Bosch extract: types, selection and installation subtleties

Kitchen – a place where close people are going to breakfast, lunch and dinner. But during the operation of the kitchen plate, hazardous carbon monoxide is highlighted (carbon monoxide) and formaldehyde. These gaseous toxic substances quickly apply throughout the apartment and harm the health of family members. Setting the drawing will solve this problem.


German company Bosch has long established itself as a manufacturer of high quality electronics. Household appliances are created strictly in accordance with the European standard of quality, because in the long service life of the electrical appliances can not be doubted. The company regularly releases new models with a large number of options, user-friendly interface. Hoods that offer this manufacturer are subject to a variety of tests. Checked the wear resistance of all parts and elements. Bosch motor motors, like many other components, are manufactured in Germany.

Despite its power, Bosch hoods work almost silently. The assortment presents various design options, so pick up the model for any kitchen interior will not be difficult.


Specific classification of hoods does not exist. When buying, the appearance of the sample and its technical parameters are usually taken into account. Specialized stores have a large selection of kitchen hoods.

Consider their main types and find out what their similarities and differences.

  • Suspended hoods are popular thanks to a low price. The design can not be called powerful, its purpose – air filtration. Circulating extractor filters air, and purified, it is released into the room again. Included often comes carbon filter. Suspended hoods are usually installed in small kitchens, where the technique perfectly pulls out of the air all the harmful couples and smells. You can increase the efficiency of this design by connecting it using an air duct to the ventilation mine.

Flat hood (visor) is also often found in stores. Such devices are considered a variety of suspended hoods. If you are interested in such a type of design, we recommend paying attention to the suspension hood “Bosch Serie 4 Dul 63 CC 20 WH”. Bosch suspended models are practically no different from each other, their power is approximately 129-146 W, maximum performance – 230-350 cube. M / C.

  • Embedded. Such devices are embedded in the mounted locker. So the kitchen is not clogged and saves a neat appearance. Embedded devices are much more powerful suspended, since two engines are installed in these models. Such constructions remove carbon monoxide pairs and smells much faster, but due to the operation of motors, the noise level rises. There are extrusion options that are embedded in the worktop. They are installed on both sides of the kitchen plate. This option is expensive will be expensive, there may also be problems with the installation of the system. Built-in hood “Bosch Serie 4 DFM 064 A 51 IX” – a great option. The noise of the motor is practically absent, it is easily embedded in a closet of 60 cm wide, so finding suitable furniture for it will not be difficult.

  • Dome. Outwardly resembles a cap or dome that hangs over the stove, so such structures are also called kitchen caps and fireplace hoods. There is an external similarity with a fireplace exhaust system. Such structures strongly climb the space, so it is better to install them on large areas of the kitchen. Hoods are considered powerful, so they are installed not only at home, but also in cafes, restaurants.

  • Hostess prefer the inclined extracts of the fireplace type. Use them is much more convenient: the overview of the cooking panel increases, they have a low noise level. In addition, the inclined extract takes much less working space than the usual dome. The cost of inclined design is high enough, but it is much more convenient to use it. Hooding Caminal DWP64CC50R is made of stainless steel, an umbrella is made in the form of a truncated pyramid. Another option – DWK065G20R. Inclined extract has an interesting design and high performance – 550 cubic meters. M / C. The power of the model is 216 W.

  • Telescopic. This type is also called retractable. During her work, it is possible to adjust the operation of the additional panel, it increases the surface of the air absorption. There are island telescopic hoods. Such models are not installed at the wall, they cannot be embedded in the kitchen cabinet. Island construction attached to the ceiling. The device is suitable for kitchens in which the workplace is located in the middle of the kitchen “island”. If necessary, an additional panel is extended or moved using the control panel.

  • The cost of island hoods is quite high Compared to other types of structures. Manufacturers offer original designs, such as an exhaust in the form of an inverted gland or disguised under the chandelier. Of course, you need to take into account the fact that this device is part of the interior. It should look harmoniously with furniture and appliances. If you have a spacious kitchen and a place to make meals is in the center (not adjacent to the wall), the island extractor – a great solution. Bosch Serie 8 DIB091K50 Island Construction has a modern design. Fat filters with contamination indicator are easily laundered in a dishwasher. Hood is equipped with a touchpad, lamps and backlit.


Pullings are made of various materials: glass, ceramics, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum. The cost of the device depends not only on the technical characteristics, but also on the material. Glass, ceramic hoods are considered expensive compared to plastic or stainless steel structures.

Many owners like glass hoods, they gently fit into the interior and seem to be less bulky. But to care for such a device is not easy, because after cooking on the refractory panel, splashes and other contaminants remain, which rushes into the glass. Clean the surface will often have to. In addition, special detergents must be used for glass. It is not recommended to wash the surface with an iron brush, as it will leave scratches on the glass.

Almost all budget models are made of steel. Stainless steel designs look less effectively, but it is not worse than the hoods of glass or ceramics. Bosch offers a large selection of devices from stainless steel and glass.


This manufacturer releases white, silver and black exhaust. Silver devices are in demand because they are less noticeable pollution and they retain a neat look longer.


Any extractor is a complex mechanism in which the motor creates air craving, due to which the polluted air is output from the room. There are a variety of details in the device that must be changed periodically. Fat filter is in every hood. It delays fat particles, protects the motor blades and the surface of the duct from pollution. Fat filters are disposable and reusable. Disposable products made on the basis of synthetic products (Fliselin, Sinytec, Acrylic). By structure, they resemble tissue napkins. Manufacturers install them in cheaper models of suspended flat designs. It is necessary to periodically check the exhaust and change this filter. Some mistresses erase and use it again, but do not do it.

