Bosch vacuum cleaners with dust container: features and recommendations for use

Many home affairs, which previously needed to do manually, today makes the technique. House cleaning took a special place in the development of technology. The main home assistant in this matter is the usual vacuum cleaner with a container. Modern variety of products leads to a monster confusion. Devices Set: from small, almost miniature, to very powerful cyclone with classical dimensions. Consider in detail the characteristics, the principle of work of household equipment Bosch.


Bosch container vacuum cleaner has a description similar to an instance equipped with bags:

  • frame;
  • pipe hose;
  • Different brushes.

At these items similar parameters end. The vacuum cleaner with the container is a completely different filtering system. The vacuum cleaners with bags still seem to be comfortable many hostesses, because after cleaning it is enough to throw the bag filled with garbage, and install a new element for the next cleaning. Packages can be paper or fabric. It is clear that such practically daily updates require constant money infants, since when buying a device with a bag, only a few free copies get. By the way, suitable bags can not always be found on sale.

Options having containers are easier to maintain. Capacities built into the case work as a centrifuge. The essence of the cyclone device is simple: it ensures the rotation of the air masses along with the litter. Dust and dirt collected during cleaning, fall into the box, from which is then easily removed. The only concern for the owner of the technique remains clearance of the capacity and flushing the filter system.

Bowl of this vacuum cleaner usually plastic, transparent. Filters can be classic of foam rubber or capron, and sometimes fine HEPA cleaning. Models with bowl are equipped with aqua filter. In these devices in the cleaning system of the vacuum cleaner, ordinary water participates.

    The main advantage of mixless vacuum cleaners is an improved filtering system. But these devices are not deprived of the shortcomings: for example, apparatus with aqua filter very cumbersome. Price of models with a container usually above the cost of copies with bags. Modern devices with soft dust collectors are equipped with reusable elements. However, it is very difficult to clean such a “package”; it happens very difficult. The vacuum cleaners with the container can be considered high-quality replacement devices with disposable or reusable bags.

    Device and principle of operation

    Overall devices with AquaFilters and garbage containers are hardly worth considering as helpers in cleaning for a small apartment. Consider the device and the principle of operation of the smallest vacuum cleaner of the Bosch family – “Cleann”. Its dimensions are only 38 * 26 * 38 cm.

    The format of the device is classic, but the size of the most compact, so space it will take a minimum. The technique is arranged in such a way that the hose can be coated around the case and leave in such a storage position. Telescopic tube can be conveniently fixed on the housing.

    The compactness of the vacuum cleaner “Bosch Cleann” does not affect the quality of cleaning. The device has efficiently and suction, and sera screening, and filtering system. The HISPIN engine is characterized by high-class aerodynamics, good suction power. The vacuum cleaner included in the network consumes only 700 W, which is equivalent to working teapot.

    Filtration system in Bosch Cleann cyclonic type. Washable filter, as performed from fiberglass. According to the manufacturer, this part should be enough for the entire service life of the vacuum cleaner and in replacing it does not need.

    The dust collecting container is delayed both small and large particles, it is removable, it has a small capacity – about 1.5 liters, but this volume is enough for daily cleaning.

    The container of this model has a convenient opening system of the cover: down button. Detail is equipped with a comfortable handle. The user does not need to contact with the collected litter, it simply and hygienically goes to the garbage chute or the basket, not polluting the surrounding space.

    The principle of operation of the device is based on the suction of the air and using suitable brushes for cleaning surfaces. The main brush is suitable for carpet cleaning. Universal brush can be removed different surfaces. In fact, it is with this device only two nozzles, but they are multifunctional. If necessary, you can buy a slot and furniture nozzle for the model, but in most cases are not needed for daily cleaning.

    The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a pair of large and one reversal wheels, which provide high maneuverability of the device. Special efforts do not need special efforts, since the unit weighs only 4 kg. Even a child can control the full cyclonic vacuum cleaner. Network cord from a model of 9 meters, which will remove the entire apartment from one outlet.

    This model is inexpensive, but Bosch offers a wide variety of other devices of different price characteristics.


    Price proposals in stores typically correspond to the functional range of products. Products although they are similar by the device, but differ in power, the presence of additional characteristics. Some devices are characterized by individual control features.

    Bosch BGS05A221

    Compact budget model weighing just over 4 kg. Dimensions of technology make it easy to fit it in the closet. The device has a double filtration system, enough maneuverable. The model hose has a special fastening that allows you to conveniently place the item, the cord is automatically saved by a convenient device.

    Bosch BGS05A225

    The white vacuum cleaner of this series is also characterized by ultra-compaction – its dimensions 31 * 26 * 38 cm. Filter in a cyclone type model, washable. The weight of the device assembled 6 kg. Two brushes included, telescopic tube included. Length of the cord from the model of 9 meters, there is an automatic looking.


    The black vacuum cleaner of this modification consumes 2500 W with a suction power of 300 W. The model is equipped with a power regulator, other features and equipment standard. Model weight 4.7 kg, it is possible to vertical parking.

    Bosch BGS1U1800

    An interesting modern design model in white-purple colors with a golden framed consumes 1880 W, it has dimensions 28 * 30 * 44 cm. Nozzles Included Everything, Weight Assembly – 6.7 kg. There is an adjustment of power, the length of the cord is small – 7 meters.

    Bosch BGN21702

    Blue vacuum cleaner with a decent container for collecting garbage of a volume of 3.5 liters. It is possible to use a conventional disposable bag. Power consumption 1700 W, cord – 5 meters.

    Bosch BGN21800

    The model is completely black, you can purchase it under the appropriate interior. Dimensions – 26 * 29 * 37 cm, Weight – 4.2 kg, dust collection capacity – 1.4 liters. The model is equipped with an indication system that will notify the need to clean the container, there is a power adjustment.

