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Increasingly, the kitchen in the dwelling began to equip the embedded technique. One of the types of such devices without which it is not necessary, is a cooking panel. A wide selection of embedded surfaces is presented on the market, among which the Beko cooking panels are highly popular. What they represent, and which models produce this manufacturer, discussed below.

About manufacturer

BEKO is a Turkish company. This firm was founded in 1967 and since then has won the whole world. Today, this brand is among the top five most popular household appliances brands in Europe. Under this brand, many all kinds of home appliances are produced, including embedded cooking panels.

Advantages and disadvantages

Beko cooking panels are characterized by unsurpassed style and practicality in operation. This household appliance has a number of advantages.

  • Quality. The goods have certificates of compliance with standards developed in European countries and in Russia.
  • Guarantee period. The manufacturer has installed a warranty period for 24 months on its cooking panel. During this period, you will not only be able to eliminate the problems in the services, but also replace the device if a production marriage has been discovered, although such cases are extremely rare.
  • Service network. Our country has a fairly large network of official service centers, which will repair devices using original spare parts as soon as possible even in post-warranty period.
  • The lineup. The manufacturer produces the widest range of cooking panels of all kinds of species. Among the diverse assortment, everyone will pick themselves equipment with the necessary parameters.
  • Price. The price of Beko cooking panels is quite democratic. They cost much cheaper than similar goods of other famous European brands.
  • Additional functions. Many models are equipped with additional options, which helps not only facilitate the hostess work in the kitchen, but also ensure safety technique.

    Beko’s disadvantages of cooking panels include only the lack of broad models with five and more burners, on which you can use several voluminous saucepans at the same time, which is important for large families.

    How to choose?

    The choice of the Beko cooking panel depends on several aspects.

    • Is there a gas in your house. If your home is gasified, then, of course, it is worth choosing a gas model, but if your home is not designed to use blue fuel, then you stop your choice on electrical modifications. But this manufacturer also offers a combination type panels that combine and gas, and electrical burners, which is convenient for use in those places where frequent gas shutdowns happen.

    • Ecology. Despite the fact that gas plates for many are more familiar than electrical, and allow you to more clearly control the cooking process, they highlight sufficient toxic substances into the air, and require a high-quality ventilation system, while the electric stove can be installed even in place, where the hood is installed without an air duct. Therefore, if you do not want to breathe gas combustion products, the electrical model should be purchased.

    • Number of konfork. The manufacturer offers two-, three- and four-meter panels. Depending on the number of family members, you can choose an appropriate cooking surface. So, for a lonely person who does not burden himself with cooking, it will be enough to purchase a panel with two burners, while a full-fledged family of three or four people need a full-fledged 4-korphic surface.

    • View of the electrical panel. You can buy ordinary electric plates with Tanni, as well as induction. The latter do not require time to heat up, they are as close as possible to gas, as they instantly react to the addition and output of the power. They are also economical, as they start working only at the moment when dishes are installed on the burner. The disadvantage of the induction surface is that it needs only a certain dishes with a magnetic bottom.

    Electric plates with Tan are also found two types: with steel burners, as well as with a surface made of glass ceramics.

    • Form Konfork. Electric cooking surfaces are available with conventional round, as well as advanced heating zones, for example, in the form of an oval. Such plates are comfortable in case of using dimensional saucepan, oval fry, Kazan.

    • Additional options. If the child is in the house, it is better to pay attention to the panel with protection against children or models, overlapping gas in the absence of flame. Also, the surfaces are equipped with heating indicators, overflow protection, auto powerwise.

    • Price. The price of cooking panels varies in the range from 6300 to 22,000 rubles. Therefore, an important aspect when choosing this technique is its value.

    The lineup

    Beko cooking panels are presented in our market fairly wide range. Here are some models that may interest you.

    • HDCE 32200 X. Electric 2-conforing surface made of stainless steel. This is the fiscal modification among the rural panels of this manufacturer. Suitable for those who prefer conservatism. Each burner has 6 operating modes. The surface is covered with silver enamel. Combined with black color “Blinov” suitable for any interior of the kitchen. This modification is about 6,300 rubles.

    • Hizg 64126 AR. Gas modification. The control panel is located on the left, does not interfere when performing a saucepan plate. The surface is made in black, looks stylish and expensive. Additionally, equipped with an electronics and a “gas control” function. This modification is about 8100 rubles.

    • HIC 64101 X. Electric glass ceramic panel with four burners. Made in classic design. Has swivel switches located to the right of the working surface. Equipped with residual heat indicators, which minimizes the likelihood of burning. This modification is about 12,200 rubles.

    • HII 64500 FHT. Induction cooking surface with maximum set of options. It has sensory control, LED display, 19 heating modes, “Fast warm-up” function, inclusion indicators, shutdown, blocking from accidental clicking. Also, the stove is equipped with an extended area where you can accommodate quite overall dishes. It is worth this modification of about 21,300 rubles.


    Owners of Beko cooking panels are quite well responding about this technique. They talk about high quality, long service life, ease of use.

    The disadvantages include only the difficulty of caring for black models, as well as the absence of an extended circuit on some models of electrical modifications.

    Review of the induction cooking panel BEKO Look in the video below.

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