All about GEFEST ovens

Perfectly working oven – this is an indispensable assistant in the preparation of any dish. Gefest from Belarus recent years actively positions itself in the market of inexpensive and high-quality ovens. Growing sales growth over the past 5 years confirms that the company’s products are qualitative and no worse than foreign analogues.


In many householdings you can see GEFEST ovens. Products from this manufacturer has beautiful TTX. Gefest’s ovens can be an integral part of the plate, there are also separate autonomous units. The appointment of wind wardrobes is the preparation of various dishes. Such devices have the following additional features:

  • Microwave, when products are heated by infrared radiation;
  • Ventilation system, when the cooking is accompanied by a blowing hot air;
  • high-speed heating;
  • accelerated defrosting of products;
  • Set a certain period of time required for cooking.

GEFEST brass cabinet is presented most often in the style of Hi-Tech. Almost all models have a metallic shade, only a popular GeFest Yes 602-02 K has a dark brown color. The main advantage of the whole equipment from Belarus is an excellent combination of price and quality. Normal unit, which will serve not 1 year, can be purchased only for 15,000 rubles. As well as GEFEST winds have a simple mechanical control.

The built-in electric oven GEFEST is characterized by rich functionality, which allows you to prepare dishes quickly and efficiently. All models contain the following elements:

  • temperature relay (accuracy up to 0.95 degrees Celsius);
  • anti-stick device;
  • illumination;
  • Shelves “Telescopes”;
  • time relay;
  • Built-in grill.

Yes 622-04 A

In the top of the rating there is Gefest Yes 622-04 A – this is the most popular model that has a volume of 52.2 liters. The door closes tightly, all odors remain inside the workspace. There is an effectively operating ventilation device that allows you to evenly expose the temperature processing of meat, baking, game. The unit can operate in 8 modes (there is also the ability to defrost products). There are two layers of tempered glass on the door, it reliably withstands high temperature. The unit is easy to manage, all technical information is reflected in the LCD, it is possible to set the necessary thermal processing mode. There is a special blocker that does not allow small children to thoroughly “learn” device. The kit contains components such as:

  • baking tray (3 pcs.);
  • Cast iron grilles (2 pcs.);
  • Skewer cooking fixture (1 pcs.).

The unit is painted with a black kel, looks very effectively. Cost – only 23 000 rubles. The car without any difficulties is cleaned. From disadvantages – if the unit actively works for several hours, then the door heats up a bit.

Yes 622-02

Gefest Yes 622-02 is retromodenel, which in the market is in great demand for many years. 7 cooking modes work especially well. This model is beneficial to modern design, functional “shelves”, simple and rich functionality. Gasoelectric oven “not tied” to the hob. Electropovka has a spacious size. There is a bright backlight and even spit. Cost – 19 500 rubles.

 DEG 601-01 H1

GeFest DEG 601-01 H1 also enjoys great popularity, It has functions like:

  • time relay;
  • self-cleaning;
  • Bright backlight.

    The car is collected canceled, no worse than German Bosch models, while the price is quite a democratic, and the design is modern. And also included all the necessary accessories, namely:

    • pallet;
    • skewers;
    • lattice.

    Of the benefits, it is also worth remembering the economical energy consumption. It is worth such an aggregate of only 11,400 rubles. From disadvantages it can be noted that the door is heated after 2 hours of operation.

    DGE 621-01

    GeFest DGE 621-01 attracts primarily a standard set of functions and low cost. As well as users note the following advantages:

    • quiet unit of unit;
    • well-working convection;
    • the presence of grill and spit;
    • Economical electricity consumption.

    The positive quality of this model is also functional baking sheets (3 pcs.) and heating in a short time. Cost of equipment – just over 15 000 rubles. Important! There is no lock – protection against children, as well as the door often heavily heated, but it can be called a one-time when the device works for a long time.

