BBK vacuum cleaners: features, types and models

BBK – manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, offers a wide variety of modern models. Many variations with a large number of opportunities are, at the same time, variety, and difficulties with the choice. A huge number of parameters of models identical in appearance complicates the purchase of home equipment. We will analyze the features of BBK models Read more.

About brand

BBK – a group of different firms combined into one concern. The year of the foundation of the association is considered to be 1995, the head link of the corporation is located in the PRC. Currently, BBK products have gained widespread worldwide. The Russian Distributor of the federal significance appeared in 2005. Corporation distributes wholesale batch products of the largest electronics manufacturer from China. Household appliances for home – one of the large-scale directions of the corporation.

In addition to vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, washing machines, BBK produces:

  • LED LCD TVs;
  • DVD equipment;
  • computers;
  • phones;
  • Electric lamps.

    Consumer electronics refers to a budget class and is almost every Russian family. Numerous users celebrate product quality, long service life. Ownership is confirmed by professional achievements that are issued after planned tests of technology and published review information.

    The organization has a representative office, which is separately engaged in developing innovations specially for Russian buyers. BBK averaged prestige several times and is “brand number 1 in Russia”.

    Branded products are positioned as ergonomic and recognizable. Thanks to BBK wide masses, modern technologies are available. Products are not only mass, but also high quality. The main values ​​of the Chinese manufacturer should be steadily:

    • innovations;
    • Massiness;
    • aesthetics;
    • quality;
    • functionality.

    In addition to the release of own products, BBK has experience working with such well-known partners as:

    • Realtek;
    • MediaTek;
    • Sigma;
    • M-Star;
    • Ali Corporation.

    Popular and modern BBK chipsets rated well-known manufacturers. The company is engaged in the adaptation of its own software for various needs, the company does not purchase ready-made solutions.

    Design of branded products is appreciated by users. Many elements are selected as interior design items.


    High-quality cleaning – daily occupation that does not do without technical modern means. Types of vacuum cleaners differ in design. It is she who determines the functionality of the device.

    The simplest vacuum cleaner, except the case, has a hose with all sorts of nozzles. Motor and dust collector signed in the case. A device with a conventional paper bag and a vacuum way of work is the most popular option. The product eliminates contact with dust and garbage assembled, as it is simply emitted together with the container.

    Modern variety of this model – a container vacuum cleaner. The device is also considered convenient, since it does not require a constant purchase of disposable bags. From the samples with the container noteworthy vacuum cleaners with aquilter. They provide air ionization.

    Modern models are distinguished by mobility. BBK portable manual aggregate works without connecting to the network, provides high-quality cleaning of furniture or automotive upholstery.

    Another wireless version is a robot vacuum cleaner. This “smart” technique is almost independently responsible for cleaning in your apartment. In addition to the standard set of a conventional vacuum cleaner, the unit has various sensors that help it navigate in space.

    Vertical vacuum cleaner is devoid of the usual body, its motor and dust collector are one-piece design with a pipe. The devices are valued for mobility and high quality cleaning. The model is lightweight, more often runs from the battery, does not require connection to the network. The design often combines the variant of the manual unit, which is quickly transformed into the usual vertical vacuum cleaner.

    Universal high-power and performance devices are distinguished by large dimensions. They are becoming popular not only in professional areas, but also at home. Models can be used after repair, and in daily cleaning. They cope with dry cleaning, and with washing, and collecting spilled or scattered mixes.

    According to BBK statistics, models for dry cleaning, classical design are most popular. Perhaps this is due to noticeable low-cost models in comparison with other species. Mobile devices, successfully cope with the cleaning of apartments and private houses. Devices are suitable for cleaning carpets and for expensive coatings: parquet, laminate. Dry cleaning vacuum cleaners can be conveniently placed in the closet or under the storage table, they do not occupy a lot of space.


    Features of most dry cleaning vacuum cleaners identical models, They can be combined with several generalized features:

    • soundproofing case, so the BBK models have a low noise level;
    • compactness and storage of components of elements in the housing niche;
    • increased strength;
    • automation for winding cable;
    • a variety of nozzles;
    • electrical drive.

    All the above characteristics owns BBK BV1506 vacuum cleaner. For a vacuum cleaner, 3-speed filtering system is characterized. HEPA latest generation filter is combined here with Dual Cyclon. The cyclone filter is installed directly into the dust collecting tank, so no additional disposable bags.

    There is an adjusting handle on the blue case, which allows to reduce power consumption in 2000 W. Tube in the configuration telescopic, made of steel. Power Suction 320 W, 2,5 liter dust collector. Nozzle in the configuration is one, but it is universal – for solid and carpeting, there is a switch.

    BBK BV1503

    Another variant of a classic device, with a capacity of 2000 W with a cyclone filter and a vacuumbler at 2.5 liters. The design of the model is classic, it differs from the previous one in red. Functionality Standard, only the product is more noisy – 82 dB.

