All about Maunfeld woo panels

Built-in kitchen appliances allows you to embody the most courageous design fantasies and create a beautiful and comfortable space at the same time. Therefore, it is worth considering the features and model range of Maunfeld cooking panels.

About brand

Maunfeld was established in the UK in 1998. At the same time, on Tuman Albion, only the head office of the company is located, and most of its goods are produced in Italy, France, Poland, Turkey and China. Despite such a wide geography of production, almost all the kitchen appliances companies wears the features of typically British strict and elegant design.

Since the goods of the British company are focused on the Western European market, they have all the necessary quality certificates according to EU regulatory acts.

Also all products have certificates of compliance with the standards of the Customs Union.


An interesting feature of the company’s cooking surfaces – the production of their production is located in different countries. So, the entire gas technique of the company is produced at the factories located in Turkey, and the production of electric panels are engaged in plants located in Italy and partly China.

At the same time, components from leading Western European, Japanese and Korean brands are used in production. So, all the burners and gas control systems installed on the company’s kitchen appliances are produced by the well-known company SABAF. In the glass-ceramic products, components from the Franco-American concern EUROKERA and the German company Schott are used. All steel used in products produced by the famous German company THYSSONKRUPP.

The use of high-quality details allows the company to achieve high quality and reliability of its products. Thanks to this, Maunfeld offers more longs on its products than most competitors, a warranty period that for cooking panels is 3 years.

All combined and gas equipment companies are equipped with giblars for connecting both the highway and to the cylinder.


British firm produces Wide range of embedded panels for cooking all major types.

  • Gas devices, which differ in the greatest efficiency both in terms of the price of the panel itself and in terms of the cost of consumed resources (gas usually cheaper than electricity). The cooking time on gas is also usually lower than on electrical technology. Basic Disadvantages – Gas technology is noticeably polluted and covered by gas from gas combustion products, it rarely use programmers and other convenient features, besides, it is less safe than electric.
  • Electric panels, which are often equipped with temperature adjustment and duration of cooking. Of the disadvantages of such equipment, it is worth noting their high price and exploitation, increased requirements for the quality of electrical wiring and restrictions on the dishes used.
  • Glass-ceramic models, which combine the benefits of electrical options and elegant design. Such panels have the same disadvantages as the electric, moreover, it is necessary to apply only dishes with the perfectly smooth bottom.
  • Induction options Electric panels in which the burners themselves are not heated, but only create a magnetic field induced by vortex currents in the bottom of the dishes. This technique is most safe, but usually has a high price. In addition, with an induction panel, only special metal dishes can be applied, which limits the capabilities of such a stove.
  • Combined panels, which combine the advantages of gas and electrical options, and at the same time they allow you to survive the disconnection of electricity or gas.
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From classic gas panels The most popular such models are the most popular:

  • Eghs. 32.3ES is the easiest and most fiscal option with 2 hardware with a capacity of 2.6 and 1.7 kW;
  • EGHE. 64.3W / G – has 4 burners, 2 at 1.7 kW, one power of 2.6 kW and 1 – 1 kW;
  • MGHS 53 71S – option with 3 burners (3, 1.75 and 1 kW) and the original round shape of the case.

Among the electrical technology are the most popular are such options:

  • EEHS. 32.4S – a budget option with 2 burners with a capacity of 1.5 kW;
  • Mehe. 32.62b – it is characterized by elegant black design and the presence of 2 burners (1.5 and 2 kW);
  • Eehe. 64.4w – Model with 4 by 1.5 kW with a capacity of 1.5 kW each, 2 of them have a diameter of 18 cm, and another 2 – 14.5 cm, made of enameled metal.
  • EEHS. 64.4S – Option of the previous model with stainless steel housing.

The most popular glass-ceramic panels on the Russian market:

  • EVCE 292-BK is the simplest and cheap glass-ceramic model with 2 corks with a capacity of 1.8 and 1.2 kW;
  • EVCE. 453. D-BK is a variant with 3 burners having a power of 2, 1.8 and 1 kW;
  • EVCE. 594. SM. D-BK – has 4 burners, 2 of which with a capacity of 1.5 kW, another 1 – in 2.2 kW and, finally, another 1 – 2 kW;
  • EVCE. 775. SM. T-BK – on this panel 5 hobs are installed in 2.3, 2 and 1.8 kW and 2 to 1.2 kW.

Of the induction cooking surfaces, the most popular:

  • Evi. 292-bg with 2 hobs with a capacity of 1.2 and 1.5 kW;
  • Evi. 594-BK with 4 burners (2 to 2 kW and 2 to 1.5 kW);
  • Evi. 594-FL2-BK – differs from the previous model the possibility of combining adjacent burners in the bridge of a total capacity of 2.6 kW.
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Finally, among the combined panels most often pay for such equipment:

  • EEHS. 32.3ES / KG – budget option with steel case and 1 electric (1.5 kW) and 1 gas (1.7 kW) by burners.
  • Maunfeld Eehs. 64.3cs / kg – model combining 3 gas (2.6, 1.7 and 1 kW) and 1 electric (1.5 kW) burners.
  • EEHS. 64.5es / kg – option with 2 gas (1.75 kW) and 2 electrical (1.5 kW) burners.


If it is most important for you more efficiency, preference is worth paying gas panels. If you are going to often cook complicated dishes for which a certain temperature mode is important, you should pay attention to the electrical technology. If the most worries you security, your choice – induction panels. Finally, if you want to have a universal option, it is worth thinking about buying a combined hob. To repair its products, the British company recommends using only certified spare parts.

Note that the warranty on the built-in Maunfeld technique is valid only in the case when its installation was carried out by the specialist certified company.

Independent installation of cookies entails loss of warranty service.


Most owners of Maunfeld cooking panels in their reviews and reviews celebrate their high quality and reliability, compactness and convenience of use, as well as elegant design. At the same time, most buyers believe that the cost of products of the British company is beneficial from similar in quality and functionality of majority of competitors.

The main disadvantage of electrical models (in particular, Evce 292-BK) many users consider a fairly high level of noise accompanying their work (the panel “crackles” is stronger than most similar products).

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All the advantages of the Maunfeld MGHG 64 17I cooking panel you will learn from the following video.

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