Black dishwashers

Black dishwashers look very attractive. Among them are separate and built-in machines 45 and 60 cm, compact machines with a black facade for 6 sets and other volumes. It is necessary to figure out how to choose a specific device.


Almost all cleaning dishes are performed in white color – this is a kind of classic genre. Pretty many consumers also choose silver models. But the black dishwasher turns out to be in demand – it looks stylish and attractive. The number of relevant models has grown sharply in recent years. They usually do not have problems with quality or no more than other varieties.

Interesting models are many.

Zigmund & Shtain

Pleasant sample compact device with black facade. The model is embedded in furniture. For 1 run, it is possible to put in order 9 diet sets. Typical program is performed in 205 minutes. Timer of the deferred starter is designed for 3-9 hours. Although the brand German, the release actually goes to Turkey and the PRC. Important practical nuances:

  • Drying is made by the condensation method;
  • cyclic water consumption of 9 l;
  • noise level no more than 49 dB;
  • net weight 34 kg;
  • 4 Functional programs;
  • size 450x550x820 mm;
  • 3 temperature regimen;
  • There is a half-load mode;
  • There is no blocking from children;
  • It is impossible to use tablets 3 in 1;
  • Not too high quality removal of fat spots.
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Smeg Lvfabbl

Choosing a separate 60 cm wide dishwasher width, it is worth paying attention to SMEG LVFABBL. Italian apparatus dries dishes by a condensation way. You can put up to 13 samples. Users are available to start launching and water purity sensor. For 1 cycle, 8.5 liters of water is consumed. Noise level does not exceed 43 dB.

Increased value is somewhat justified by the large number of programs and temperature modes. The condensation drying method allows you to work quietly and economically.

The door opens automatically. Provided full protection against water leakage. Designers took care more about rinsing mode.

Flavia FS 60 Enza P5

Good alternative. Developers promise that it will be possible to wash 14 sets for 1 run. Typical washing time is 195 minutes. Stipped tray for laying tablets. The display shows the remaining time and executable program. Technical subtleties:

  • separate installation;
  • Standard water consumption 10 l;
  • noise level no more than 44 dB;
  • Net weight 53 kg;
  • 6 operating modes;
  • The camera is highlighted inside;
  • The height of all 3 baskets can be adjusted;
  • The device successfully copes with complex pollution;
  • there is no protection against children;
  • There is no half-load;
  • Warm up to 65 ° with intensive mode is not enough for highly polluted dishes.

Kaiser S 60 U 87 XL EM

Fans of partially built-in equipment may like this model. The design is supplemented with bronze fittings. A pleasant and elegant look is achieved due to the roundabout of the contours of the case. Up to 14 typical sets are placed in the working chamber. The basket is adjustable, there is a tray under cutlery. Other features:

  • water consumption per cycle 11 l;
  • noise when working up to 47 dB;
  • 6 programs, including intensive and delicate;
  • Start posting mode;
  • Total leakage protection;
  • Display is absent.
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If you want to choose a dishwasher 45 cm wide, it can be a good option. A full-size model has an AirDry option. Up to 10 sets of dishes. The economical program will end in 4 hours, accelerated – in 30 minutes, and the model is calculated by 1.5 hours.

BEKO DFN 28330 B

If you again go to 60 cm versions, then beko dfn 28330 b can be useful. The 13-complete model provides 8 programs. Current consumption for 1 cycle – 820 W. Use time as usual – 238 minutes.

Bosch SMS 63 LO6TR

Excellent dishwasher. Water consumption for 1 cycle reaches 10 liters. Drying is provided with zeolite. Energy efficiency corresponds to the level A++.

Pre-rinse option is provided.

Le Chef BDW 6010

12 l of water is spent on 12 sets of dishes. Only housing is protected from water leakage. Drying is condensing. The height of the basket is perfectly adjustable.

How to choose?

Focus only on the description of dishwashers models is not too reasonable. We must pay attention to technical nuances.

  • First of all it is necessary to deal with the size of the devices. Standard envelope implies a wide variety of modes and functions, high performance. Such a product is perfectly arranged owners of large kitchens.
  • But in many cases it has to radically save space. In this situation, the optimal choice can be separately worth the device. It is always easy to rearrange it at the right point. When choosing an embedded technology, you will have to pay attention to the size of a suitable place.
  • The number of programs should be selected under their individual needs.
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Advanced technologies improve the quality of the sink and help distribute water streams. However, this makes it more expensive than the technique and complicates it. Will have to choose between comfort and financial considerations. Dry tableware most often will be an economical condensation method. Prevention of leaks Only on the case also guarantees savings, but in the event of a breakthrough of the hose about such a choice will have to regret. When choosing a dishwasher, it is also necessary to consider:

  • Reviews about the brand and a specific model;
  • the necessary cleanliness of the dishes;
  • noise level;
  • washing speed;
  • electricity consumption;
  • control panel device;
  • Personal impressions and additional wishes.

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