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Today, the technology has stepped forward so much that turned cleaning in a light and fascinating business. So, with the help of robots, vacuum cleaners can be effectively cleaning the floor in the house or apartment – you will only need to press the inclusion button and observe what is happening. We study these miracle aggregates Read more on the example of Xrobot models.


The household vacuum cleaner is a modern automatic device with intellectual possibilities for harvesting residential and office space. Work begins instantly. Just run the unit, everything else will do it myself. If suddenly, the charge will not be enough to perform the task, the device will independently head for recharging.

Household appliances of this type are divided into:

  • robots-brooms (makes dry cleaning);
  • robots-tray (designed for wet cleaning);
  • Combined models (combine both functions, instead of a wet waters, a wet rag is involved in them).

Vacuum cleaners are mainly designed to clean flooring, however, modern models will cope even with carpets.

Polythers are not recommended to be used for washing laminate, as a large amount of water can significantly steal the coating. The same applies to wooden floors and parquet. For such cases, models of combined type are suitable – they make the so-called gentle-splashing floor washing with a damp cloth. True, the help of the user is required here (it is necessary to squeeze the rag that is attached to the bottom). Nevertheless, the automatic vacuum cleaner will become an ideal assistant for a quick washing of tiles, a bulk sex, linoleum, stone, porcelain stoneware, even a germ with lacquered coating. The main thing is to determine the choice of model.

Principle of operation

To choose a high-quality vacuum cleaner robot, first of all it is necessary to deal with its device and rules of operation. The devices of this type consist of a small cylindrical housing made of durable plastic or light metal. They do not make high on a simple reason – so that they can travel under the furniture. The absence of corners at the body reduces the risk of damage to the interior items, and also makes the device more maneuverable.

Budget-class models are equipped with battery charge indicator.

On the case of more expensive vacuum cleaners, an LCD display with a touch panel is installed, where running functions / parameters are displayed. Top of a metal box – decorative element. Some are made in the style of minimalism, others – with graphic images.

The “heart” of the robot is at the bottom and consists of:

  • rubberized wheels;
  • cleaning brushes (in some models there are lateral and central at the same time);
  • internal reservoir (dust collector, which is represented as a bag or plastic container);
  • modern dust cleaning system (installed filters and small fan, which cleans the air caught inside).

So, the principle of operation of the automatic cleaner lies in self-movement on a residential or office space and a collection of garbage sitting on the path with a central brush. Built into the body fan provides strong absorption of dust. Models with side brushes are able to sweep the garbage from the sides, helping the central brush to complete cleaning. Polluted air passes through the filter, and the cleaned exits through the outlet.

All the assembled garbage and dust settled at the bottom of the reservoir, which after completing the work is cleaned.

All models of vacuum cleaners – robots operate in one scheme. In modern devices there are minor differences, but it does not affect the quality of cleaning.

Overview of the model range

Xrobot X3 Aqua

Electronic dust collector for dry and wet cleaning. In stores is presented in one color – black. Equipped with a powerful mechanism that allows you to quickly start, as well as set the time using the timer to automatically turn on. Clean reservoir (0.5 l) enough for cleaning floors from dust and animal wool. Price – 14 000 rubles.

Other features:

  • the presence of sensors of obstacles, definitions of steps;
  • oriented in space through an infrared beam;
  • The total weight of the device is 4.6 kg;
  • Built-in clock;
  • Battery capacity – 2600 mAh (work for 2 hours);
  • Charges from the network (about 5 hours);
  • Included is the remote control, microfiber nozzle, charger.

Xrobot A8 Silver Black

Intelligent device for cleaning apartments, offices, hotels. Clear ceramic, wooden, tiled floors from dust, as well as cleaner carpets with a short pile. This model is equipped with automatic recharging – the vacuum cleaner itself visits the battery base base.

Presented in two versions (black and silver). Price – 13 000 rubles.


  • Fall protection function;
  • fully automatic cleaning without human participation;
  • Power – 23 W;
  • The operation time of the charged unit is 60 minutes;
  • Standard type filter;
  • Container for garbage collection and dust.

Xrobot XR-210E Red

Venik vacuum cleaner with automatic control system. Equipped with three modes of operation that are adjustable using the remote control (batteries in the kit). In addition, the unit is endowed with the sensors of the definition of steps and obstacles. The built-in timer has 7 programs, and the clock allows you to configure the launch of the device for every day of the week. Posted by the manufacturer in red. Price – 11,800 rubles.

Xrobot X550 Black

Vacuum cleaner producing automatic dry cleaning. The housing is made of durable plastic. It has a digital display with a touch control panel. The screen shows the mode of operation, the condition of the battery. There are also built-in hours and timer. The garbage collection tank has a volume of 0.45 l. Duration of work without recharging – 90 minutes. The kit includes nozzle for washing floors, control panel, charger. Price – 15 000 rubles.

Judging by user reviews, the vacuum cleaner with intellectual possibilities greatly facilitates life in the house, especially with a large number of family members and pets. For example, you can dare to wash or wip the dust from the shelves until the small silent robot clears the floor and carpets. Some models can make wet cleaning. You will only need to pour water into a special reservoir, the rest of the vacuum cleaner will do it yourself. It is impossible not to note the presence of obstacle sensors.

Such a function protects the device itself and furniture from collisions and damage.

In general, the XRobot automatic vacuum cleaners are high-quality, efficient, and most importantly – easy to use. With such an assistant, you will easily “find a common language” – just run the device into a suitable time for you, and after 10-15 minutes your home will be cleaner.

Review and operation of the XRBOT XR-510F pipot robot, look in the video below.

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