AKPO Hoods: Specifications of models and features of use

An integral part of the ventilation system of modern kitchen is a kitchen hood. This device solves problems with air purification during and after cooking, and also harmoniously complements the kitchen interior. Exhaust technique from AKPO, successfully proven in Russia as a manufacturer of high-quality and affordable kitchen equipment – a great choice for any room.

Polish technique AKPO

AKPO carries out production of extracts and built-in household appliances about 30 years. During this considerable term, the company has deserved love and respect for customers in Russia and the CIS countries. In the popularity of AKPO, so far is inferior to many world-famous brands, but is already worth a worthy competition to large manufacturers.

High-tech production itself is carried out on high-tech equipment. Metal processing is performed using digital equipment. Motors for extracts set Italian production. At the same time, even the most powerful models can be bought for the optimal amount.

The confidence of the domestic buyer is conquered by the company since Soviet times, since the manufactured products were focused on the domestic market. Today, the kitchen hoods of this brand are distinguished by high quality assembly, good power and performance, as well as pleasant external characteristics. AKPO exhaust models are perfect for kitchen interiors of different styles and designs.

Pros and cons

Like any products, the drawing of this company has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of kitchen hoods AKPO should be noted the following points:

  • ease in the installation of the case;
  • Low noise when working in most models;
  • a wide range of goods offered;
  • a variety of selection of models by control method;

  • high quality materials;
  • the presence of illumination;
  • profitable price;
  • proven effectiveness in work.

Of the disadvantages, there is a high level of noise on certain modes of operation and a strongly pollutable surface.

The lineup

Built-in drawings

Expressive equipment of this type perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen and will be practically inconspicuous. The housing of such an exhaust is hidden in the kitchen cabinet, without breaking the design of the kitchen and conscientiously performing its functions.

Popular model AKPO Light WK-7 60 IX works in two modes. Its performance reaches 520 m³ / h, which allows you to quickly and efficiently clean the air in a very spacious room. Switching speeds, as well as the rest of the hood management is carried out mechanically on the keypad. Halogen lighting. Noise when working does not go beyond the norm, which is obvious advantage in good power model.

Inclined exhausts

Many manufacturers improve the design and design of kitchen hoods, and AKPO did not stay aside. The main feature of the inclined extract is that the angle of the working surface is changed. This design saves space in the kitchen, and also looks very stylish in the overall interior. Many brand inclined models differ not only by power, but also advanced functionality.

Model AKPO WK-4 Nero Eco Attracts primarily a large variety of colors. The appearance of such an exhaust will perfectly fit into the kitchen design of any style and color gamut. Recycling mode provided for in this model allows you to clean and update the air in the kitchen without displaying it outside the room, and the removal mode removes the air through the ventilation. Management of this model is mechanically produced. Maximum performance – 420 m³ / h, which is quite enough for standard kitchen. The noise level is slightly higher than that of embedded models, and is 52 dB.

A more advanced model is AKPO WK-9 Sirius, control of which is carried out sensory or through the remote control. LED lamps light surface. The model looks strictly and stylish. Case made of black glass. Performance up to 650 m³ / h make it possible to install a hood in large kitchen facilities. Completely in this model are two carbon filters.

Stylish extract AKPO WK 9 Kastos has its own LED lighting and fan with five speeds. The first three velocities are used under normal conditions, and 4 and 5 – with high concentrations of evaporation. The kitchen extract is equipped with a touch electron control with a display, as well as a control panel. The model has a timer of automatic shutdown. Hood performance is 1050 m³ / h.

The assortment of inclined hoods AKPO is represented by a large number of stylish models for every taste. Equipment from this manufacturer is distinguished by favorable prices and good quality. The company gives a warranty for 3 years to all its customers.

Suspended exhausts

Suspended models are installed on the wall above the stove. It is one of the most economical hoods, as they have a small cost and work properly. Flat hoods produce little noise at good performance. Models work both in the output mode and as an air cleaner. Filters of two species come in a set with models.

Special attention should be paid to the TURBO exhaust series, which are presented in different colors. AKPO WK-5 ELEGANT TURBO have a capacity of 530 m³ / h. Management is carried out mechanical. 2 lamps installed for lighting. Hoods of this series are presented in white, copper and silver colors.