    Bosch BGC1U1550

    The model is available in blue color with black wheels. Container – 1.4 liters, consumption power – 1550 W, cord – 7 m. Power adjustment is, all nozzles complete, weight – 4.7 kg.

    Bosch BGS4UGOLD4

    Model of black color, very powerful – 2500 W, with a cyclone filter and a dust collector in 2 liters. Cord – 7 meters, product weight – almost 7 kg.

    Bosch BGC05AAA1

    An interesting model in a black and purple framing can become an interior detail. The filter system is cyclone, power consumption – only 700 W, weight – 4 kg, equipped with a fine cleaning filter HEPA, has dimensions 38 * 31 * 27 cm.

    Bosch BGS2UCHAMP

    Red Vacuum Cleaner, has a new generation HEPA H13 output filter. Power unit – 2400 W. Series called “Limited Edition”, has a smooth engine and a system. The model has overheating protection, complete all the nozzles, the power adjustment is located on the housing.

    Bosch BGL252103

    The option is produced in two colors: beige and red, has a power consumption in 2100 W, a very surround container of 3.5 liters, but a short network cord – only 5 meters. The range of vacuum cleaner increases convenient, ergonomic telescopic tube. She, by the way, can park vertically, and the hose at the model turning 360 degrees.


    Functional, but easy to operate a model that is characterized by good suction capacity. Weighs a lot of product – almost 7 kg. The graduation filter of the model with the technology “Sensor Bagless” cleans the air masses, has the ability to intelligent verification of own nodes. The filter is washable, and the package includes many brushes, including slit and furniture.

    Recommendations for choosing

    Cleaning in the house – everyday occupation, so the selection of the vacuum cleaner should be deliberate and correct. Technique is not one-time use and is selected for a sufficiently long period. The simplest characteristics of vacuum cleaners of all types:

    • suction power;
    • noity;
    • expendable materials;
    • cleaning quality;
    • price.

    If you compare these indicators from vacuum cleaners with a bag and cyclone copies, then in the first:

    • suction power decreases with time use;
    • noness is low;
    • consumables are needed constantly;
    • Cleaning quality average;
    • The cost of budget.

    The cyclone vacuum cleaner is characterized by an uncompressed suction force;

    • noise level in models higher;
    • Replacing consumables are not required;
    • high degree of cleaning;
    • Cost on average above.

    Overview of systems with early production containers shows that the first models did not differ convenience and efficiency. Cyclones destroyed from the carpet stuck to the brush. Also, such an effect was observed when some subject got into the brush. However, modern models with a container are deprived of such flaws, so currently has more demand.

    The type of design of modern models, even with a cyclic filter evolved. Classic traditional horizontal type options with network nutrition are still distributed, but there are also vertical build devices.

      These are compact units, small-sized, easily fit into the smallest apartment. Vertical vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter are manual format. They are commonly used to clean up the upholstery in the car or furniture in the apartment. For Palamena, this technique does not fit, as it is completely deprived of a variety of nozzles.

      Choosing vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter, it is worth understanding that the noise of models is somewhat raised. This noise comes from a plastic flask in which garbage accumulates, besides, also rotates inside. Over time, low-quality flasks lose the aesthetics of the appearance due to scratches, and when a large garbage gets, there may be cracks at all. Flask with scolf will not work, you will have to look for a suitable model for replacing with hands or buy a new vacuum cleaner.

      To improve the functional, such flasks were supplemented with aqua filter. It requires water use, but has the same cyclonic principle of operation. Recommendations for the use of such models are somewhat different.

      User manual

      Vacuum cleaner cyclone in general is easy to care. Mixless apparatus is not afraid of overheating, as it is equipped with protection. In the absence of such instructions, it does not recommend using an aggregate for more than 2 hours in a row.

      Dust collectors and filters usually require washing and cleaning. The first after each cleaning, the second – at least once a month. The home vacuum cleaner does not imply industrial use, as well as cleaning very polluted places.

      Household appliance is not recommended to connect to networks with sharp voltage jumps, as well as use with sufficiently low quality electricity. The risk of lesion current can be avoided if you exclude the use of the device for dry cleaning on a wet surface. It is forbidden to use the device during a spoiled network cable or a faulty fork.

      Home cyclonic vacuum cleaner is not suitable for cleaning combustible and explosive liquids. When cleaning the container from garbage, it is not recommended to use alcohol-containing liquids. Pollution is cleaned by conventional water with a sponge or brush. It is advisable not to trust the technique of small children.


      Buyers’ recommendations give some idea of ​​the models of vacuum cleaners with containers. Opinions, of course, are different, but can be useful when choosing.

      Bosch GS 10 BGS1U1805, for example, is estimated at such advantages as:

      • compactness;
      • quality;
      • convenience.

      Of the disadvantages there is a small amount of garbage container.

        Users note a pleasant model design, as well as the presence of a convenient portable handle. Of all cyclone units of the German manufacturer, this model is relatively silent and suitable for families with children and pets. Network cord enough for cleaning an apartment from one outlet, hose and telescopic handle add an action radius.

        Bosch BSG62185 is also assessed as a compact maneuverable unit with sufficient power. The model is characterized by an optimal value for money. From disadvantages, users have noted the noise of the device, also the accumulation of dust in the universal nozzle in the process of cleaning. Still owners note the possibility of using and container, and disposable bags. So, when plastic Square you do not have to buy a new model, but simply use conventional bags.

        In general, the aggregates of the German company are not negative feedback, only rare noise level remarks and additional functionality.

        Bosch vacuum cleaner overview with dust container Look in the video below.

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