    BBK BV1505

    The model is characterized by an improved suction capacity of 350 W when identity of power of consumption 2000 W. The filter is cyclone, with a dust collector size in 2 liters. Filter system classic, cleaning type only dry. Additional nozzles are supplied with the device. The product is distinguished by a beautiful emerald framing with black inserts.

    BBK BV3521

    This robot model, classical disk form, is distinguished by autonomy of work and intellectual internal system. Battery capacity Ni-MH 1500 Ah enough for 90 minutes of non-stop work. The device is characterized by impressive, for similar models, a garbage collection container – 0.35 liters. Device control is carried out from the remote control.

    BBK BV2512

    A vertical model that is characterized by autonomy, as it is a device 2 in 1, suitable for classic daily cleaning and cleaning of upholstered furniture. The volume of container 0.5 liters, disposable bags is not required. The power consumption of the device is 600 W, from features – vertical parking, the main color of the design is white.

    BBK BV2511

    Another model of vertical type, also with a function 2 in 1 and a garbage collection container instead of bags. The capacity of the device is more – 800 W, and the capacity of 0.8 liters. Model a little noisy – 78 dB.

    BBK BV2526

    Vertical wireless model with classic features. Battery here Li-Ion, dust collector – 0,75 liters, container. Noise 72 dB, there is vertical parking. Of the features – the power regulator on the handle. If it is reduced, it is more convenient to clean the curtains, curtains, books.

    Different models of vacuum cleaners differ not only by dimensions, but also features. Some users pay attention even to the color of the device, which is often chosen under the apartment design. There are characteristic parameters for which you should pay attention to when choosing.

    How to choose?

    Choosing a classic vacuum cleaner for the house, first of all it is worth paying attention to its power. The higher this parameter will be, the more effective the device will cope with the tasks. Bright and brilliant appearance is also important, but this is a secondary factor for household appliances of this type.

    Low power from 300 to 800 W is usually enough for solid coatings. If carpets are dominated in the apartment, the characteristic of the vacuum cleaner should be at least 1500 W. Dry cleaning vacuum cleaners are characterized by a changeable power. It usually falls at the end of the cleaning cycle. BBK specialists advise to start cleaning from the most polluted places in the apartment.

    One main nozzle of a classic vacuum cleaner that comes in most of the complete sets can be used both on solid and on carpet. An improved version of such a nozzle is called a turbo and equipped with a rotating element. It feeds on its own battery. The item is better coping with carpet cleaning, but floors covered with laminate or parquet can spoil.

    If the selected model of the vacuum cleaner is suitable in all parameters, but does not include any nozzles in the configuration, they can be purchased separately. Special brushes for furniture, windows, parquets are suitable for a standard telescopic tube of devices.

    Special attention should be paid to the choice of a robot vacuum cleaner.

    • The internal device of the models is different. For example, there are options with optional garbage absorption holes on the sides. Side brushes are supplied with long bristle. The central brush can work in turbo mode.
    • The height of the device matters. In order for the vacuum cleaner without stuck in the lumens of the lowest furniture, it is necessary for the height of several centimeters.
    • The shape of the vacuum cleaner (round or square) does not affect the quality of cleaning. Many choose square models, believing that they will better cope with the cleaning corners of the room. However, those and other devices still perfectly cope with the task, since small brushes for cleaning garbage from the corners are specially located on the sides of the devices.

    A good guideline in choosing the desired device can serve as real reviews of owners of BBK.

    Customer Reviews

    For example, the BBK BV1506 model buyers characterize as an ergonomic, pleasant appearance. Vacuum cleaner is easy to assemble and prepare for work even without the instruction – everything is intuitive. Special universal brush floor / carpet easily copes with cleaning any coatings all over the house.

    Users note that the smooth floor is better cleared in the “for carpets” mode. At the same time, in order to clearly clean the thin mats, it is better to reduce the suction power, since with large settings they stick to the brush of the vacuum cleaner.

    The model comes on sale with a large assortment of nozzles. One vacuum cleaner can be organized and cleaning furniture and general cleaning with the cleansing of all corners and splas.

          A lot of positive opinions gathered a vertical model BBK BV2526. The product is recommended for apartments where pets live. The vacuum cleaner copes well with cleaning wool not only with carpets, but also from furniture. The low power of the aggregate itself is compensated by a turbo.

          Users marked a convenient garbage collection container, compactness, the ability to use offline. The device can be transformed into a manual vacuum cleaner and organize general cleaning machine. The model in a white-violet frame looks bright, some owners even evaluate the unit as too catchy. From other disadvantages there is an increased noise, but it is characteristic of models with a cyclone filter.

          About what mistakes are allowed when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, see the following video.

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