Fireplace Extras

Forest equipment of the fireplace type – this is a classic. Fireplace models fit perfectly into the interior and clean the air in large rooms. Extracts such a design work in two modes. The removal is carried out through the ventilation channel air duct from plastic or corrugated hose. Air passes through fat filters and is outlined outside the room. It is worth noting that for this mode, coal filters are not required, as when recycling. For the internal ventilation, coal smelling filters are installed. They are not always included, but in this case they are usually purchased separately.

Model AKPO WK-4 CLASSIC ECO 50 Presented in white and silver colors. Filters to this model go in a double set. Light the working surface of two LED lamps. With performance up to 850 cubic meters per hour, noise when working is only 52 dB.

Interesting design is the extractor Akpo dandys, which possesses less productivity (650 m³ / h). The remaining features are similar to the previous model.

Features of use

Despite the various options for external execution of AKPO exhaust, technical parameters must be a key solution in the choice of equipment: engine power, performance, modes of operation, type of exhaust, as well as control method. Another important point is the size of the room: the more kitchen, the more powerful extract. For a medium-sized kitchen, enough exhaust with a capacity of 400 cubic meters per hour, and for large rooms, respectively, the indicator should be higher. To work the device to be effective, you need to pick up equipment corresponding to the gaps of the hob.

Hood that will be used in recycling mode must be equipped with a corresponding filter. Sorption, or coal, filter absorbs the most smallest air particles, bringing fresh and purified air into the kitchen. Often coal filters are included in the package of acquired exhaust, sometimes in large quantities. If the filter is provided, but it is not included, it can always be bought separately. Filter form and quality depend on the exhaust device model. Such cleaning filters are disposable and need to be replaced as wear. The service life of one filter ranges from 6 months to a year.

Most AKPO models have simple mechanical control, it concerns the ECO series. More expensive contain a touch panel, even the remote control is included in the kit.

Materials from which a Polish brand is made are distinguished by decent quality: steel, wood, heat-resistant glass. Colors in assortment are a variety of. AKPO offers its buyers the most economical models of original design and European quality.

Customer Reviews

Like any other brand, the Polish AKPO extracts have many reviews that reflect the advantages and disadvantages of specific models, from the point of view of buyers.

The AKPO NERO model of the inclined form has proven itself as a compact and convenient device. You can mount it yourself, focusing on the instructions. In the hood already at the time of purchase filters are installed. Fat easily removed. It is often cleaned in a dishwasher. Many users note that there are no sleep noise at 3 speeds. The surface of the hood is easily cleaned from dirt and dust with a damp cloth. Such a model is considered a very profitable option for each family.

Some buyers choose AKPO technique due to disappointment in advertised brands, and, as a rule, remain very pleased with the acquisition. Higures with high power in small rooms are used only on the first two modes of operation, since most models are enough to quickly clean air purification.

Beautiful model design Akpo Vario attracts buyers first. Caring for the model is simple. From the disadvantages, only noise in the work. This exhaust looks good in spacious kitchens, as it has a width of 90 cm. Black, glossy case looks very stylish, but the dust and fat drops are clearly visible on such a coating. Therefore, the glass has to regularly wipe to maintain the appearance of the device. There is no problem in cleaning the chassis. You can use even glass washing means.

Kastos hood also looks very stylish. Control convenient, push-button. Users celebrate this model strong noise at the third speed. But this is perhaps the only drawback of the hood.

The Light model also does not notice significant flaws. She choose those buyers who want to maximize the hidden hood in the kitchen cabinet. Looks like a model in the interior gently and original. Noise noise level, and power and performance at a good level.

Comparing the Highway Akpo Venus with Chinese models, users note as an advantage Low noise level. Five modes of operation are always involved during cooking. Hood contains very strong magnets, which makes it difficult to open the body for cleaning. The filter is also cleaned enough and fast. Hi-Tech style model looks great in modern interior.

So, the hoods from the Polish brand AKPO continue to gain popularity among kitchen shoppers. With a competent selection of the device in power and dimensions, each buyer will remain happy with the ratio of price and product quality of the company.

About the intricacies of choosing an exhaust for the kitchen describes in detail in the video below.

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