Board gas plates: features, characteristics and rules of choice

Gas stove has long become the necessary attribute of modern kitchen. But in premises with a limited area, you can not always install the usual slab. In this case, the desktop gas stove will be indispensable, which can be taken with him to the cottage or picnic.


Desktop gas stove is a device that can be installed on the table or in another convenient location due to compact sizes. It does not require stationary mounting and connects to the gas pipeline with a flexible hose. Little tile can also connect to a cylinder with liquefied gas.

Mini-stove is a simplified version of the traditional gas device. It usually has limited functions and additions. Important indicators of such a stove are dimensions and weight. Appointment and use depends mainly on the number of burners. They are located on the top of the device, which is called a cooking surface. The number of burners can be from 1 to 4.

Single-mounted plates are portable. They work from the cans, they can be taken with them on trips to picnics. Models with two burners are suitable for kitchens with a small square. They do not occupy a lot of space, but you can cook a real lunch. They can be successfully used in the country.

Desktop gas tiles with 3 and 4 burners possess several large dimensions, but their functionality is wider, which allows you to prepare several dishes at the same time. The burners differ on them with dimensions. They are big, medium and small size. It is very convenient when preparing dishes requiring a flumea of ​​varying degrees.

Desktop gas devices can have a power in the range of 1.3-3.5 kW. Fuel consumption is from 100 to 140 g per hour.

Working cooking surface can be steel, made of stainless steel or have an enamel coating. Enamel coating can be not only white, but also color. It is cheaper than steel or stainless steel, but not so reliable. Stainless steel panel is more durable, it is not corrosion and has a long service life.

Lattices are installed on the cooking panel. They can be 2 species: from cast iron or made of steel rods and enamel-covered. Cast iron lattices are more durable and durable. At the same time they are more expensive.

Most of the mini-tiles models run both from cylinders with liquefied gas and from the main fuel. They are usually equipped with special fittings and replaceable nozzles to use any gas source. Thus, the table gas stove perfectly replaces the traditional stationary device and saves kitchen space.

Advantages and disadvantages

Along with common for all gas plates Advantages (Fast cooking, the ability to change the temperature conditions of cooking dishes, control and regulate the power of fire), mini tiles have their own advantages.

  • The size. Having compact dimensions, they occupy little space, so they can be installed on a small area.
  • Portability. Due to the small size and weight, you can change the location of their location, to transport to the cottage, take on any trips.
  • Universality. They are able to work from the gas pipeline and from the balloon.
  • Models with ovens possess the same functional abilities as the usual outdoor. They have electrical oil options, piezoeznaga, gas control, equipped with thermostat.
  • Economy. Their operation is more profitable compared to electric stoves.
  • Price. Their price is much less than the cost of classic gas plates.

    There are several factors to disadvantages.

    • Single and double-circuit plates have low power and are limited in the number of simultaneously prepared dishes.
    • For models running from a cylinder with liquefied gas, it is required to periodically change the balloon or refuel it on specialized gas stations.
    • It is necessary to regularly check the connection system to the cylinder.
    • When using gas cylinders, it is important to comply with safety rules.

    Types and technical specifications

    There are several criteria for which desktops are separated. First of all, this is the number of burners, on which the scope of application depends.

    • Portable single-mounted tile often used on trips, campaigns, fishing. She can serve one or two people. The device has a small size and small weight, works from collet cylinders. Presented by the models of the brand “Pathfinder”.
    • Portable two-circuit plate can serve several people. Presented by different models of the brand “Pathfinder”. The feature of these instruments is the ability to connect each burner to your own cylinder.
    • Portable threekone or four-door model will please the owner of wider functional abilities. Such a device can be fully used at home and at the cottage.

      All portable desktop tiles are often additionally equipped with adapters for connecting to different gas sources, covers or caisams for transportation and a special screen that protect against wind.

      Also, board plates can have different in size, sight and even the shape of the burner. The size of the burner is influenced by the dimensions of the dishes used.

      As for the shape, the most common are the burners with a circular flame. Some modern plates have special burners with two or three contours. This means that one and the same burner can have two diameters (big and small), which allows gas saving and determine the most appropriate cooking mode.

      There are also models with ceramic burner, burners in the form of an oval (very comfortable for dishes of the appropriate form), triangular on which you can cook without a lattice. As for the lattice on the plates, it most often happens a cast iron or stainless steel made.

      By type of gas use, desktop plates are:

      • For natural gas, which are connected to a stationary gas pipeline in a small apartment;
      • For cylinders with liquefied gas for cottages;
      • Combined, in the design of which connect and to the main gas, and to the cylinder.

      An example of a plate intended for the main, gas is the mini-model FLAMA ANG1402-W. This is a 4-korphic stove, in which one of the burners of greater power provides fast heating, and the rest are standard. Rotary handles regulate the power of the fire.

      Tile is covered with white enamel. Metal lattices are also enamelled. The model is supplemented with a lid, low legs with rubber nozzles, shelves for dishes.

      Model Delta-220 4A is a desktop stationary mini-stove. It works from balloon gas. The cooking panel is equipped with 4 burners of different power. Housing and cooking panel have a white enamelled coating. Special protective cover protects the wall from contamination with splashes of fat and liquids.