    Design and principle of work

    Electric oven with microwave function gives wider opportunities to prepare high-quality dishes. Even a beginner cook can cope with this task. Electric brass cabinets can be multifunctional or very simple in operation. Heating The unit comes from the tanks connounced in a specific order, they are mounted at the bottom and at the top of the chamber. The electric unit is favorably different from the gas oven by the fact that temperature modes can be very accurate.

    Modern electric ovens are usually equipped with four thermal blocks, they are located on the sides, below and on top. The fan can also effectively be used when defrosting meat or fish, as well as for drying mushrooms or berries. Under the usual convection mode, products are prepared as:

    • casseroles;
    • Pudding;
    • bakery products;
    • fish;
    • bird;
    • meat.

    If the oven is chosen correctly, the cooking dishes turns into an exciting game, and the time is reduced by at least twice. After completing the preparation of the dish, the unit is cleaned necessarily. In recent years, a model has been issued where the self-cleaning function is present. And also there are brass cabinets with catalytic self-cleaning, when all waste, accumulated on the walls of the unit and bends, are burned with high temperature. In such aggregates “pirates” a certain additive, a catalyst that allows you to disintegrate the residues of fat, vegetable oil and other products. Over time, the catalyst is not so efficient, but there is always the opportunity to put instead of old panels – new.

    Important! There is a pyrolytic cleaning, it can only be in an electric oven. The disadvantage of this method is that it is accompanied by smoke and caustic odors.

    Nuances Installation and Connection

    Connect the oven does not represent great complexity. First of all, you should check the electrical wiring in the house. The network must comply with such requirements as:

    • good resistance level;
    • Wires must have a cross section that will withstand the specified power of the unit;
    • Wiring should not be old;
    • Grounding should be correctly mounted;
    • In the case of overloading, the protective device must be opened.

    Important! The magnitude of the voltage and strength of the current should be chosen individually.

    The wire must withstand the power from 15 to 22 amps (it is possible to the oven will be installed separately cooking oven). The wire must necessarily be single, powerful and copper. For the operation of the oven requires a lot of energy (all parameters are in the technical passport of the product), and it will also be necessary to put special sockets that can withstand the appropriate voltage. It is recommended to remember that the wires that are connected by “on a clench” should not be used. Various materials should not be used (for example, copper and aluminum). Wire joints are implemented using special clermets (on screws). For the oven requires a separate dispatch machine.

    Special attention should be paid to grounding, it ensures safety. It is also important to correctly put a “plug”. The cable has three veins, one is grounded, two other cables are connected to the fork. When installing, the contacts are strongly crimped, which will be a guarantee that the insulation is not melted, a short circuit will not. The oven is installed, as a rule, in a niche and reliably fastened by bolts. The following tools are used:

    • Perforator;
    • Drill-screwdriver with a bumpman;
    • level;
    • adjustable key;
    • a hammer;
    • Passatii.

    After the installation is completed, the aggregate should hold test starts, as well as “rolling” the oven, heating it to the maximum temperature. Gas oven is recommended to be mounted with the invitation of specialists from the relevant service. During operation, gas flow is overlapped. The gas source is located on the oven at a distance of at least 125 cm. The gas stove is also connected to the electrical network, there is a voltage machine, as well as lighting.

    Any GEFEST cabinet is mounted no more than fifteen minutes if there is a niche prepared for him. Therefore, carefully preparatory work should be made so that the installation process has become a simple routine. The oven is fixed firmly by four special locks, so that there is no deformation or backlash.

    User manual

    To start using the GEFEST gas oven, you should check the gas pressure in the highway. All the necessary parameters are indicated in a technical passport. GEFEST gas oven works on any type of gas. When connected it is important to take into account that all additional devices work, namely:

    • time relay;
    • Electric ignition;
    • grill.

    When connecting, unscrew the blue fuel switch to the maximum value. Check whether gas goes – opening the door of the oven, bring a lit match. Then turn on the burner, the oven must heal for 9-12 minutes, the minimum temperature is +220 degrees Celsius. To turn on the gas stove, only professionals from the relevant service should be delegated. To make preventive repair, the rational all call the wizard at home.

