How to choose the right wallpaper for the kitchen, bedroom, living room and hallway

Despite the great variety of options for finishing walls in living spaces, wallpaper is still very popular. Excellent performance characteristics, a wide range of colors and materials used, low price – these and many other characteristics make the choice in favor of wallpaper logical and justified. However, in order to get a stylish and beautiful interior, wallpaper must not only be glued correctly and accurately, but also choose, paying attention to the most important characteristics.

choose wallpaper for the apartment

How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen, bedroom, hall and hallway

When choosing wallpaper for a specific room, you must take into account the environmental friendliness of the material, as well as the function of the room. It follows that the wallpaper for the kitchen in its parameters will be quite different from the wallpaper used in the bedroom or hallway.

Wallpaper for a hallway

Wallpaper for the hallway

In almost any dwelling hallway serves as a kind of vestibule, this is where you put on and take off your clothes and shoes, as well as store all kinds of outdoor devices and appliances (bicycle, skis, sleds). It is for this reason that wallpaper for the hallway must have a number of characteristics:

  1. Be strong enough to withstand unintentional contact with hard and sharp objects;
  2. Not to be too light and foul, not to leave on the surface traces from humidity and unintentional contact with dirty hands;
  3. In the case of soiling, it must be possible to remove stains easily. Wallpaper should allow the use of household chemicals and not be afraid to clean with a brush and sponge;


Optimal option at the moment are vinyl or vinyl wallpaper, having a flat texture and smooth surface, not afraid of cleaning and mechanical influences.

Wallpaper for the kitchen

Wallpaper for the kitchen

Similar characteristics should have and wallpaper used in the kitchen. There is almost always an atmosphere of high temperature and humidity – while cooking inevitably produces steam, grease and other substances, and no matter how good the hood is, you can hardly prevent these substances from settling on the walls.


Optimal option for the kitchen are vinyl washable wallpaper, which have a neutral, close to dark, colors and shades. The figure is selected, based on the size of a particular room, as well as its general style.

Wallpaper for the bedroom

Wallpaper for the living room

Since we spend in the bedroom, the lion’s share of his time, the archival role is not so much texture, color and shade of wallpaper, as their environmental friendliness. Cheap wallpaper will not only have an unpleasant odor, but may even emit harmful toxic substances. For this reason, you should pay close attention to environmental friendliness, as well as the materials underlying the wallpaper, as well as the brand – high-quality, expensive wallpaper from well-known manufacturers will certainly be the safest.

As for the color scheme, preference should be given to calm, neutral shades of pastel colors. It has a positive effect on the general state of the body, soothes the nervous system and promotes good and healthy sleep. This rule, by the way, is also true for wallpaper, which is chosen for the children’s room.

Wallpaper for the living room

Wallpaper for the room

The room, often called the living room, is a room that directly indicates the tastes and attention to detail and small things in the interior. Here should choose a bright, unusual and eye-catching wallpaper, combining them with the overall interior decoration, or, conversely, building the interior and color scheme around them.Natural wallpapers are popular – bamboo, cane, they not only look very extravagant, but also have a high eco-friendliness. In addition, due to the special texture, such wallpaper perfectly hides surface irregularities and imperfections of general construction works.

Extremely popular in recent years are photo wallpaper. You can choose not only a specific illustration from the vast gamut of commercially available models, but also create your own image. All that is required – a high-quality photo with high resolution, which will be printed in a photo studio on a certain format.

In the following articles our experts tell you how to choose the wallpaper and the secrets of bimetallic radiators.

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