      Special view of desktop plates is a combined desktop tile with oven (gas or electric). Such a model is not inferior to the usual stationary plate and much expands cooking opportunities. Similar plates have doors made of two-layer heat-resistant glass, temperature pointer, often equipped with a grill.

      Compact 4-killer cooker with the oven Hansa FCGW 54001010 has small dimensions (0.75×0.5×0.6 m), allowing you to install it on a small area. Backlit oven has a volume of about 58 liters. It is equipped with a thermostat that helps to check the temperature inside. The door of the oven is made of two-layer heat-resistant, weakly heated glass, eliminating the possibility of burning.

      The burners have different size: large – 9 cm, small – 4 cm, as well as two to 6.5 cm. Their total capacity is 6.9 kW. Electric equipment is carried out through rotary handles. Gas-control option is provided, turning off the gas supply in case of decaying fire.

      In general, desktop gas plates are represented by a large number of models that are equipped with various options. There are models with electro-or piezoejig, with systems that protect against gas leakage and increasing gas pressure, as well as controlling the correct installation of the cooking panel and cylinder.

      Tips for choosing

      One of the factors affecting the choice of a table plate model, is often the presence or absence of a stationary gas pipeline. It depends on this, whether it will be a stove for a main gas or for a balloon liquefied.

      The number of burners on the stove is determined by the volume and frequency of cooking, as well as the features of the application of the device. For 1-2 people or for use on trips, a single or two-door plate is enough, and for a more numerous family, a three- or four-meter model will be required.

      Choosing a slab, you also need to pay attention to the specifications.

      • Dimensions and weight. Table plates mainly have standard dimensions in the range of 55x40x40 cm. Weight does not exceed 18-19 kg. Such small-sized devices do not occupy a lot of space.
      • Gorge size. If there are 3-4 burners on the stove, let them be different sizes.
      • Coating. This is especially important for the cooking surface. It should be durable, therefore it is preferable to choose a stainless steel coating plate. In addition, such material is easier to wash away from pollution. Enameled coating cheaper, but it is fragile. In addition, chips are often formed on it.
      • It is advisable to choose a model with a lid. This will allow to protect the slab from damage during transport and contain it clean when stored.
      • Plate with electrofery (piezoejigg) easier to exploit.
      • Gas control. This option allows you to prevent gas leakage and makes the operation of the slate safe.
      • Electric oven is more powerful and stronger heats up, but it consumes a lot of electricity.
      • Most safe Oven with two-layer heat-resistant glasses in the door (no risk of burning).
      • Well, if the design of the model for the main gas allows you to connect it to the cylinder. In this case, the set must be a special jiggle adapter.
      • Imported models often have more additional options, but their cost is higher.

      An important point is also the size of the lattice. For small lattice saucepan with large dimensions will be uncomfortable.

        The design of the plate and its color is chosen taking into account personal taste. However, it is worth considering that the coatings made in the shades of brown look much more effectively. In addition, contamination is not so noticeable.

        How to use?

        The use of a gas stove requires compliance with certain rules. Incorrect operation of the device can lead to gas leakage and explosion. General requirements for the operation of desktops, regardless of the type of gas used (natural or balloon) are 3 points:

        • Use the stove in a well-ventilated room;
        • At the end of the installation of the stove, it is necessary to close the crane on the gas pipe or overlap the valve on the cylinder;
        • In the event of a gas leakage or any breakdowns, you must immediately call the gas service.

        After buying a desktop slab, you need to study her instruction well. Connecting models for main gas should be carried out through the gas service.

        Tile and cylinder are connected by a detachable threaded connection. Disposable cylinders have a compound type, it is carried out using a push valve.

        Installation of the balloon is quite simple. It is connected to the stove until the stop. Then you need to lower the latch or turn the balloon so that the protrusions (petals) of the collet are in the recesses (recesses).

        Portable stove Connect easy.

        • If the stove is new, first of all it is necessary to free it and plugs, protecting threaded holes, from packaging.
        • The installation site of the installation plane must be strictly horizontal. Distance from the wall – not less than 20 cm.
        • It is important to check the correct installation of the cooking surface and the lattice.
        • Tile screws up to the limit on the carving of the gas cylinder. She must rely on him.
        • Gas is fed to the burner after turning the valve on the stove.
        • The fire is lit after pressing the Piezajnign button.
        • Flame power can be adjusted by turning the gas supply regulator.

        When operating, it is strictly prohibited:

        • use a faulty device;
        • check gas leakage with fire;
        • leave the slab in working condition without observation;
        • contain a balloon (with gas or empty) in a residential room;
        • attract children to the use of slab.

        When replacing the cylinder, you also need to stick to the elementary rules. It is necessary to regularly examine the balloon and the system of connecting to the stove in order to detect the damage to the gearbox, valve faults. On the cylinder should not be damage in the form of deep cracks, scratches, dents. It is also important to pay attention to the state of the seal rings – they must be integer, without cracks.

        It is recommended to systematically carry out the prophylactic inspection of the device.

        In the next video, see the Overview of the desktop GeFest PG-900.

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