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What was impossible 20-30 years ago, today for us is quite ordinary. Various gadgets, functional household appliances, innovative units and assistant robots have long become part of our life and made it easier to man. Among the other inventions of man appeared washing robot vacuum cleaner. Before choosing a similar device for the house, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​its functions and features of operation.


Household appliances stores have a wide selection of both ordinary and detergent robots, vacuum cleaners, as a rule, American, Chinese and Japanese manufacturers. Of course, such a technique will not replace the high-quality floor washing with a mop, but the “smart” helper is ideal for frequent wet cleaning. But not all robots are equally arranged. Below are the main features, and a more detailed device of robots is described in the next section.

  • Some are intended for wet cleaning, others specifically for floor washing. But everyone has the same principle. Everyone is equipped with a wet spongy napkin, during harvesting dust and dirt stick to it. Also now you can see new models with additional features.
  • Another distinctive feature of robots – their height. To pick up a suitable unit for your home, you need to determine the minimum height between furniture and floor in my apartment.
  • Robots-vacuum cleaners are able to independently navigate in space, choose the direction of movement and bypass obstacles.
  • Depending on the model, you can put a timer. For example, for the period of its absence in the house, you can set the time of cleaning, the main and additional features of the device. After the end of the robot-vacuum cleaner will need only to clean the dust collector.


It is necessary to determine immediately that the washing robot vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning is different from the robot intended for washing floors. Vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning is equipped with a special capacity for a constantly wet sponge. Such a robot only wipes the floor, while in the vacuum cleaner for washing the floors is only an additional feature. Vacuum cleaner for washing floors is equipped with a small capacity from which water is served. The device of vacuum cleaners varies depending on the models.

  • Usually, cleaning vacuum cleaners are equipped with a plastic dust collector, but there are those that collect dirt into a paper bag. The capacity of such containers is different, from 250 ml to 1l.
  • Washing robots vacuum cleaners differ among themselves and high. There are low models in 7-8 centimeters and higher at 9-10 centimeters.
  • In its appearance, robots can be both round and square. But it should be understood that in both options, the angles do not remain quite clean. Round vacuum cleaner will leave approximately 4 centimeters of dust in hard-to-reach places, square – a couple of centimeters. In any case, for clean angles, it will be necessary either manually appointed dust, or work with a simple vacuum cleaner.
  • And, of course, all the washing robots vacuum cleaners are equipped with batteries that provide long work without recharging. Batteries can be lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride. The second variant of the battery is less effective.
  • Depending on the price of the model, robots are equipped with several additional features. These include additional holes on the sides with elongated brushes for dust suction. The “Virtual Wall” function monitors and blocks the journey of the vacuum cleaner on the non-working zone. Another additional feature – programming time cleaning.

With any choice, the price of the washing robot vacuum cleaner will depend on its device and the presence of certain functions. Save on buying such equipment is not worth it, otherwise you risk acquiring an inefficient unit.

Rating the best models

Say unequivocally which model is better, extremely difficult. Ratings of detergent robots vacuum cleaners are different and based on the comparison of various indicators. Below we tried to compile an objective review of 5 popular models. At the same time, budget options are taken into account.

  • The leader in the production of detergent robots-vacuum cleaners in the world and in the Russian market is the American company IROBOT. Also widely known and are in demand by the robots of the South Korean company Yujin Robot, in particular, the ICLEBO model.

  • In the first place is the washing robot-vacuum cleaner IROBOT SCOOBA 450 with a function of dry and damp cleaning. It does not just rub, but the floor is thoroughly, is equipped with a liter water tank, which is enough for about 28 square meters. M. In the kit there is a bottle of detergent concentrate SCOOBA (118 ml), which is enough for 30 cleaning. The height of the robot is 91 mm, width 366 mm, this allows it to penetrate in hard-to-reach places. Full program wet and separate dry cleaning 25 minutes. The main advantage of the model is high quality cleaning.

  • Second place belongs to Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One. This robot works in several modes and easily copes with large premises cleaning. Robot is designed for wet and dry cleaning. Performance reaches 150 minutes without recharging. The unit has more than 10 sensors that help him move in space.

  • In third place, a robot vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning ICLEBO POP. The perfect option for premises, where many furniture, easily oriented in space. According to its dimensions, it is quite compact and copes with obstacles with a height of up to 18 mm. It is capable of working for quite a long time without recharging, but a relatively budget price shows the absence of such options as “Virtual Wall” and timer.

