Buffet for the kitchen: species and rules of choice

The creation of an individual functional space is of particular importance in the kitchen planning. It is important that it does not only unload working surfaces, but also differed ease of storage systems. One of the elements of the arrangement corresponding to these criteria is a buffet. The material of this article will introduce the reader with the peculiarities of such furniture and the main nuances of its choice.


Buffet for the kitchen is nothing but the furniture for storing various items. It can be stored:

  • sets and crystals;
  • dishes;
  • Cereals and spices;
  • kitchen towels;
  • dishwashing agents;
  • Small household appliances (for example, coffee grinder).

This furniture can be part of a kitchen headset. It can be installed in the kitchen-living room, where in addition to the main function, it can also have a decorative load. It’s beautiful, fashionable, stylish. In addition, the buffet indicates the design belonging to a certain interior stylist. This is a significant detail when drawing up a specific style.

Varieties and their features

Today, the market of furniture products is clogged with suggestions, among which there are kitchen buffets of a wide variety of configurations. Consider the classification of products in several signs.

Materials manufacturing

By type of material they can be made of different raw materials, which affects the durability of models. The most common options are wood products, MDF, chipboard. Rights on sale You can find options from metal and durable plastic. As a metal, a stainless steel can be used, depending on the design, metal surfaces can be painted.

The best products are trees made of wood treated with special moisture resistant and refractory impregnations. They look solid and expensive, increasing this kitchen interior status. Products made of wood derivatives are designed for 5-7 years. During operation with high humidity in the kitchen, they can smear.

Metal and plastic are often used as inserts. The same applies to glasses: thanks to him, the buffets look aesthetically attractive. Such furniture fills the room by space, which is especially important in the cuisine. Glass can be used for shelves and facades, and the texture of the material may be different (glossy, matted, tinted, flat or relief pattern).


Constructive models can be classified into two categories: linear and angular type. At the same time, linear products, as a rule, are of a large width, while analogs of the angular type can be completely narrow. Depending on the design and storage volume, the model data has from one to three faces, the form of some of them tends to round. Other models traced linearity: they resemble the dried hexagon.

Products can be monolithic buffets or resemble mounted and floor cabinets connected by side walls. Other varieties have a deaf doors through which it is not seen that stored inside. It’s good in terms of order: the less dishes in sight, the more spacious and brute it seems. Other modifications are performed as cabinets – showcases whose goal is to demonstrate internal contents. Such products are more often installed in kitchens combined with living room, decorating dining room dining room.

Depending on the design design, may have either not having a leg. Supports can be carved, vesitis and even fade. If the stylistics is demanding for minimalistness, the legs are simple. Often they are high, which is convenient for cleaning. The amount of support depends on the buffet width: there may be 4 or even 6. At the same time, the angular modifications in front can be located 4, and the walls are 2. In linear analogs, the layout of the legs are strictly symmetric.

Constructively classify products can be aligned by the number of modules. For example, the buffet can be one design or consist of two or even three components. In this case, the product can be traditional classic or built into the wall. In the second case, often the buyer tries to use niche in the kitchen. The design can consist of a top attachment module and a lower element similar to a kitchen chest, equipped with three and more row of boxes.

In form

Kitchen cabinets – buffets may differ width, long, direct lines. For example, they can be narrow, which is especially important for kitchens in small apartments. Such products will not occupy a lot of space, while not infrainmenting its functionality. Their width can be 40-45 cm. In this case, modifications may differ the width of the upper and lower element. For example, the upper drawers can be completely narrow (30 cm).

The depth of more spacious analogs can be about 50 cm. In this case, the depth of the upper cabinets may be the same or less than 10 cm. The countertop can be outside the lockers, thereby increasing the dimensions. Other varieties are distinguished by a depth of 60 cm. The form of models can be a linear, streamlined rounded, and sometimes wave-like. Some products have an upper edge in the form of a ladder, other boxes are formed in the form of an arch.

By type storage

Conditionally, all varieties can be divided into 3 groups: open, closed and combined type. Each species has its differences, which are reflected on the storage and practicality of the product itself. Models may differ in design, but their main differences, according to which they are classified, are always the same. Consider the features of each category.

Open type

The representative of any design of this model is characterized by the fact that it has no door. Such modifications more like racks. They have a single frame that combines all shelves, as well as the rear wall.

Name such varieties convenient for the cuisine conditions is impossible: they quickly be aspired by dust, and therefore the hostess is forced to look like it not only from the shelves, but also from the items that are stored on them.

Closed type

Such kitchen dressers differ from the analogues in that the storage systems are closed. It can be both a variety of door views and retractable boxes, systems with opening sliding and swing type. These models are convenient: besides the fact that they can hide inside the lot of smallest things, dust will not be stacked on the stored items, there will not be moisture. Of course, if the facades are glass, storage items will be visible, but the undoubted moment will be their practicality.


Such modifications are fairly convenient and allow to turn a kitchen buffet to a full-fledged element of a modular headset. For example, modifications may have a worktop, which the hostess can use under cooking food. In essence, the combining element of such products are three walls (rear and two side). In addition, the storage systems can be combined. For example, part of the shelves can be open, while the model may have retractable boxes.


Classic buffet is a combined type design. A distinctive feature of such a product is its height: it resembles a closet. It has a symmetrical location of the door, there may be two or three. The buffet itself can provide for individual doors for opening upper and lower cabinets, and single doors that open all at once. Configuration of models may vary, however, they always have 4 reliable supports, glazed top and deaf bottom.