Reusable filters come in a set along with expensive exhaust models. You do not need to change, it is enough to clean the cassette detergent. The filter looks like a mesh with a metal frame. Basically, details are made of aluminum and stainless steel. The coal filter is designed for extracts that support recirculation mode (the air is cleared and returns to the room). Coal is an excellent sorbent (substance absorbing harmful gases and pairs), so it perfectly copes with the problem of air pollution with carbon monoxide. Installed element for a fat filter.

The coal filter has to replace the new, the cost of the part is 250-2000 rubles. If you change it regularly, then it costs it quite expensive. The work of the whole design depends on his state. Because of the dirty coal filter, the bandwidth of the device, power and performance decreases. Its use of it can be increased if after cooking to leave the exhaust to work for another 5 minutes. This time is enough for the filter to dry from moisture and vapor.

How to choose and install?

When choosing an exhaust you need to consider certain features.

  • Gabarits. The width of the apparatus should be greater than or equal to the width of the kitchen plate. Only with this condition the extractor will pull gas and steam. You can install a telescopic extractor, which adjusts the extension of the additional panel.
  • Operating mode. Almost all devices operate in removal and recirculation mode. If you have a spacious kitchen, you will have to spend the ventilation channel, in this mode, the extractor will work much more powerful. If the kitchen is small in the area, then feel free to choose an exhaust with recirculation mode. Performance of such a model will be enough to eliminate odors.
  • Control. You can adjust the work of the drawing using the touch control (electronic). There are sensors on the panel, which usually have light indicators. Button controls assumes the presence of buttons with which the modes are changed and the “Enable” and “Turn off” commands are performed. Devices with slider control have sliders at the bottom of the exhaust.

Hoods with an automatic shutdown timer lately very popular. The device works as in the usual mode (time and modes of operation are selected by a person independently) and in the timer mode (the time is set, after which the device is automatically turned off).

  • Performance. Hood performance – the value showing how the volume of air takes the equipment in an hour. For a small area of ​​the kitchen, a device with a capacity of 600 cube is suitable. M / C. If the kitchen is large, you should choose a hood with more performance. But the more power of the device, the more noise from it. Powerful modern models are available with a noise-absorbing unit. In such a device, the engine is placed inside the rubber block, and there is practically no noise from it.
  • Noise level. The noise level is approximately 40-80 dB. So that the sound is not annoyed, give preference to extracts with a level of 40-60 dB.

Reviews about Bosch technique as a whole positive. Control the device, adjust the modes of its operation is very simple. Most devices are high.

Now let’s talk about how to set an extract yourself.

  • Roulette measure the height on the wall on which the design will be recorded. Be sure to keep in mind that the installation height for the electric stove should be 65-75 cm. Near the design of the design are installed at an altitude of 75-85 cm. These rules apply to all types of hoods except inclined. The distance from the lower panel of inclined exhaust to the electric stove should be equal to 36-67 cm, and the gas stove – 56-67 cm.
  • Take advantage of the level and swipe the horizontal line. At this height will be fixed by the lower part of the case. Measure the length of the device, set this length on the line. Find the middle of the segment, then spend a straight vertical line.
  • Now measure the design height. If the pipe rests on the ceiling, then part of it must be cut off. Need to take into account the installation restrictions.

  • Make a measure distance from the bottom edge of the device to fastening. At the vertical line, set aside this distance. Through this stitching (point) Spend a horizontal.
  • Now the height and length of the hood are postponed on the wall. Also on the wall, mark the places where the design will be attached.
  • Drill or puncher do holes under the dowel, then screws will be screwed into them.
  • Installation is better to start with upper mounts. The position of the device is aligned horizontally and is finally fixed.
  • Attach the corrugation or channel to the ventilation hole of the device on one side and to the ventilation shaft – on the other.


Any technique over time fails, kitchen hood is no exception.

Consider the main problems and ways to eliminate them.

  • Does not pull air. Previously mentioned filters. Fat filters need to wash with periodicity once every 3 weeks. Coal filter changes every 5-6 months. In modern models, a sensor is embedded, which lights up and reports that it is necessary to replace the element. Often the fan does not pull the air due to contaminated filters. Rinse and replace them in the device. If you checked the filters, they cleaned them, and the extract still badly pulls, then perhaps a vacuum formed in the apartment. In this case, it is enough to simply ventilate the room, the problem must eliminate.

  • If there is no traction in the ventul, then, respectively, the extractor will also not pull. Check the craving is very simple – bring the lighter or the adjusted match to the ventilation hole, the flame must be delayed. You can correct this problem by installing an exhaust electric fan.
  • Strong noise and extraneous sounds. Powerful devices work very loud. If the device is buzzing, heard “tapping”, then check the fasteners first. Even a small gap can cause extraneous sounds. Tightly secure the device, you can also pave a foambone between the wall and the machine. There are cases when the device is buzzing and does not start. If the fuse caused a breakdown, it must be replaced.
  • Light bulbs do not work. If the light does not turn on, then the light bulb itself burned. Will have to purchase a new, disassemble the design and replace it.

Hood does not just eliminate smells, it helps to keep the health of all family members. The device pulls up polluted air, displays carbon monoxide from the apartment. Bosch extractor will provide your kitchen clean and freshness for many years.

Bosch Telescopic Hood Review View in the following video.

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