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Household appliances in the XXI century stepped far ahead. Today everyone can purchase various household appliances for their housing, which facilitate life. Only from the huge number of devices offered on the market, choose exactly what will delight good work and reliability. Household appliances Brand Haier has excellent qualities that have already appreciated many buyers. Talk about the plates of this brand.


The manifold of household goods brand Haier allows you to make a choice to any buyer. Consider the categories of the presented devices with which you can cook various appetizing dishes.

  • Electric stove – Kitchen device that uses electricity for its work. This is more secure, compared with the gas stove, device. It has a classic composition comprising a brass cabinet and, as a rule, 4 dots for cooking.
  • Cooking panel is a device that is embedded in the kitchen set. It can have from 2 to 4 heating points. In this case, the oven must be purchased separately. Assortment has gas and electric cooking panels. The electrical model can also be induction or ordinary.
  • Oven – a separate built-in device that can be both gas and electric. Wind cabinets have dimensions that are consistent with furniture kitchen manufacturers.

Features of devices

The Haier brand devices are distinguished by excellent quality, durability and ease of use. At the same time, it is important to remember that these are complex devices in technical terms. Therefore, before connecting, you must explore the rules for their installation, instruction manual, as well as types and methods of maintenance.

Built-in HAIER cooking panels can be induction. They use the magnetic induction method, at which only the dishes itself occurs. The glass ceramics, from which the surface of the plate is performed, remains cold. It is very convenient, especially if there are little children or pets there are nearby, and adult people decreases the possibility of burns.

The disadvantage of the induction panel is that when cooking, it is necessary to use only specialized dishes, which can pass through itself magnetic induction and heat. Any other dishes will not be suspended.

Panels with conventional spirals in heating elements have another surface. Such household appliances allows you to use any dishes. All cooking panels have 50-55 cm dimensions that are most convenient for furniture manufacturers. Using standard sizes allows you to choose embedded household appliances for any kitchen headset.

Brand ceramic plates are equipped with telescopic guides, allowing you to quickly remove the baking sheet. There is also a timer and an inner backlight of the oven, which allows you to keep track of dishes. Uniform baying provides convection. If you are a fan of dishes with an appetizing crust, you will enjoy the grill. Also all the devices have comfortable storage boxes for kitchen utensils.

One of the most popular is the Haier HCC56FO2C model. This electrical appliance has all the best qualities. It is intended for cooking indoors of at least 8 square meters. Equipment to the electrical circuit 380 V, 50 Hz. Compliance with this requirement, in other conditions, the slab will not work.

The device has a built-in oven, inclusion indicators, an electronic programmable device that is used to set the temperature. With the help of the latter, you can configure the cooking time in the oven and program the automatic shutdown of the device. Electric stilt dimensions: height – 80 cm, width – 60 cm, depth – 50 cm.

Tips for specialists

When choosing a Haier device for the kitchen, it is first of all to decide on its type. It is important to consider which kitchen headset will be used or already located indoors, is there an opportunity to embed equipment. It is also worth identifying the capabilities of the electrical network, calculate the load on it, find out the existing voltage in the kitchen room. Then it is necessary to choose the method of operation of the device (induction, conventional electric, gas). The next step is the choice of price and design.

Trying to install the equipment on your own better not worth. Installation and connection of such complex household appliances better entrust professionals.


    On the Internet, you can find various reviews about brand devices Haier. In general, equipment is excellent rating. Most reviews talk about excellent quality, convenience of operation, durability. Buyers believe that these are good appliances with a pleasant design. There is a relative ease of maintenance and repair.

    The minuses include only the pricing policy of the manufacturer, because the cost of products is slightly above the average. However, the quality indicators of the equipment quite justify the established prices.

    How to connect and install the electric stove, look in the video below.

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