All about burners for gas stove

The speed of preparation 2-3 dishes simultaneously depends on the number of heating places on the hob of gas stove. Power also affects the heating rate to the desired preparation temperature. Manufacturers are constantly developing new models of gas plates, improve the design of individual parts, achieving the greatest power.

Gas konforoka device

The burdard is on the surface of the slab, the burner is located inside the plate. When when cleaning washed and clean the surface, then you need to follow the water in the channels of the divider. The gas from the burner through the nozzle enters the fallen divider, where it connects with the air.

The lid of the burner internal rough surface reflects the air-gas mixture that enters the divider. Next, gas passes through the channels and divided into thin jetings. After which they do a nozzle. The reflector helps the uniform distribution of the flame on the divider channels.

Express Konfork

In addition to the burners with one diameter of the flame, there are turbocontunges (or express burners), in which two or three rows of flame are used. Such a design instantly increases the heating temperature and helps its uniform distribution. It allows you to make food much more. Due to accelerated preparation, gas consumption. Turboconforca is preparing food and in Wok frying pan if you put an adapter for installation.

What is wok-burners?

Wok-burners are characterized by a triple next flame and device, with which they are prepared in the dishes with a spherical or thick bottom. Lost cooking. Traditional Asian frying pan is suitable for cooking on wok-burners.

This frying pan has a thick bottom and thin walls. Food in it is evenly prepared throughout the volume, and it happens very quickly. Food keeps vitamins that are useful for health. The burner is not used for cooking every day. Even at the superior models, one such burner is installed more often.

Features of large models

The reinforced model is designed for quick cooking. She has an enlarged nozzle size. Plates that are equipped with wok-burrows have different types of gas flame adjustment. More often she has one switch. In models, plates that are equipped with multi-level burners, in each contour its gas supply regulator. Flame power at each level is changing autonomously, as required for cooking.

More often such a burner is installed in the center of the plate, sometimes manufacturers change the design and put the turboconfour on the left or right on the stove. In professional cooking panels use a thick cast-iron model. It stands on it products, prepare sauces and heated for heating plates.


Gas stove happens from 2 to 6 burners. Complete set of 4 burner devices is considered standard. It is suitable for a family of 3-5 people. Two burners enough for two people and for the country. Three burners will quite satisfy the family of three and even four people, as such a quantity is enough for cooking. A gas stove with 5 or 6 burners choose those who prepare a lot or who has a spacious kitchen. Such a kitchenette for installation will need a lot of space.

Gas burners on the stove can be located in different ways:

  • one next;
  • square;
  • rectangle;
  • semicircle;
  • Rombe.

How to place them on the surface depends on the number of burners. Five or six burners put in one row inexpediently, the stove will take a lot of space. Better to position them in 2 rows.

But 2-4 burners are in a row. Access is the same to all at the same time. Four burners are placed in the usual way – in the form of a square or in the form of diamond. With this placement, you can freely approach 3 konfords. At the same time, the main burners are on an equal distance from the wall and edge of the plate.

Korfork – the main element when choosing a gas stove. Pay special attention to the nozzles. Through them, the flow of flame enters the divider. Gas plates are equipped with nozzles of different diameters. One reinforced, which has a large diameter of the nozzle is added to the set to conventor.

About why burners do not work, look in the video.

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