    The algorithm of action on working with a brass cabinet is as follows:

    • It is necessary to press the lever of the safety unit and turn it counterclockwise to the mark 270, if the burner ignition works; If the grill is required, the lever turns in the direction of movement of the clockwise;
    • You should click and bring to the maximum value of the position of the PU lever or crane is a stupid;
    • Together with this, you should immediately press and weaken the key of the automatic ignition;
    • You should keep the button of the prevention unit 12 seconds;
    • After the burner has earned, it is necessary to work the protective mechanism;
    • After that, the keys should let go.

    You can not mount the plate onto a wooden stand, you should make a cement screed and screw the unit to the floor with screws. The distance between the stove and the wall should be at least 55 mm. Near the working slab there should be no rags and towels. PVC material should not be present on the stove, it will certainly melt, will allocate toxins. In aggregates where the shield is present, it is necessary to fix it before putting the slab. The slab is best “exhibiting” using a small level (German or Russian production, because they are the best). You can control the level of inclination of the unit using the built-in screws, and the adjustable key and level should be used.

    In case the gas pressure is too high, you should additionally use a gearbox that will lower the maximum pressure. After installation, it is worth testing the work of the aggregate. Special attention should be paid to the hoses. They must be certified, have a certificate and certificate when these products are made. The length of the hose must be at least 1.55 meters, while the accessory should not have cracks or any defects. It is impossible to check the tightness of the joints with the help of open fire, it is dangerous for life. When insulating the joints, special tapes and materials that are certified and for work should be used. Electric oven works from 225 volts network (50 Hz). Socket should not be covered with a slab, access to it should be free.

    Subtleties of care

    The electric oven is noticeably different from the gas or induction unit. The operation of the device is due to heating (with the help of electricity) spiral made of refractory material. Like any unit, the kitchen oven requires timely care. It should be removed first all additional accessories and dishes. During cleaning the device, the following is recovered:

    • Metal brushes;
    • strong abrasives;
    • chemical potent compounds (acids and alkalis);
    • The devices that wash the surface with high pressure and hot steam.

    Important! Only those tools should be used as indicated in the memo instruction, and it is attached to each unit of sold goods.

    The following recommendations should be followed:

    • The glass and the bounce screen washes a sponge, wetted in a hot soap solution;
    • You can not use “chemistry”, liquid for washing windows and so on;
    • If fats, vegetable or creamy oils, egg yolk or starch fall on the stove, then they should be removed as quickly as possible from the surface with a wet rag;
    • Scribe the oven door with a knife or wash abrasives is not recommended, you can use a sponge moistened in a soap solution; All additional equipment is also cleaned with rags dipped in soap solution;
    • Lattices and burners can be cleaned using a metal washcloth or a sponge with food soda;
    • Ceramic arresters can easily damage, so you should work carefully with them;
    • Elektrozhigi is better not to wet because it can fail.

    Tips for choosing

    Before purchasing a GEFEST oven It makes sense to determine such parameters as:

    • dimensions;
    • volume.

    Most devices have a standard configuration. Rational only to keep your choice on an electronic mini-oven. It has several dishes cooking modes. It is important that the glass doors can easily shoot. Before choosing the finally necessary model, it is recommended to read TTX of different aggregates. There are many nuances that should be considered when buying. For example, if in the house the children of preschool age, it is desirable that the automatic lock function is in the oven.

    Products from the Belarusian GEFEST corporation have an oven from 50 to 64 liters. This indicator is also important and should be taken into account. Power from 2.4 to 4.2 kW is quite enough to prepare all the necessary dishes. As well as during installation it is necessary to take into account the power of the unit, which real power exists on the network. Only specialists who have appropriate devices can make such a job.

    GEFEST products looks aesthetically attractive, it is reliable, and in terms of the quality of the assembly, it is not inferior to aggregates from the best world manufacturers. From the disadvantages you can select the following:

    • The quality of the pallets and the lattice leaves much to be desired;
    • Non-stick coating can be with a defect;
    • The grill is not characterized by high power.

    About how to properly use the GEFEST oven, look in the following video.

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