sets of dishes with minimal water use. If necessary, you can use the timer, which makes it possible to postpone the launch of 9 hours. The electronic control panel is intuitive, due to which any person can cope with this model. In the inside there are a rearranged box, as well as folding guides to ensure a high level of comfort when placing a plate.

    User manual

    Bosch is doing everything to enjoy their dishwashers, it was as comfortable as possible. On the outside of household appliances there is a control unit with a power button, keys to select modes and additional settings. Besides, Some models can boast the availability of the display to which all the necessary information is displayed.

    Close attention during the operation of the Bosch dishwasher must be given it to the first launch. It is necessary to do this according to the manufacturer’s instructions, since otherwise it is possible to significantly reduce the durability of the dishwasher. For the first time, this type of household appliances is used in idle mode, that is, without adding dishes and any detergents. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that the maximum temperature will be set, so that it will be possible to check the literacy of the installation carried out, the presence of leaks and external noise during operation. Some of the company’s models as standard have a test strip that are necessary in order to determine the level of water rigidity.

    This is an extremely important indicator, because it depends on it, how much salt must be added with each wash.

    Salt is necessary in order to guarantee the normal operation of the dishwasher and make sure that it will not fail due to lack of water. In addition, the absence of salt will lead to the fact that various divorces will appear on the dish, and the heating element will cease to fully cope with their responsibilities. To ensure efficient cleaning of the dishes, you need to competently load it in the dishwasher. It is worth sticking to the basic rules.

    • In no case cannot be allowed to overflow the device, as it can negatively affect the state of the inner part of the dishwasher.
    • Optimal is considered to load the dishwasher, starting from the top of it. Initially, it is necessary to lay all the plates and dishes, after that move to larger objects of dishes.
    • Glasses and other fragile tableware should be fixed using special holders that will not allow random breakdown during washing.
    • Spoons, forks and other sharp items must be laid down handle down.
    • Before placing a saucepan and other similar accessories, it is necessary to pre-get rid of big food residues, as they can negatively affect the filter state.

    The competent operation of the Bosch dishwasher also involves the right choice of detergents. For the dishwasher, a huge amount of special chemistry is presented in the modern market, which is characterized by its features of use, components and other parameters. Liquids, powders and universal tablets are most popular today. The detergent makes it possible to dissolve fat and get rid of pollution on the dishes. To achieve shine and complete drying, it is necessary to use a special air conditioner. The dosage depends on the amount of dishes and features of the means, so close attention is necessary to pay the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    It should be noted that the premium dishwasher products from Bosch have a built-in system for determining the optimal amount of detergent, due to which it is possible not to worry about the correctness of the dosage.

    Comprehensive tablets, which include several components, enjoy great popularity. The only inconvenience of their application is that the user cannot pick up the optimal dosage of a certain component and is forced to use only everything in the complex.

    Bosch dishwasher is a complex technique that boasts a huge amount of advanced technologies. That is why, when breakdown, it is best to contact the service center, and not try to correct everything yourself, since the repair of such household appliances requires certain knowledge and tools. If a fault occurs, it is worth opening the lid and pull out all the dishes, then look at the error code and try to understand the reason for the purpose of the equipment.

    Review reviews

    If you believe feedback, users prefer models with a width of 60 cm. They argue that these models are a combination of practicality, affordable prices and high quality. Besides, Positive torque Bosch dishwashers Owners consider minimal consumption of resources, as well as the absence of breakdowns even with intensive use. The only drawback is the high cost, but this is a completely acceptable price for such wide functionality and the efficiency of washing, which is provided by the dishwasher from Bosch.

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