Choosing style

A modern look at the kitchen arrangement has a lot of features. For example, it is important today that all the furniture, like the accessories of the room, were withstanding in a single interior style. It is not only beautiful, but also creates a special internal atmosphere, immersing households and guests of the family. Buffet for each design direction will be different shape, accessories, finish, as well as color. It will be necessary to proceed here from the resource of a specific stylist, taken as the basis in the preparation of the interior composition. Consider several relevant stylistics that today are favorites in the arrangement of kitchens.


In fact, in the classic style they intertwined several old or even vintage styles, relevant out of time. Classic Style Kitchen Buffet features a light color gamut and mandatory stucco and gilding. Golden can be handles, any ornament on the facades. The design of furniture can be arched, should be felt by the royal scope, in priority white color and pastel shades of color palette.

A cooking server must be necessarily wooden, made of valuable massif, exclusive, possibly antique.


Such furniture implies the presence of bright and saturated colors. The buffet should seem old, but existence. Buying new furniture should reflect an idea of ​​times that plan to recreate (50th, 60s or 70s). The cabinet can be monophonic and bright with strictly traceable geometry. If the preference is given to the 60s era, it is possible to buy a product with a floral print on the facades. An option in the spirit of the 70s will be intricate, possibly made of wood with varnishing. In addition, the furniture can be artificially aged.


Fashion of the French depthion today is at the peak of designer popularity. Such furniture should seem an old, giving family history. This is necessarily carved legs, the presence of monograms as decorations of the buffet, possibly buying a product with forged openwork inserts. The design can be open, painted in light tones of color palette. In priority, ivory tone, white and snow shades.

The content of the buffet should be a tree, while it is desirable that it is artificially aged.


The design of this stylist does not accept screaming paints and their sharp contrast. Country Style Buffet should not have inserts from plexiglas or plastic. Since the dishes need to be allocated, the color of the product should differ from it. For example, in priority Natural color palette. Furniture should indicate ethnic traits of the terrain, the interior of which I want to recreate.

It is important that specific national peculiarities can be traced in its design. The buffet texture must be matte, the colors resource are wood, light beige, greenish, blue and pale terracotta tones.


Details of this stylist are the abundance of a tree of expensive breeds, plasticity of forms, curved lines. To buffet in such a kitchen looked harmoniously, it should be compact, wooden, having a smooth and somewhat unusual shape. Inlaid of furniture, as well as carving. The tint of the buffet should be light (for example, ash-pink, blue, whiten-lavender, peach). However, both dark wood species are welcome.

The model must have streamlining forms: acute corners and edges are unacceptable.

High tech

Unlike other design destinations, it is extremely important to distinguish the artificial component of furniture. High-tech style buffet must be made of artificial material. Here, as nowhere is the presence of glass facades, it is possible to use stainless steel elements. Decor should be as little as possible. The cabinet can be practically completely made of glass, while the storage system should be so comfortable to reduce the number of hostess movements when searching for the necessary thing.

How to locate?

Installing a buffet for storing dishes will depend on the features of the kitchen itself. For example, if it is combined with the living room, the accommodation will be the accommodation of furniture in the dining area. For example, the cabinet can be located near the dining table, opposite the entrance to the kitchen. When the product consists of linear and angular modules, one of them is installed in an angle, the second can stand at some distance, located at one of the adjacent walls.

At the same time between the modules you can put a table, a chest of drawers, as well as a compact sofa or rest chair. In a small kitchen, the product is installed with the calculation so that it does not disturb the balance of the working triangle with the vertices of the refrigerator, stove and washing.

If, opposite the linear arrangement, the headset has a place, you can use it for the installation of the buffet. In any case, the furniture should not interfere with the movement in the kitchen, it can be embedded in the wall opposite the dining area or side from it.

How to choose?

Choosing a particular product to arrange a kitchen or a kitchen-living room, need to take into account several key purchase criteria.

  • The size of the buffet should not be knocked out against the background of the dimensions of the existing furniture.
  • Furniture Color can be related shade headset, dining table, chairs. It is impossible to allow the shade of a seat for dishes to merge with the tone of the floor facing.
  • You need to buy practical from the point of view of operation and cleaning the product, giving preference to the closed version.
  • If the walls in the house are not porous, you can look at the product with hinged windows.
  • The form of the product must be harmonized with the form of available furniture.
  • It is important to pay attention to the accessories of all furniture and even ceiling lighting, it will create the effect of unity of the furniture composition kitchen. It matters and the temperature of the shade: it must be united throughout the room.
  • The wardrobe should not look lonely: it is possible to look at the existing accessories (for example, vases), paying attention to the similarity of lines, contours, finishes.
  • The product must be comfortable and functional, you need to watch the opening and closing mechanism worked properly and without jealous.

The size of the shelves and the number of compartments are selected on the basis of what is planned to be stored inside.

Beautiful examples in the interior

We offer to refer to several examples of photo gallery, Visually demonstrating the capabilities of the functional change of space through kitchen buffets.

  • Color coincidence of the buffet and upholstery of chairs in the dining area creates the effect of the furniture ensemble.

  • Illuminated model consisting of outdoor and mounted modules.

  • Compact buffet version with worktop built into niche.

  • Option of wood, pushed to the tone of the furniture of the dining area.

  • White color model, introducing light and air sensation.

  • Beautiful cabinet-showcase for dishes capable of becoming a decoration of the kitchen.

  • Original solution for kitchen space.

How to make a buffet for a kitchen or living room, look in the following video.

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