All about the sizes of embedded dishwashers

    Purchasing a dishwasher, you need to be extremely attentive. The dimensions of the embedded dishwashers are absolutely different. You may encounter a lot of thin nuances, but the outbreak of everything – to purchase the ideal at first glance, which simply does not fit into the size of your kitchen. In this case, you will have to make the return of the goods, which can be very problematic.

    Given the fact that in recent years the number of various models with a fairly wide functionality and the size of the size has greatly increased, make the right choice becomes more and more difficult and more difficult.

    Why do you need to know the dimensions?

    The car should choose first of all based on the size of the free space. After you decide, you can order the rest of the kitchen set. Choose a dishwasher under the already finished furniture – the task is not from the lungs. The possibility of choice will be significantly reduced, since not every model has the dimensions you need.

    If you have to buy what is available, there is a possibility that the acquisition will become disappointment. Most likely, it will be necessary to adjust the size of the ready-made headset, and this is very expensive and problematic.

    Therefore, the buyer in priority should have the size of the required apparatus, and after – functionality and appearance.

    Overview of different models

    Usually machines have three variations in size:

    • narrow;
    • full-sized;
    • Compact.

    Such an assortment is enough to meet the main requests of buyers. Since very often small kitchen space prevails in the apartments, the most popular and running models became narrow and compact. They are much easier to enter into close room. And if the family is small, then a small-sized model with ease will cope with all loads.

    Built-in dishwashers have enough good characteristics. So, the depth of the apparatus can be very impressive, despite the miniature and imperceptibility.

    The main advantage of the built-in machine is its ability to fit in the cabinet of the kitchen headset, thereby not rushing into the eyes and not knocking out of the overall composition.


    Full-size dishwashers suitable for a large family. The height of one model reaches 82 cm, width – 45-50 cm and depth – 60 cm. Standardly, they accommodate dishes for 12 persons. However, customers should be borne in mind that such models are fairly dimensional, so there should be many places in your kitchen. It is best to enter such an instance under the tabletop, as it will attract less attention there, and this location is convenient in terms of use.

    Standard machines of this type are most often low. The low model is much easier to rise in the openings, but no protrusions and gaps should be formed between the worktop and equipment.


    If the width of the dishwasher does not exceed 50 cm, then it can be safely attributed to the category of narrow. Despite its small width, it is quite voluminous, while its depth is quite impressive (it ranges from 44 cm to 45 cm). Its height is at least 80 cm. Thus, in its functionality, it is not inferior to a full-size model. Undoubtedly, its capacity will be slightly less than that of a full-sized analogue, but the narrow machine can absolutely calmly serve a family of 7-9 people.

    Thanks to relatively small sizes, it is much easier to enter into the interior, but it is worth taking care of height. Since the height of the unit may exceed your expectations, before purchased several times all the necessary measurements in order not to get into an awkward situation. Embedded machines can create this problem.


    The most new type, but more than once proven its effectiveness. Compact machines can also be built-in, like other, larger and large-format models.

    Have the most minimal and convenient size that can please the owners of a small kitchen. This means that such a device will definitely be place even in the most close space. Ideal for people who live a couple or one. With a small load, a compact machine with ease will cope.

    The height of this device is not more than 45 centimeters, which significantly saves space. In this case, the width of such a device comes to 55 cm, and the depth is up to 50 cm. Compact model is easy to hide from prying eyes so that it does not spoil the appearance of the kitchen. Serves a machine 4-5 people. But if you want to leave it in sight, then a huge range of goods will help to decide on the design that would be best suited to your style.

    Like any other kitchen device, the dishwasher needs proper care. It will prolong the service life and at the same time will help reduce the number of breakdowns several times. In order not to make a mistake in actions, carefully read the instruction manual, which is included in the kit. Observing simple recommendations, you get rid of yourself from unnecessary trouble. Do not neglect these advice, as they will significantly help you.

    What kind of machine to choose?

    Chosen the car for the kitchen is not easy enough. First of all, you must consider your taste preferences.

    The goods must comply with all your requests, ranging from color and ending with functionality. Think about how she will look in the kitchen interior.

    Next you should compete with the size of your space. To embed the model you should pick up in advance. Based on the size of the kitchen equipment, it is worth ordering a kitchen set so that all the elements fit into it.

    Decide the size of the device you need. It must cope with its function, so the volume is selected, based on the free space and the number of people who will serve the unit. If the kitchen dimensions allow you to put a full-size model, you can stop your choice on it, but if there is no place if there is a lot of space, and the number of dishes is very impressive, then it is worth thinking about a narrow version. It will also be quite capacious and roomy, but at the same time compact.

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