  • Fourth place occupies Clever & Clean Aqua-Series 01. Works in 6 modes, 120 minutes without recharging. Suitable for any housing, apartment or house. The feature of the model is that it can make separate types of cleaning. For wet cleaning, a container with water and a special nozzle is used. Equipped with an ultraviolet lamp to combat bacteria.

  • In the fifth place is a small size of the PHILIPS FC8794 SmartPro Easy vacuum cleaner with basic functions for dry and wet cleaning. Easy to care, ideal for medium-sized rooms. Equipped with a dust collector at 400 ml. The timer for work can be set up to the beginning of cleaning. With any choice, it is necessary to soberly appreciate your requirements, specifications and the price of technicians. Modern household appliances stores have a wide range of vacuum cleaners.

How to choose?

When choosing robots, you need to consider for which rooms and floor coverings you plan to use the technique. There are several criteria that will not be mistaken when choosing a model or another model. Below we present the main selection criteria.

  • Square of the room. Depending on the area of ​​your home or apartment, you can choose the most appropriate and maneuverable model.
  • Patency. We already say that the model of the vacuum cleaner must be chosen depending on the dimensions of your furniture so that the robot can freely penetrate it. If you find it difficult to assess the height of all furniture in the house or a lot of it, it is best to purchase a thin model.
  • Obstacles. If you have stairs in the house, you need to consult the sellers in the store, as the robot will overcome or bypass them. Also obstacles can be plinths, curtains and t. D.
  • Maneuverability. How robot can independently leave hard-to-reach places. There are robots that can unfold in place, other models will have to independently release.
  • Food. It is necessary to determine exactly for what types of cleaning and what surfaces you need a robot. For example, robots with a function of wet cleaning will be suitable for laminate. For linoleum, the unit is suitable with floor washing function, which is equipped with a special water container.
  • Equipment and spare parts. When buying a robot still in the store unpack the box. Make sure that all parts and components declared in specifications are available. Main components – option with turbo, microfibrous napkins, water containers and tanks. Also check for the presence of a remote control, coordinator, traffic limit and other options.

If you acquire such a technique for the first time, it is better to consult in detail in the store. If possible, ask you to demonstrate the capabilities of the selected model. It is also necessary to clarify all moments when the warranty case occurs.

Subtleties of operation

For owners of large apartments or for those who have pets, house cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner will be much easier and more pleasant. The robot does not just remove dust, but also collects small garbage, wool. If someone from your household has allergies to dust, such an assistant is simply necessary. Before proceeding with the use of the robot, you need to carefully read the instructions and check the correct installation of all parts. It is important and competently to care for the technique, constantly cleaning the aggregates. Below are some important tips on the operation of detergent robots vacuum cleaners.

  • After the robot graduated from his work, it is necessary to subtract garbage from its containers in a timely manner, it is best to do this after cleaning each room. In this case, the garbage collector does not need to wash, it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth. Preferably after a session pair to check the condition and clean the brushes, sensors, wheels.
  • If the model provides aqua filters or containers for detergents, they need to be washed under running water. After washing, they need to carefully dry and install. If you do not do this, then there may be an unpleasant smell and accumulation of dirt.
  • Also in some models intended for washing floors, water sprayers are installed. It is necessary for about twice a year to be asked once, as dust and dirt particles, falling inside the vacuum cleaner, usually settle in all parts of it.
  • Before turning on the device, make sure that all components are installed correctly. Containers for water and means for washing floors filled in sufficient volume.

Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, the robot can work autonomously and in a timely manner. At the same time, if it is correct and use it to use it, it will last you not one year.

Ownership reviews

When choosing a detergent robot, a vacuum cleaner, as when choosing any other modern technology, it is necessary to focus not only on the specifications, but also to see the opinions of people who have already made their choice.

Remember that how many people, so many opinions. We did not specify separate reviews of the owners, but only collected their opinions.


Advantages – Available Control through a smartphone, the perfect value for money, a delicate aggregate. Programming functions are provided, dust and trash removes well. Disadvantages – not always enough side brushes, chaotic scheme chaotic, and moving in space are not limited.


Advantages – Good quality technique, with excellent cleaning functions. Reliable and efficient gadget. Disadvantages – no dust filing indicator.


Advantages – Well browsing the floor from pet wool (cats, dogs), simple and efficient navigation, stylish design, reliable and durable technique. Disadvantages – no “Virtual Wall”, Cleaning Regimers, High Price. Objectively say unequivocally good or bad about each specific model, of course, it is impossible.

You can finally form my opinion only after yourself become the owner of this technique.

How to choose a cleaning robot vacuum cleaner, look in the following video.

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