All about Clever & Clean vacuum cleaners

Clever & Clean vacuum cleaners produced by one of the well-known brands are applied to harvest dwellings and offices, have improved capabilities, low cost, unique appearance. The variety of models is quite wide.


Clever & Clean Vacuum Cleaner – this is the most unique of all miniature vacuum cleaners. The model has a rectangle shape. It is equipped with a minimum set of functions, components and parameters. Reviews for this product are mostly positive due to several main characteristics.


Clever & Clean vacuum cleaner has oblique edges and rounded corners. Case material is plastic. The hull itself is covered with a soft bumper that protects furniture during a random collision with a vacuum cleaner.


The bottom is equipped with the following elements:

  • Two wheels and household brushes;
  • hole where garbage is absorbed;
  • swivel wheel in front;
  • the cover behind which is the compartment with the power supply;
  • Several height sensors.


Clever & Clean vacuum cleaner has two modes of operation.

  • The device starts by pressing the start button and starts its activities. If on the way the robot-vacuum cleaner comes across furniture, then it removes under it for a few minutes. Then he removes again on open surfaces until the battery does not completely discharge.
  • The second mode is activated after double clicking on the power key. If furniture objects arise on the way, then the vacuum cleaner exercises a quarter of an hour. At the end of this action, sound alert is included, which makes it possible to do with special sensors. They define the moment when the product falls under the furniture. Sensors located on the bottom and sides on the sides determine the distance to the walls.

Dust collector

It is located inside the device and easily removed. You only need to press the compartment button.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of Clever & Clean vacuum cleaners are the following:

  • Working hours, not charged battery, is up to 1.5 hours;
  • Battery charging period – 1 hour 30 minutes;
  • Cleaning surface – 50 m²;
  • Intensity of suction – 30 W;
  • In stock Two modes;
  • Mass – less than 1 kilogram;
  • subtle case;
  • simplicity and ease of operation;
  • Fast cleaning of dust collector.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • a small dust collector that needs to be constantly cleaned;
  • a small set of details that does not include a remote and care facilities;
  • Not suitable for carpet cleaning with long pile and large garbage.


Clever & Clean offers a wide selection of vacuum cleaners. It is worth considering the most sought-after models Read more.

  • Aqua-Series White colors used for cleaning dust. With it you can do both dry and humid cleaning type. It has a special sensor that can automatically increase its intensity of operation in accordance with the type of flooring. This model not only removes a variety of dirt types, but can hold the microscopic dust particles, which makes cleaning even more efficient. The model has a voice menu that accompanies each valid for certain information. Filters and a vessel for the collection of mud must rinse under running water after cleaning.

Clever & Clean technology allows this product to move freely around the room, one place several times, which makes cleaning more efficient. The unit works without recharging for one and a half hours.

  • 002 M-Series Contains all the details needed for cleaning. It includes a battery, charging, napkins to care for the housing, filter and two side brushes. It is produced in two colors: green and blue. The housing can be silver, and the upper part – color. Starting the product is made by pressing the button in the front. Ahead is located and garbage compartment, which is easy to open by clicking on the panel. On the perimeter there are LEDs that turn on when the device works or discharged. There is a soft bumper on the side, which will protect furniture from damage when a collision with the device. On the bottom there are wheels, which allow a vacuum cleaner to move around the room. In the middle of the bottom there is a hole, trash absorbs through it.

  • Slim-Series VRPRO 01 Used for dry cleaning. Battery life – 1 hour, to recharge from the power source, it needs 4 hours. You can adjust the remote control a few directions: the usual, along the wall, chaotic and zigzag. This model moves well in space. She has a signal function as a result of danger when stuck. There is a cyclone filter that collects garbage into the container. It periodically needs to be cleaned.

Since the device is quite miniature, it can penetrate in hard-to-reach places.

  • HV-100 – This is a product that makes cleaning in the kitchen and throughout the apartment. This is a manual wireless vacuum cleaner, which collects not only garbage and dust from surfaces, but also spilled liquid. The existing windows wash brush allows you to clean the glass surfaces quickly and easily. You just need to apply the glass cleaning agent, and then collect dirt and liquid by this wonderful device. Cleaning of hard-to-reach places is not such a problem. The existing brush allows you to cope with it quite quickly.

  • Z-Series has available functionality that are popular among users. Its main feature is the presence of an ultraviolet disinfectant lamp. With this vacuum cleaner, dry, and wet cleaning, in addition, he disinfects the floor. He has a specialized sensor, which reacts to a vertical surface, which allows it not to face furniture objects. The presence of side brushes contributes to the fact that cleaning is performed more carefully. Battery allows you to work without recharging for almost 2 hours.

  • V-Series Used to carry out dry cleaning. Here is a more advanced structure of the dust collector, moreover, more advanced functional abilities. Complete construction is absolutely normal, including all necessary components. That is, the design itself, as well as the power cord, battery, station for recharging, side brushes, filters. Device color or black or white. Foldable handle for transferring the device is removed on the front of the panel. In the middle there is a recess for the console. Using magnetic clamps, the remote is attached to the product. There are a variety of sensors that give the vacuum cleaner to see all items in their path. From the bottom side you can detect two wheels and what distinguishes this model from others – V-shaped brushes.

The peculiarity of this type of vacuum cleaner is to divide the garbage during cleaning. In the action of side brushes, the garbage is assembled and sent to the V-shaped, and then in the dust collector.

In the next video, you will find overview of the Clever & Clean M-Series 002 vacuum cleaner robot.

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