As induction plates affect human health?

Among the diversity of modern kitchen equipment, induction plates are very popular due to their practicality and reliability. But there is such an opinion that induction plates are able to harm the human body. Is it really if the impact of such a device is dangerous? All the answers are already waiting for you in our special material.

Features and principle of work

The induction plate is becoming increasingly popular every year, and modern hostesses remain very happy with her work. Such a stove has a number of advantages and options, due to which it is increasingly choosing modern consumers. What is the feature of such kitchen stoves, what is the principle of their work?

Inside each induction cooking panel there is a special heating element – this is an inductor inductor. This important item is located under the hob of the hob. It is this detail that misses the current that in the end allows you to create an electromagnetic field in parts of this coil. The magnetic field creates special currents that allow you to achieve very high heat transfer. The main feature of such a design is that Magnetic field allows you to warm up only the bottom of the dishes. The surface itself around the dishes does not heat.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that induction models of kitchen stoves work only in the presence of special kitchen utensils.

That is, all the pans, skewers and other cookware for cooking should be made of a special alloy. Such a alloy is called ferromagnetic.

Thanks to such a special technology, the induction stove has a number of significant advantages, which we will describe more about. But many consumers, learning about what principle the induction model of the kitchen plate is working, they begin to fear that it can cause significant harm to health. Is it really?

Is it harmful to health?

There are many legends that the induction cooking panel has a very negative impact on human health, which is cooked on such a kitchen cooker Food TAIT Hazard for Health. Of course, most of the existing legends are just myths that should not pay any attention. For example, in the people there is such an opinion that after cooking on an induction plate, all vegetables lose about 80% of their benefits. There were no research on this subject, therefore it is only a hypothesis.

Also, many are confident that the cooked meat on the induction plate is completely deprived of its useful qualities, and all food becomes radioactive. In fact, these are just myths that have not been confirmed by scientific facts and research.

But there are some disadvantages that it is worth considering those who plan to acquire exactly such a modern kitchen slab. In that case, If the kitchenware in which you cook on this stove, will not completely overlap the area of ​​one or another burner, then the radiation will adversely affect the human body.

It is important to take into account that it is safe to be prepared at a distance of 30 centimeters from the cooking panel itself.

As a rule, an adult can easily cope with it and not approach the cooking panel while cooking. Of course, difficulties in this regard may occur in pregnant women and people of small growth. In compliance with these simple rules, it is impossible to unambiguously assert that the work of the induction slab negatively affects health.

If you do not comply with such simple rules, then the radiation coming out during the operation of the induction plate can harm the health of the nervous system. With regular and frequent improper operation of the device, frequent headaches, insomnia and fatigue may occur.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that people with pacemakers are not recommended to be close next to the induction cooker. Those electromagnetic streams that occur during the work of the techniques can affect the operation of a humilized pacemaker.

For this reason, it should be prepared with maximum caution, not approaching too close to the hob. Distance must be at least half a meter. This recommendation applies not only to plates of this type, but also to work with a computer or other electrical appliances. In any case, it is worth securing yourself and consult with the attending physician about possible harmful effects.


We have already told about the possible harmful effects of induction models of kitchen stoves on human health. Of course, in the case of the proper installation of the slab itself, in the case of compliance with all the instructions on the operation and, with the right selection of dishes, these plates options will not be able to cause serious harm to health. In addition, like any instrument, these plates have its advantages about which it is worth mentioning separately.

One of the main advantages of induction slabs is that cooking begins instantly. That is, as soon as you turn on the burner and put the dishes on it, cooking already begins. Of course, the benefits are obvious in this case, as it is Saves time and electricity. In addition, it is worth mentioning that induction cooking panels are much more economical if you compare them with a conventional electric stove. And this is another significant plus in the data pattern of models.

Another feature of the stove is its practicality, convenience and security. For example, As soon as you remove the saucepan from the cooking surface, the burner stops working. It is very practical and convenient, especially for forgetful owners. Not scary if you suddenly drop the plug or spoon on the cooking panel. If on other plates such items are heated instantly, and their extraction can lead to burns, then it’s not worth it with the induction slab. The fact is that small objects, the diameter of which less than 20 centimeters, do not heat up, getting to the working burner.

Another plus is that On the surface of such a plate, nothing burns, What greatly facilitates care for the hob. You can clean the surface immediately after the end of cooking, without fear of getting a burn.

In addition, modern models have more options, thanks to which you can cook quickly, economically and delicious.

How to reduce harm?

So, of the foregoing, it can be concluded that small, but still, the harm induction kitchen stove can cause human health.

We have several useful tips that will help significantly reduce harm from these plates.

  • To begin with mandatory very carefully learn the instructions, which is attached to each Kitchen Plate. Do not neglect all those in the rules of operation that are set out in the instructions, because it will help you to protect yourself and your health.
  • Use for cooking only special dishes. It is important to take into account the size of the burner and the size of the dishes. Pick the saucepans and sweatshirts so that their bottoms completely corresponded to the diameter of the burner.
  • Do not cook on the edge of the burner, put the dishes exactly in the center, So you will reduce the harmful effects of the slab during operation.
  • During cooking Use spoons and blades with a long handle, which will allow you not to approach too close to the hob. It is important to remember that it is best to use wooden or silicone instruments, and not metal devices.

Expert opinion, about the effect of induction plates on health, learn in the following video.

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